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Someone new who decided to throw their hat into the ring.


Long ago in the Magical Land of Ponies I wound up being struck there by buying something from a con. I shouldn't have done that at all. Now I'm the reploid known only as X.

While stuck in a past filled with strange little ponies I'm forced to deal with a strange chimera with a propensity for mind control, several miscommunications, denizens of a shadowy realm of evil and trying desperately to keep the lack of a heart beat from driving me insane due to a disconnect of my humanity and the robotic body I now possess. I hope to whatever god that lives here that I survive longer than a week.

Season 7 Finale Spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Editor: FTR2017

Chapters (39)
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Comments ( 274 )

Okay, this story shows promise.

I personally suggest you give the main character a deeper backstory, to prevent the whole 'eww, he's nothing but a cardboard character' that assails most displaced fics.

Besides some minor editing that would polish this story further, I have to say 'congratulations' and 'I hope to read more out of your hand'.

Will track this story down.

Thank you for the vote of confidence. I'll admit I haven't fully thought out his back story just yet. I mean if I look back at all the other displaced stories I've looked through there are usually only two switches for them. Confident bad@sses or emotional wrecks. And usually there is a hard disconnect after a time.

I'll need to look through again to find any typos or weird phrases. Thanks for the track.

If you're interested, I can share with you a character sheet so you can develop further your main character. After all, characters are what make or break a story.

TVTropes characterization sites can also be of help to you.

PM if you want a link for that character sheet for story development. :twilightsmile:

Cinnamon too OP. Please Nerf Cat Claws.

Hell no XD Gonna be OP AF. XD

She's a bruiser and your new best friend! Literally the only reason I beat nine tails.

Pretty much. Though I will admit to spamming both Absolute Zero and Ultimate Armor X

I am keeping good close watch on this. From a big fellow X fan. Question. Will the zero chip have access to the mmxzero weapon systems? Or x series only? I think the first one due to pulling on the four guardians.

Also as for why X breathes... I imagined it to be a heatsink system. To keep his power core cooler than it would be otherwise. That could be a minor plotpoint you can use.

This is a very good first entry in the story. Backstory for "X" will most likely come out in conversation with others rather than just exposition if at all.

Now that is the big question isn't it. I've thought long and hard about it and though I'm keeping secret what it does I do have it planned out for something for all those modules.

The problem with that are all the water levels you go through. If you idle in Launch Octopus's stage X will still "breathe". Though it would make sense to be in tandem with the heating system.


When it came to Rafflesia and the Duckbill Brothers it was always fall back on these two things

Especially Rafflesia. Have Axl soak up the damage while Zero got down with the beat down.

That fight was a pain especially with the problems behind making sure you had enough time to kill them.

Of course the real question was always: Who do I kill first, the back-up dancers or the main attraction?

I'm pretty sure if I remember right you should kill the back up first. They heal the main up every turn if I remember right

You've got my attention with this chapter, man.

While it has really minor kinks, it is indeed enjoyable and could relate to the main character's attitude. That is something hard to achieve rightly.

I hope to read more from your hand.

Where do you see the kinks?

I'm really bias against my own work and it's always hard for me to sense exactly what I need to fix so I'm curious from your perspective what the kinks are. I am glad you are enjoying it though.

It is hard to put in words, and they are subtle to detect - that is why I said they were minor as they don't detract from the overall story.

And yeah, all of us writers suffer from that bias towards one's own work. I suggest going to the groups who offer proofreaders/editors and ask for assistance.

I know my own work benefited greatly from having an editor on board. But I have to take into account the time differences, plus scheduling issues. They have private lives, after all.

If you can't find anyone to do it, I could lend a hand. :twilightsmile:

Yeah that might be for the best. When I finish working on the third chapter do you think you could look over it then?
I'll PM you when I have it done. I wouldn't be in a rush to post it until I have a good idea where the kinks are.

I'd say don't get too worried over what I mentioned.

Publish at your pace, and if your schedule allows, we can review it together to see where the kinks are, and how to iron them out. I did say they were minor, but a little polish will make them shine.

Wait, isn't X a technical pacifist?

OF COURSE Celestia is the fearful one!

Technically. Though since this is a displaced story the human mind and the robotic mind are at odds with each other somewhat. Self preservation is the main concern for the protagonist of the story. They are hiding their name because Discord is always watching.

Oh the joys of a false flag attack.

I'm honestly hoping that X would hurt Discord with a Shoryuken, with him being a massive prick at this point.

Every story has conflict. Chaos will be spread by his talon and paw alone.
This is before Discord was reformed. Way back in the past even before the Age of Chaos taking effect. Also if only that pod was available.

Yes. He hasn't equipped it yet though

The Shoryuken was part of the Gen X1 pods though, but i suppose could be considered a side-quest pod... in this case.

The Gen X1 pod would have had Hadouken. The Shoryuken was part of the gen X2 pod.

Thanks. I mess that up more than i care to admit when i was as tired as i was when i made the comment.

It's fine. Too bad those won't be in the capsules right? ^^


Are you going tp tap into the MMX Corruption stuff on YouTube? Even if its just the armors. That would be awesome.

I've seen it but I've not thought about it. I'll look through and decide later. For now just expect the armors I mentioned before hand. Though I can say that there are more to come later. Even if I am going to use Command Mission as well.

Alrighty. Good to know. Love the story and looking forward to whatever you decide to use.

This should be interesting especially when the whole Limbo thing happens which if I had to guess (assuming things don't deviate from canon cause something ended up altering the timeline from how it's suppose to go down due to pure chance) had to have happened a few years from now in the story like after Discord is stone and Nightmare Moon banished seeing how when the Pillars disappeared, all 6 of them did simultaneously and Starswirl was clearly still mentoring Celestia and supporting her after his sister's banishment which eventually led to their falling out over Mirror Sombra's magic mirror portal afterwhich Starswirl left and was never heard from again much to Celestia's worry.

See that's the thing. If we do take certain talks about Celestia and Luna's words during their meeting with Starswirl then it seems Discord happened after that because both Celestia and Luna were already in their adult form when they faced Discord based on their appearance in the season 4 episode 1 appearance. So if we take their words into account then Luna's disappearance happened long after Starswirl disappeared since he didn't recognize Nightmare Moon by name when it was mentioned in episode. Only Tirek garnered a response and that was one of annoyance.

Unfortunately because of that Mirror Sombra cannot exist unfortunately due to how the show canon went with this and that also came with the Sirens actually got made into legitimate threats in their Equestrian forms. So the timeline as far as I can see goes something like this:

Founding of Equestria -> Tirek's First Assault -> Rise of the Pony of Shadows -> Age of Discord -> Sombra's Reign -> Changeling Incursions -> Mare in the Moon Returns.

So as it goes over about a 1500 year bridge like that. Tirek's first attack had to have happened within a few years after Equestria was founded but before Stygian got the pillars together. When Stygian got them together Discord was waiting in the shadows for a place that was orderly enough where he could have fun for a long while. At most he probably reigned for a few generations before he was taken care of most likely 200 years. At the tail end of those first 500 years most likely six years before it got to there Sombra had taken control forcing Celestia and Luna to act. Luna was corrupted around that point leaving those 1000 years all alone for Celestia. Then Chrysalis became a true threat and Celestia was forced to handle it on her own being much harsher at this point due to her swirling emotions. Then it was 800 or so years before Luna returned and the show canon starts.

At the very least that's my view.

Interesting take on how it could've happened.

It's an interesting concept and something I'm gonna be following through on this story.

Dose your X have a beam saber? I have all the Mega Man X game and played them all. X had Zero's at the end of 3 if you killed vile and fought this one mid boss with Zero and he hands it over after being damage by that mid boss in its death throws, and again in 6 which followed the plot were Zero supposedly died in 5 when he crashed a shuttle into the Eurasia space station to stop it from hitting the earth.

Right now he doesn't have a beam saber. He's still at the beginning of his new life after all.

how frequently do you plan to have X find his upgrade capsules?

He might get another in the Crystal Empire but I haven't figured out if he'll get another anytime soon.

Your X doesn't have the neutral armor dose he? The one from MMX8. Never liked how that one looked and worked.

It was always pretty thick Azure.
Mark Gatha is my favorite right now but if you think he's speaking in japanese and everyone else is as well and its only being translated to english for convenience then it would be Takahiro Sakurai
No right now he's equipped with the First Armor. Neutral Armor might be in story but it would work better since MC will be able to mix and match several dozen armor pieces since I won't be forgetting them

Ah but my hopes are that soon, it will get painfully thick.

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