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A new starting writer, always looking for ideas for my stories.


Like most, I used to be a regular guy going about day-to-day life. Now? I'm stuck in a world of anthropomorphic ponies, deemed the most dangerous thing to ever grace the lands alongside a mismatched trickster, dark magic emo twat, lying (though admittedly sexy and hot) bug queen and a power stealing hybrid cunt.

Worst part though? I've been turned into a Nuckelavee from RWBY.


So yeah, I've decided to do a displaced story where a guy gets turned into a grimm from RWBY, specifically the Nuckelavee. Maybe within the first five chapters I'll get some crossovers with other stories/writers going, who knows.

Any who, this has been Redsummer, and I hope you enjoy.

P.s: this is inspired by Equestria's White Fang by Garnet Naturea

P.p.s: I do not own either MLP, RWBY nor the cover art. So do not assume I do.

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You realise your going to have to try to crossover with Equestria's White Fang, right.

Huh. You know, this is only the second Nuckelavee story I've ever seen on fimfiction.
I'm not too familiar with the source material, but I'll keep an eye on this.

Highly suggest that you keep your primary story canon separate from crossovers, because if you don't it will get convoluted and FAST. In other words, you can use crossovers for additional story telling, and maybe gaining more power, but it should be reasonable enough and easily explained in a way that someone could skip a crossover chapter or set of chapters and still be able to understand what's going on, sans any references to the crossovers.

I personally disagree with this advice.

I think crossovers are fine, as long as they have meaning to them. Crossovers without meaning merely clutter the story.

Nothing wrong with cross-overs, but as Regreme said, there MUST be a reason for it. Avoid focusing too heavily on only two displaced. Plot, world building, and character growth comes first before you do cross-over. Plan it out carefully. Depending if you do or don't will, it attract different readers.

Author, listen to the advice in these comments. Crossovers need planning, period. Make sure you plan them out because otherwise it can turn into a clusterfuck.


Not a bad idea.:applejackunsure::pinkiesmile: But for his sake i suggest getting him some unique ability's soon to set him apart.:duck: Maybe give him aura cents he technically has a soul.:applejackunsure: It would set him apart as the black horseman.:pinkiesmile:

I am very interested in where this story and can’t wait to see where it’s going.

This is an excellent point. Roster Teeth actually posted a video stating that Grimm are incapable of having aura because they don’t have souls. So unless our hapless main character is living through the metaphysical nightmare of not having a soul, he should be fully capable of having aura and even a semblance.

The most ive ever seen is stories with the nuckelavee in it, this ks the first time ive seen one centered around it

I would love it if he could 'free' grime from Salem control and end up starting your own faction. Become a grime version of the Forsaken from WOW.

I've done a crossover with Garnet Natura with all of his characters and it was awesome. The dude is an epic writer.

I like the premise, and I adore the attitude of our main character. A pet peeve of mine however is forced exposition. I'd have preferred a combination of showing and telling to give the audience a chance to piece it all together. You'd get a higher word count so there's more for us to enjoy and look forward to.

Hope this helped, keep going strong!

Interesting...I'm interested to see more & what comes next. What is his Alignment going to be?

If it's possible...If [IF] he's actually capable of speech (despite being a Grimm.), I wonder what his voice will either be or sound like. For me, I already had two suggestions. First voice would be "Justice" from "Afro-Samurai" or "Metal-Face" from "Xenoblade Chronicles". Reason for these is: Granted that Justice didn't have a lot of lines during the show and only time you see him is the first & last episode. One of Justice quotes in the show: "You ready to die like your pappy?" or "And I thought you loved your pappy." which are something he would say to Lie Ren. As for Metal-Face...Just about everything about his Voice seems to fit the Nuckelavee.

Did I mention I bucked Tirek off the ledge as he was walking past? Trust me, he deserved it.

You have no idea. Considering what he did before his imprisonment & after his temporary freedom, tempted Discord into joining him & betraying him after Discord deceived Fluttershy's trust & betrayed her and Finally destroying Twilight's Home and bribed her for the Alicorn magic for her friends life.

Love the premise for the story. Haven't seen a story where someone became a Nuckelavee before, and already seeing how this could be awesome.

Would recommend keeping the story in its own universe rather than trying to incorporate someone else's story. Is always good to give a nod to the inspiration, but adding someone else's take on things gives you less room for what YOU want the story to be like.

All in all, great work so far and looking forward to more!

the real protagonist


Comment posted by LEGION55 deleted Jun 25th, 2019

Done a crossover with who? So far there hasn't been a crossover except the guy as a Nuckelavee.

Its at the end of this chapter.

Actually, now that I'm hearing my voice, I notice that while it is very eerie, similar to that of an old villain, it sounds like Justice from Afro-Samurai.

Thank you for adding my voice-suggestion, It would be rather interesting to hear a Grimm capable of speech than the constant growls, roars & screeches. It seems that our Heroes have appeared in Equestria, I wonder who else will appear from Remnant? Friend, Foe or Neither?

Pretty sure those are the actual Ren and Nora. Don't think those are the ones from Garnet Naturia's story. And even if they are, that's not something to complain about. It just means they won't be staying in this Equestria for long.

Ah I thought it was someone other than Ren for a bit.

The guy from that other story.

WHICH other story. You haven't actually given a title, so I can't know what story you mean.

Really didn’t expect the main character to have silver eyes. Unfortunately we’re at chapter 2 and it seems the main character has already locked himself into the role of ‘accidental villain’.

she's the real protagonist

'antagonist', you mean.

So many displaced stories spiral out of control so fast because of crossovers.

Those are the original Ren and Nora, not form some other fanfic. Though I do see the confusion.

He might have put 'the real protagonist' on purposes. Look at what he's been turned into after all.

Doubt it.

If that were the case, Nora wouldn't call him Renny. She never once calls him that.

Yes, I know. He also went back and changed it to antagonist.

.....Then why did you say he might have done it on purpose?

He changed it after I posted my first comment. And the MC was turned into a Grimm, Salem is the Grimm Queen. Therefor perspective could make her the protag instead of the antag.

ya should've chose apathy they make their targets lethargic and whatnot

I posted on the RWBY Fan Club forum asking what Grimm I should use, and someone said the Nuckelavee. I thought it would be interesting.

hm, so he didn't get turned into a Nuckelavee but rather his soul(?) toke the one that killed Ren and Noras home town. I also like how he didn't noticed his mind changed after he got to town. From trying to find a way to resolve the problem without death to leading the charge to end the town. I wonder who in command. Him, the Nuckelavee, or Salem. I can't wait to see what comes from this.

Hmm... I'm not sure about this direction. It was one thing when it was just a semi-crossover with a fanfic I've never read based on a fandom I'm not a part of of a show I've never watched, but this is a bit much. I'll stick around for a few chapters to see if it can find it's stride though.

This is my first displaced story after all, so I'm new to this. I'm learning as I go along

I wonder how'll the Mane-Six (or more accurately Applejack) will react when they hear that Apploosa was Attacked. Considering it was one of her cousins homes & where she planted her Apple-tree.

Huh...So he's also capable of changing his form so he doesn't really stand out. He'll really have a hard time trying to find the Sirens since they're Banished to another dimension and as for Discord however...depends on where in the timeline did our character emerged or re-appeared in.

We already know when in the timeline he reamerged, it told us in the last chapter when he escaped

Ah I see, my apologies. Thank you for correcting me, I haven't notice it. So he escaped during the "It's about time" Episode when Cerberus left his post.

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