The Black Horseman

by Redsummer09

First published

Through the fog, which turns a man into a fearsome creature of darkness.

Like most, I used to be a regular guy going about day-to-day life. Now? I'm stuck in a world of anthropomorphic ponies, deemed the most dangerous thing to ever grace the lands alongside a mismatched trickster, dark magic emo twat, lying (though admittedly sexy and hot) bug queen and a power stealing hybrid cunt.

Worst part though? I've been turned into a Nuckelavee from RWBY.


So yeah, I've decided to do a displaced story where a guy gets turned into a grimm from RWBY, specifically the Nuckelavee. Maybe within the first five chapters I'll get some crossovers with other stories/writers going, who knows.

Any who, this has been Redsummer, and I hope you enjoy.

P.s: this is inspired by Equestria's White Fang by Garnet Naturea

P.p.s: I do not own either MLP, RWBY nor the cover art. So do not assume I do.

History and Backstory

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Grimm Classification Booklet; Volume 9
Edition: Black Horseman entity; Nuckelavee Grimm
(For any prior information - refer to Volume 1)

Name: Black Horseman
Species classification: Nuckelavee
Threat level: Alpha/Omega

Bio: Throughout history, numerous Grimm species have been discovered throughout the lands of Equestria and beyond, saying to have taken residence in all corners of our world. While some of the species are cannon fodder at best, and some rivalling the strength of the forgotten gods, none are more well renowned as the infamous Nuckelavee Grimm. This species of Grimm is a VERY dangerous foe to face when well equipped at best, and suicide at worst. The only positive behind this species of Grimm are their very few numbers, totalling at best 5 Nuckelavee per Nation; but this is still bad considering their extremely life threatening capabilities.

You'll instantly know when you have encountered a Nuckelavee due to its unique form. Throughout all of recorded Equestrian history, it is described as "a demon horse with a malnourished stallion merged within its back". If you can't see it, listen for their faint whispering wheezes, if not their ear piercing screeches. Their ability to kill is mostly referred to their odd but extremely deadly aspect of stretching its upper arms to IMMENSE lengths, if not for eternity (this was never proven due to the need to be rid of it quickly). Whilst some Nuckelavee have made the history books thanks to their slaughters, there is only ONE that is often, if not all the time, described as "a nightmare best left forgotten to time".

It was given the codename "The Black Horseman", due to it being not only the most deadly, but also the first ever recorded sighting of a Nuckelavee. It was the Grimm which played the part of the "Hollow Shades Massacre", an event which rendered the town barren of all residents due to it killing most of the ponies living there. Out of 1,500 residents, only 15 survived the encounter with the beast. When questioned about the situation leading up to the slaughter, only one was able to give an intelligible response, though being heavily traumatised like the rest.

"I don't know what happened. It was just a regular night under Luna's moon, strolling through town minding my own business. Next thing I know, a screech echoed through the whole town and then screams of ponies followed. I went to investigate out of worry and concern for some friends, and what I saw will forever haunt me until I die. A beast of what should be two is instead a merge into one, standing above 7 total corpses in the centre of the town, gazing at me with it's beady red eyes, as if looking into my soul. Seconds later, the Princesses and Royal Guard arrived to deal with the creature, hopefully forever. I will never, EVER, forget what I saw that day, and I hope nopony ever will again." - Spring Meadows, aged 22 at the time.

It was reported that the guards stabbed its arms, pinning them to the ground in the process, in order to interrogate it. Whilst it is known that Grimm are incapable of speech due to their instinctual focused minds, it was able to communicate to them before supposedly being condemned to Tartarus. "Beware the woman of pale skin, beware the man of many lives. For no matter which you choose, both will lead to your demise." it warned them before being sent to Tartarus by Starswirl the Bearded, who arrived in time for questioning. Many have wondered and pondered on its warning, looking for any other mentions of mares with pale complexion that could pose a threat of immense magnitude, or the more confusing, stallion of many lives. So far, no mentions of either of the two has been discovered to back its warning.

4 years after the "Hollow Shades Massacre", two more towns had been rendered barren of residents in the span of 6 months due the slaughters that followed, instead conducted by an Alpha Deathstalker (See Volume 3) and an Alpha Geist (See Volume 8). It soon came to be realised that Ponykind was facing a new, species threatening time, which soon changed as others like the Griffons and Dragons were discovered to be attacked too.

Nonetheless, The Black Horseman is by far the most well known Grimm throughout history, no matter how much others say it is best to be forgotten. There warnings were ignored as by the saying "If you forget the past, you're doomed to repeat it" has stuck with us forever since then.

Written and published by Story Teller, head of the 'Department of Grimm Studies and Classification' (DGSC).

Up next: Volume 10, the Grimm Wyvern, Spawner of Grimm.

Present, 1st POV

Oh Tartarus, an endless cave of jack shit in my opinion. I mean, for fuck sake there is nothing here but spire after spire with prisoners. Oh sorry, never introduced myself did I? Well what do you want, an epic backstory about how my parents were murdered in front of me and I donned a bat-themed costume and fought crime for a living? Yeah fuck off, I ain't Batman, you unimaginative twat.

Buuuut, I guess I can give you the basic run down on my predicament, can't I? Well, to me, I was just a regular guy, just living the day-to-day, you know? Well, one day I decided to go to the next RTX that was held in my town, forgot when and where due to it being over a thousand years in this dump. Any who, I went as my favourite Grimm, specifically the Nuckelavee Grimm, mainly because of its arm stretching gimmick. Going through the expo with sleeves reaching my feet, a black coat with fake spikes, all I was missing was the Nuckelavee's Human Mask.

So as I was walking around, I noticed this trio who was dressed up as different people. One was dressed up as Adam from RWBY, one as Lucy from Elfen Lied (absolute blood fest in just the first few minutes of the first episode ffs) and the last person as I don't even fucking know, maybe Fairy Tail? Anyway, I saw them buy something from so creepy merchant dude, then POP!, gone in a flash of light. Just like that...

I remember at the time I chalked it up to just being a camera flash and that they already walked off, so I put no thought in it and decided to see what he's got. Walking over there, I saw he had some really good shit, like fuck even though I have no idea what everything is, they honestly looked REAL, which is surprising since they're merely props and all. So, I was actually interested to know what he has got for sale.


"Hey, what have you got for sale?" I asked him, seeing that he was actually the Merchant from RE4, rather creepy looking honestly but cool seeing how well he pulled it off.

"Oh, what do we have here? Can't say I know what you're actually, and that is a rarity of its own." he said with a rather creepy voice, honestly sounding like the merchant fucking hell.

Thinking on his question I answered honestly. "I'm actually dressed as my interpretation of the Nuckelavee, surprising I know. You have no clue how many asked what I was." I said. That part was true becaus like ten random dudes asked what I was, and when they found out they were like 'Oh' and what not.

"Oh really? Well, I must say that you are unfortunately missing the mask. Though everything else I will freely admit is rather interesting, accurate and overall cool to see." he said with an honest tone. Though the thing about the missing mask still got me done. It wasn't a case about lack of skill to make at least a decent one, but rather lack of material to use.

"Thanks for the compliments. Though I'm still sad about the mask to be truthful." I said to him.

He soon adopted a thinking pose for a few seconds, before suddenly jolting up, surprising and making me jump a bit. "Hang on, I might have something that might help." he said before going underneath his desk, where I presume he is looking for something. After a minute or two of him scrounging around, he came with something I didn't expect to see.

(AN: This but a mask, duh)

"B-b-but, how?" I asked softly, mainly out of shock and surprise that he had a Nuckelavee mask. What was even more shocking was that actually looked like bone, from what I've seen on google anyway.

"Hehe, I have my ways. What do you say, 30 bucks?" he said mysteriously before, out of no where, striking me a deal that should be legally classed as a fucking steal.

"Done." without hesitation, I've paid.

"Hehe, enjoy your trip." he said as I took the mask from him before handing over the money. I looked at him oddly, before suddenly feeling extremely lightheaded right before completely blacking out.


And after an instinct induced slaughter, strained warning based on prior knowledge and being given a countless life long prison sentence, I am here; just chilling in Tartarus. Now that you know how I got here, I can now focus on GETTING THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!! I swear to whatever the fuck deity is watching over me I am bored out of my bloody mind.

As I look around Tartarus from my binds, that being shackles on my arms and legs/hooves, I notice that centaur, Tirek I believe, is watching the gates with a keen and interested eye. When I look over, I adopt the same expression. How it works is that you can merely just take the shackles and walk around, but the biggest problem is Cerberus, the resident warden. Getting past him is like trying to eat black Liquorice, which for me, is practically impossible. What's interesting right now, is he ain't even there no more, sorta just wandered off basically.

At that point, only one thought went through my head.

'I'm sorry, what? What the hell happened to Cerberus? Can we, I mean, can we just walk out now.' I thought in confusion. My confused state is HEAVILY warranted, merely because he has never once left the gates, yet now he just vanished within the blink of an eye!

Taking off the shackles, I stood up on my four legs and proceeded to exit this barren prison. Pushing open the titanic gates, I felt the rays of sunlight hit my shadowy black skin for the first time in millennia. To be able to feel the sunlight against my, somewhat solid, skin is a wonderful feeling.

"Okay, what to do? Hmm." I said in thought, my voice now sounding like a constant whisper no matter what (except when I'm pissed, then its a shriek). Looking up into the sky, I voiced my decision. "Actually, I think I'll see what has changed in good ol' pony land." before strolling off to a near by desert town that I could barely see, with what appeared to be an orchard.

Did I mention I bucked Tirek off the ledge as he was walking past? Trust me, he deserved it.

Appleloosa Riot and memories

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Three hours after I left Tartarus and I managed to get reasonably closer to the nearby town. Though I must admit, I may have misjudged the distance between the two places. Seeing as I have nothing else left to do on hand, I've decided to take stock of my current state. And honestly, what I saw shocked me quite a bit.

During my time in that dark prison, I never assessed my situation, mostly due to me wallowing in self pity over loosing some favourite past times (that being missing out on Avengers: Endgame and the new Godzilla movie. Took about 150 years to come out of that depression). In doing so, I never truly took a long look at my current self. Unlike the standard Nuckelavee forms, mine is that of a unique stature. That being what looks to be either goat or draconic based horns curving down the side of the equine halves' head, similar to Fallout 4's Deathclaws. My hands, instead being the two claws of a normal Nuckelavee, have remained five fingered on each hand (I admittedly cheered internally at this, I like my opposable thumbs thanks). I'm not able to see what has changed with my head, by but the feel of things as they are, I seem to be containing two pairs of the Nuckelavee's horns, making me look like royalty, I bet.

After taking stock, my mind started to drift as I continued walking (read: galloping) to the town. Majority of my thoughts are just recollections of my prior knowledge of RWBY, specifically the Grimm. 'From what I know, Grimm were originally soulless creatures of darkness, having no access to Aura and Semblances with very little, or none at all, intelligence. Their intelligence, which grows over decades upon decades, only making it to where they can dodge attacks more effectively, which does nothing when faced with a fast and nimble Hunter. But if that's the case, then do I still have my soul? Will I eventually be nothing more than a mindless beast? God, I hope not.' I thought in fear.

After coming out of that scary thought, I then thought of one, but VERY important variable I failed to consider.

Salem the Grimm Queen.

That one mystery in the RWBY world that has birthed so many questions, but very little answers. All I know it that, she's immortal, she's the real antagonist and that she is one fearful bitch. To be honest, I hope to whatever god is looking down on me, I never come across her.

Somewhere, two beings of purple and yellow sneezed.

I continued to go through my prior knowledge on the Grimm, a memory suddenly came to mind. A day I never went through, yet somehow have.

All around me I see destroyed houses and other buildings. This place may very well have been a village, one teeming with life but now destroyed.

I feel myself restrained to the ground, my equine half not responding to my movements, mainly due to the immense pain emanating from it. In my effort to escape, I see that my arms are stretched out and nailed into the ground, preventing them from retracting back to me.

In front of me, I see what looks to be a teenager, perhaps somewhere between 17 and 18 years of age most likely, given his youthful appearance. He is wearing what looks to be a green sleeveless coat, the design on it resembling Asian or Middle-Eastern garb at best. In his hand is a black dagger of sorts, most likely holding some form of importance to him.

He walks closer to me in a slow and steady pace, the look on his face showing he is in deep contemplation, or perhaps remembering something. I look in his eyes to see a torrent of emotions, visible even with his stoic face. In those eyes, in the whirlwind of emotions, I see the most notable ones out of them.

Hate, disdain, and overall disgust for my very existence.

I make to think on what I could have done to piss him off, when suddenly, my left arm becomes disconnected and flings over to where it is pinned to the ground, over next to who could be described as a blonde knight. Shrieking in massive amounts of pain, I see that the wound is a clean and solid cut, the boy in front of me looking to be the cause, given his blade containing a sliver of black blood.

Grabbing and forcing my head down, I feel him slice off my right arm too. Out of the corner of my eye, I see it was pinned by a red-hooded girl with a big ass scythe. Wiggling in my restrained state, I scream out in massive amounts of pain. Bending down, I shriek in his face, noticing he appears to not be affected.

He slices my torso, weakening me to the point where I bend down, too weak after the damage down to me. Trying to get back up, I hear him mutter something to himself, just barely catching it.

"For myself." he says.

Having no time to contemplate what he meant by it, I feel my head be suddenly removed from my neck. I see my body (what's left of it) begin to dissolve, my head with it. I look at the boy, seeing the boy and a cheerful ginger girl hugging on the ground, right before darkness takes me.

Being brought out of that memory, I have the equine half kneel to the ground, stabilising us both as I take in big gasps of air. To say that was jarring and certainly was an understatement.

"What. The hell. Was that?!" I said yelling at the end, each break between the words accompanied by an intake of breath. "So many questions, yet not a single answer!!" I shout out into the sky. After hearing the echo, I can say without a doubt that someone heard me alright. Actually, now that I'm hearing my voice, I notice that while it is very eerie, similar to that of an old villain, it sounds like Justice from Afro-Samurai. Never really got into, but i know because of a friend before he passed away.

"The shout came from over here!" A voice called out.

Now that I'm paying attention, I notice that my body was walking on instinct whilst I was trapped inside that memory, leaving me in an apple orchard of sorts. Hearing the voice come from what I guess is the right of me, I quietly galloped over some 20 to 30 metres, hoping to hide but also get a feel for the people I'm dealing with. Smart actually, since Grimm are hunted after all.

Around 10 seconds later, walking into the clearing I was just in was something I didn't think I'd ever see honestly. To sum it up, the two men who came were an anthropomorphic Buffalo and Pony respectively. The buffalo, whose fur is close as can be to black, looks to be wearing attire befitting the Native Americans, with a white feather band on his head. The pony had dirt brown fur while wearing clothing suited for a sheriff in the old western films, with the sheriff's hat and star badge, heck, he even had some denim jeans and cowboy boots to match.

I can only hope that the two don't see me, as I rather not be chased down to death. My hopes were then shot and killed when the two lads turned in my direction with shocked and fearful eyes.

Well crap, this is gonna be fun.

Chief Thunderhooves and Sheriff Silverstar were having a good day honestly. The two were discussing, with Braeburn and Strongheart, the next harvest season of the apples and what foods they should make with them. Apple pie and apple cider were instantly pitched in, so all that was left was to discuss any apple related foods they should bake, when they heard a shout (read: scream) from the orchard itself. Thinking that somepony was in trouble, the chief and sheriff went to go help.

Reaching a clearing that seemed to be the origin point for the scream, they looked around to find anything that could've caused the scream. They checked behind trees, looked into the trees themselves, but found nothing notable, or so they thought. Silverstar, when looking in the trees, saw that one of the apples that were ripe for picking, now seemed dead almost, being all grey and shrivelled up. And with the black wafts of steam coming off of it, the cause was easy to remember from his schooling days.

Grimm essence

The dark mist that radiates off of Grimm of all shapes, containing copious amounts of dark magic, this essence kills all living plants near it. Seeing the effects, Silverstar voiced his concerns.

"Thunderhooves, keep an eye out, there's Grimm here." he said pointing to the deceased apple. His voice that of a standard Texas accent, with a soft pitch to it.

The Buffalo Chief, seeing the effects for himself, agreed with the sheriff. "Indeed, so now we must proceed with caution." he said seriously, his voice deep sounding.

Deciding to stick together for now, strength in numbers of course, proceeded to look for the source of the scream, but as more time passed they too grew more fearful. With the telltale signs of Grimm coming through here, it was starting to seem as if whoever was here may very well have come across the Grimm and died doing so. Coming to that conclusion, the two turned around to go back to Appleloosa and relay the news, when they saw the most fear inducing sight one could have before their death.

Before them, standing perhaps 20 feet or so away from them, is perhaps one of the most, if not THE most, demonic looking Grimm staring right at them. But the knowledge that a Grimm was watching this whole time wasn't what terrified them, but rather, the species of it. After all, there is only one species depicted with an equine having a stallion emerging from its back. Right now, in perhaps their final living moments, is a Grimm Nuckelavee, staring at them with its equine's beedy red/orange eyes and, shockingly enough, its stallion's Silver Eyes.

Hightailing it out of the clearing back to town, they could hear the telltale 'click-clop' of its claws and hooves striking ground, coming in their direction. Speeding up, they weaved through the trees in hopes of loosing it, but they both knew it wouldn't be long 'til it caught up again. Hearing the Nuckelavee fade into the distance, they internally cheered for a second before focusing on the task at hand.

They can only hope they can worn the town before disaster strikes.

'Dammit, where are they?' I thought in exasperation. Through this maze of trees and them weeving about like headless chickens, I managed to lose them. the reason I'm chasing them anyway is because I don't want them warning people and have them screaming bloody murder. Coming to a complete stop, I scream into the air in frustration, slightly feeling the grill parts of my mouth come undone before being put back together, "GOD DAMMIT!!!".

Taking deep breaths, I soon catch a stench, for lack of better word. To be honest, I can't even describe it, but it feels like its coming from two peop-no wait, there's more, kinda skyrocketed there. By my guess, that two became a couple hundred at best. Feeling the smell coming from the right of me, I went in that direction, knowing that I'll be facing the music of one angry mob.

After a few minutes of galloping, I finally reached the edge of town, and I'm gonna say that they are very resourceful. The reason for that thought is the barricade that has been constructed by like 100 hundred guys, who are right in front of me. The ponies seem to have made catapults out of tables and that, while some of the more authoritative seem to have what appears to be lever-action rifles. The buffaloes, being all traditional, stuck to spears and bows, a good mix between close and long range actually.

Taking a few more steps I come to a stop, roughly 20 metres away from them. Looking in their eyes, I see fear and terror at me (understandable honestly), while others have determination and bravery. As I survey the gathered ponies, I notice briefly that there is not a single female amongst, must've been evacuated along with the children. Hearing a whistle blow, i look past them to a train station, seeing a train laded with civilians taking off. 'So, they sacrificed themselves so that those on the train could live. Stupid but cowardly, but also honourable.' I thought in admiration.

"Know this foul beast!" the buffalo from before called out, looking to be the strongest amongst the gathered tribe. "Your slaughtering days are over, for we shall strike you down, HERE AND NOW!!" he announced, getting cheers from the others, both pony and buffalo alike, when suddenly howls and shrieks echoed in the distance. When all of us looked over, myself included, we saw a rather interesting, but frightening for them, sight.

Beowolves, Ursai, Creeps, heck even some Deathstalkers were coming here; all in one massive horde. No doubt they were attracted by the fear of the towns folk. After seeing the massive Grimm horde, my body soon felt like it started running on auto pilot. This was evident by how my body turned back to the crowd, launched my right arm at them, and cut around 5 of the rifle bearing ponies in half with my claws.

Normally, I would feel disgusted with myself because of what I done, but for some reason, I feel...Happy, pleasured almost. I had no time to think more on it as the townsfolk let out a battle cry and charged right at me. I let out a shriek of my own, not only disorienting some of them, but also signalling the Grimm to attack, most likely seeing me as their leader as the responded eagerly by charging into the fray themselves. And I'm gonna say this: it was a one sided slaughter.

The moment the Grimm horde met the civilians, they instantly began tearing the ponies and buffaloes apart like mince meat. Yes, some of them managed to kill a few Grimm themselves, but all up they were getting destroyed. The battle had casualties of its own, evident by how the surrounding buildings collapsed due to the damage they sustained. During the fight though, I noticed how the Deathstalker seemed to be playing the role of the 'Wall of Pain', taking the hits so the other Grimm don't get injured, which worked wonders as Creeps and Beowolves hid behind their respective shields and attacked those nearby in packs when the moment came. After a few minutes, its easy to see that most of the fighters were killed in the onslaught already, where I then came upon an interesting sight.

The buffalo chief, who looks to have suffered quite the beating, is actually still alive, and right now glaring death into my very soul. "*cough cough* Go ahead beast, finish me, but know this. One day, you will fall like the demon to which you are *cough cough*." he said, coughing up blood in the process.

Seeing as he was one his last legs, I decided to put him out of his misery, but not before giving some final words to him. "I've already crawled out of Tartarus, its gonna take a lot to get rid of me." I said to him, his widening in recognition the shock, as my equine halves' right claw pierced his heart, killing him quickly. But not before a muttered a name I barely caught.

"T-the B-b-black H-horseman..." he trailed off as he drew his last breath.

Looking around, I see the Grimm seem to be crowding around me, looking like they're waiting for instructions. "Search the town, look for any survivors." I ordered to them, the Grimm following my instructions easily. I then decide to at least find a library to look for anything that might prove to be useful.

At that moment, I never realised just how much I screwed myself over.

Deep within the Everfree Forest, inside the Castle of the Two Sisters, a flash of light went off. The light soon faded away to reveal to teenagers, one boy and one girl. The boy appears to be of Asian decent with raven black hair and a magenta streak, wearing green attire fitting the culture. The girl is a ginger, wearing a black zip-up jacket with a white undershirt and pink skirt.

Opening his eyes, the boy's magenta eyes looked around, seeing an unfamiliar room. Getting up, he went over to the girl to check on her. "Nora, wake up." he said, shaking the girl's shoulder.

Opening her aquamarine eyes, she looked to the boy confused. "Ren, where are we?" she asked curious, looking at what appears to be a throne room long since abandoned, bringing back some dark memories.

The boy, Ren, told her honestly. "I don't know Nora, I don't know."

What the two don't know, is that a childhood nightmare will soon face them.

Research and Findings

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Two hours after the 'fight', and things managed to settle down.

After I ordered the Grimm to look for survivors, I went off to find a library or anything that may have history books. To be fair, I was locked away for over a thousand years, so I'm not completely in the know. Finding these books may come in handy later in down the line. Coming across what looks like a bar, I thought I'd help myself to a drink; only to come across a problem.

My size.

The building itself is 2 stories tall, and I'm about 1 and a half in comparison. Thinking upon my dilemma, I decide to go down the easy route; smash down the front wall. Rearing back my right arm, I launch at the bar hoping to bring down the front. To my surprise, it works wonders as the entire front part immediately collapsed from the impact. Looking down to my arm, I couldn't help but voice my shock.

"Just how strong am I?" I asked softly. Going back to my current task, I see that while the second floor remains, keeping me from completely entering, I have just enough movement room to look for anything useful and/or to drink. Looking to the board showing their different styles of drink, I pretty much anime sweatdropped. Different styles and methods go into the drinks, but the thing is the same.

"That is a lot of apple cider." I couldn't help but say. Seriously, I count at least 15 different methods on serving it, but from this distance I can't read them properly. Going back to surveying the establishment after that shock, I didn't really find anything noteworthy. All just your standard bar necessities, with chairs and tables for patrons to sit at. I don't feel like having a drink here, as I don't want to be drunk off my nuts on apple cider. Perking my head, I thought of something that might prove different.

'I'm thinking of my tolerance from back when I was human, not Grimm. So maybe...' I trailed off, looking to the bar and picking out a bottle of cider. Without looking at the label, I pooped of the top and downed half of it, it being around 750ml most likely. After drinking half of the bottle, I can be safe to say that I don't feel the buzz of alcohol. Checking the label this time, it does in fact say that its alcoholic.

"Wonderful, now I can't get drunk later on." I said annoyed. If there will ever be a time to celebrate, now I'll just end up drinking cider and not get hammered.

Walking away from the bar, I continue to look around the deserted town for anything that may help. 'If anything, I'm hoping for a couple history books, a map and a compass.' I listed off in my head. Walking some more, I eventually found a building resembling a Mayor's office. Though coming across the same size problem as before, it is understandable that I'd get fed up with it.

"Okay, gonna be real, this is starting to get annoying." Why couldn't I get sent as a smaller Grimm? Wait...

"Could that work?" I thought out loud. Every time a Grimm is killed, they evaporate into black smoke, including their bone plating. Maybe, through sheer will, I could change myself? "In order for that, I'd need a reference, like in art class." I concluded.

Deciding to use the ponies as a starting model, I began thinking on what I would look like. Black fur, black and white striped mane, with my eyes the same (at the time, I didn't know they were silver). For clothing, a white undershirt, a black denim jacket, black denim jeans and white combat boots, along with a necklace of my Nuckelavee horse head, horns included. Trying to think of anything else, I found that I have everything I want.

Not a moment later, I feel my body disintegrating almost, Not so much as being ripped apart, but rather reassembled basically. I feel my mouth stretch out, my horns vanish and just my body being turned into something else. Opening my eyes after a minute, I look over my new body, seeing everything in order. Black fur, black jacket...yep, all how I pictured it. Though I did have to get used to being on two legs again after having half my body become a horse.

Walking into the building, I find that it indeed was a Mayor's office. All around the lobby is scattered documents and paperwork, no doubt abandoned when the sheriff and buffalo chief informed them about me. Looking some more, I find a section labelled 'Traveller's aid'. This section contains mainly information on the surrounding and even a couple of maps too. Taking one of them, I see its not just a map for the town and the desert around it, but rather the whole country.

Suffice to say, its a pretty big country. Especially if I'm going to have to get around from place to place without any sort of transport. I would've took the train, but my entrance blew that idea before it could even be thought of. Looking up the North-West part of the map, just behind a string of small mountains, a town embedded in a forest is there. Looking closer, I see the name reads 'Hollow Shades'.

Reading that, a memory struck home.

All around me is death.

Buildings collapsed and/or on fire and bodies strewn all over the ground. Men, women, children; it didn't matter, they were all dead.

Hearing the clanking of armour and footsteps, I look to the left to see a platoon of what looks like guards. They look around, seeing the destruction, and their eyes show fear, horror and shock at the carnage. Looking to me, they steel the expressions while their supposed leader steps forward.

"Men, this creature has reaped these innocent lives!!" he called out to the others. "And for the destruction it has caused, the death it has brang; TAKE IT DOWN!!!" he yelled out, all of them charging to me giving battle cries. Through all of that, I only had one thought.

'You will die for your insolence.'

Clearing my head of that sudden intrusion, I thought on it. 'It would seem that all those years ago, in my instinctual rampage back when I first arrived here, it was in the town of Hollow Shades.' I concluded.

Going back to looking over the map, I found other towns/cities that are noteworthy, like Vanhoover and Las Pegasus. Though Canterlot, it would seem, is the capital of the country. "Best to steer clear of there for the time being." I muttered to myself.

Rolling up the map, I looked around for a compass or book. Luck seemed to be on my side today, as I find both within a few metres of each other. Looking through the book, I find a section labelled 'Worst Threats Throughout History'. In it, I find something interesting, specifically the last one.

Chapter 1. Discord the Chaos God
Chapter 2. Tirek the Magic Stealer
Chapter 3. The Sirens of Negativity
Chapter 4. The Black Horseman

For some reason or another, that last chapter, 'The Black Horseman', seemed to strike a cord within me; then I realised why. "That must've been what they called me all those years ago." I concluded. Deciding to see what has been written on me, I turn to chapter 4.

I'm almost scared on what I'll read.

Time skip: 15 minutes later

Closing the book shut with a bang, I sit down to not hurt myself, should I fall down from shock.

"Fifteen hundred...All men, women and children of all ages..." I muttered in horror. I knew I killed so long ago, but never, NEVER, did I think it tallied to 1,500 deaths; in just civilians, not counting the soldiers I killed in the confrontation. At best, I estimated between 45 and 60, heck, even 100; but not 1,500.

Coming out of my shocked state, I noticed my voice stayed the same. Okay for now, but it'll have to change should I ever come across any others. Standing up, I pick up the map, compass and book before proceeding towards the door, when I faced a problem (again). "How the hell am I gonna carry all of th-" I never got to finish as the items in my hands vanished in a haze of black smoke. Twisting my head in all sorts of directions, I wasn't able to find them.

"Wh-What, where did they go?!" I exclaimed in shock. I tried thinking of where they could've gone, when out of nowhere, a black ball of smoke appeared, before fading into the items from before. As they flopped to the floor harmlessly, I just stared at them like the world was about to collapse, blabbering gibberish in my incoherent state.

Taking a deep breath, I assessed the situation accordingly.

"What the fuck just happened?" I asked out loud. Knowing I wasn't going to get an answer, I just picked up the stuff and went on my merry way. Still, I need something to carry these things, so I started looking for a bag. Finding a standard school bag (probably belonged to a kid), I stuffed the map and book in there and put the compass in my pocket.

Walking towards the Northern most edge of the town, I shifted back into my Nuckelavee form and began my trek. I don't have a clear destination in mind, so right now I'm just going along with the flow, as it is. 'I wonder if anyone will come back here? Maybe, but by then I'll be long gone.' I think to myself, before hearing a multitude of growls and hisses behind me. Looking behind me, I see the Grimm horde somehow snuck up behind me without me noticing it. Ignoring them, I continued walking only to still hear them behind me. Knowing that they're following me, I thought on why that is.

'Let's see, with Grimm there is always an Alpha of sorts, that being the strongest among them. Maybe, with me being a Nuckelavee, they consider me their Alpha?' I thought questioningly. Thinking back to when I ordered them to look for survivors, it seems to be the case. "Well that's great, how am I going to explain this?" I muttered exasperated to myself. Just ignoring them, I continued walking, while my mind flashed back to the history book and the threats mentioned. Two I haven't met, and one I kicked off a cliff.

I wonder when I'll meet the other two?

Refugee arrivals

View Online

In the Golden Oaks Library, Twilight was currently reading up on some research material, specifically the Grimm.

Two weeks ago, just before the incident regarding her panicking over something that wouldn't happen, the Grimm had begun to act strangely. Instead of their basic animalistic nature, they became more ravenous, destroying everything that isn't a Grimm. Many researchers and Grimm studiers have many speculations on the topic, one such popular theory is that they are now without an alpha, thus have no coordination. Twilight, for a while, agreed with this theory; however she got to researching, more so in the history books.

In the many events and tragedies which involved the Grimm in some way or form, very few described the Grimm as "going berserk", so to speak. Nonetheless, out of the books Twilight has read, only ONE fit the description.

The Hollow Shades massacre.

Approximately two days before the fabled Black Horseman appeared, the Grimm in the surrounding area were reported to be oddly quiet right before screeching into the air, as if signalling, or worse celebrating. Historians over the years speculated that the Grimm foresaw the arrival of the Horseman, thus were celebrating that it arrived.

Closing the book, Twilight sighed.

"Why can't life just be eas-" *Crash* she was interrupted however as a certain cyan pegasus came crashing through her window. Looking over to her friend, Twilight walked over with an air of frustration.

"Rainbow, what did I say about flying through my window?" she asked lowly. It was known throughout Ponyville that Twilight had told Rainbow Dash again and again, to not fly through her window (not that the pegasus ever listened). She was about to berate her, until she saw the worried expression on the mare's face. "Rainbow?" she asked, concerned for her friend. Picking her up from the stack of books, she helped her friend regain her bearings.

"Twilightitstheemergencytr-" Rainbow was cut off as her muzzle suddenly had a hand closing it.

"Rainbow, take a deep breath and speak slowly, I swear you're as bad as Pinkie." Twilight muttered to herself, having grown used to the party ponies' antics. Taking a deep breath, the cyan mare did as instructed.

"Twilight, its the Emergency Train, its at the station." Rainbow said to Twilight, the lavender bookworm widening her eyes in shock.

The Emergency Train was an idea that was proposed several years ago, back when the trains were introduced. The idea was to have a backup train available in times of crisis to undergo an evacuation. So far, the only crisis that were involved in the usage of the train has been Grimm attacks. So for the train to come, that would mean...

"Rainbow, get Fluttershy and have her come to the station to tend to any injured. After that, get Rarity and Applejack to hand out any clothing/supplies and food to cater. Knowing Pinkie, she's already there. Got it?" Twilight ordered, having come up with a plan in just a couple of seconds. Saluting in response, Rainbow Dash immediately went to Fluttershy's as ordered by flying out the window she came through (to Twilight's dismay), while the lavender mare herself went to the station and get a recount on the events involved.

Running was never her strong suit, never has, but considering the intensity of the situation running was a must. While running to the station, numerous thoughts went through her mind. 'Two weeks after the Grimm go nuts, and then this happens. It may sound selfish, but can't I just catch a break?' she pleaded (read: whined) in her head. Finally arriving at the station, she saw the symbol on the train's side. Seeing an apple tree, however, gave her a sense of dread.

"Oh no, Applejack is not going to like this." Twilight muttered, before walking over there. Upon reaching the station itself, true to her word, Pinkie was there trying to cheer everypony up; either through silly faces or jokes. Judging by their long and distraught faces, it wasn't working. Looking over the gathered crowd, she spotted something odd. Two creatures, looking like hairless monkeys. They were dressed in clothes, the male in green and the girl in mostly pink, so that showed intelligence at least. They were helping with cheering up the crowd (the girl mostly, with the boy handing out supplies like food Pinkie brang). The arrivals sent them odd looks, but accepted the help with a nod and a smile. Going over to her hyperactive friend, Twilight addressed the situation.

"Pinkie, who are they?" Twilight asked the party mare tentatively, as if one wrong word could spell doom. Turning to her knowledgeable friend, Pinkie gained an enthusiastic smile befitting someone either REALLY excited, or a homicidal sociopath.

"OH! Well, I was outside Ponyville..." she began.

Flashback: Yesterday

Pinkie Pie can be seen hopping along the border of town, wanting to just enjoy the moment and tranquillity. Normally, one would assume the party enthusiast to, as implied, throw a party of sorts, but they would be wrong. Pinkie, in fact, DID have moments where she wanted to bask in silence, it was just those were fairly rare. Taking in the scenery, she spotted something, while odd to others, exciting to her.

Beneath a lone tree a ways off, would soon become her new friends (with some effort). The boy in green was sitting back up against the base of the tree, while the girl was hanging on to the branch above like a sloth. May sound like an exaggeration, but no, as through the use of her arm and leg muscles, was able to perfectly hang from the branch like an actual sloth. Again, odd to others, but Pinkie only had one thought when looking the sloth-impersonator.

'Are you challenging me?' she thought competitively. Planning in her head, she snuck over there to inact her shenanigans.

Through the eyes of the girl, Nora, she was content to relax there in the position of her (hinted) favourite animal. However, feeling a weight in front of her on the bench, she opened her eyes to an interesting sight. Hanging right before her, in the same sloth position, was what looked to be the child between a horse and human, injected with copious amounts of pink. Like her, the pink one had cyan coloured eyes, which were squinted in a determined and challenging gaze. Coming out of the hybrid's mouth, was the very words that kick-started a beautiful friendship.

"Don't think you're the only sloth here." she stated confidently.

Narrowing her eyes in return, Nora and Pinkie soon hung there like sloths, in order to see who made the better sloth. All while below, Ren watched the while thing and sighed in defeat and acceptance, knowing he'd have to deal with TWO of the same person. Soon, the two humans went through the extreme welcoming coming from Pinkie, discussing various things (mainly birthdays, in order for the mare to throw parties, duh) and soon spending the night at Sugarcube Corner, out of Pinkie's good will. One thing was discovered during this exchange though.

It would be impossible to discover who's the better sloth.


Smiling with eyes closed, Pinkie was unable to see the absolutely bewildered expression on Twilight's face.

This was fair, as even during the time she has known the party mare, there still things TO THIS DAY that will constantly make her mind hurt. Honestly, the fact that the two were even here had her mind spinning, but rather their sloth escapade. Luckily, a voice saved her from having her mind implode.

"Don't worry, you're not alone in this." a male voice said, looking behind her Twilight saw the male out of the two, and seeming to be the sane one also.

"Let me guess, you've been with her for a while?" Twilight questioned, seeing as he was a little too calm. Food for thought, she supposed.

"Yes, ever since we were kids..." he trailed off with a depressed face, before looking at his companion and smiling. "But I wouldn't change her for the world." jumping slightly, he looked to Twilight. "I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Lie Ren, or just Ren." he said, sticking out his hand for a handshake.

Shaking his hand, Twilight did so in return. "My name is Twilight Sparkle." "And I'm Nora!" she caught when jumping in surprise, as the girl named Nora suddenly appeared beside them.

"Nora, don't do that again." he told her, Nora at the very least looking sheepish. Twilight was about to add her own opinion, before once again being interrupted.


Looking over to where the voice came from, Twilight saw Rainbow along with Fluttershy, Rarity and Applejack, the butterscotch pegasus already flying off to tend to any injured. Applejack, seeing the apple tree symbol on the side of the train, quickly ran over to them with the other two in tow.

"Twilight, ah want to know, where are Braeburn and Strongheart?" the farm mare asked, being worried for her cousin and the buffalo she grew to like. Before she could answer her friend, Ren answered before Twilight.

"They are by the front of the train, appearing shaken up. They are not hurt, but they could use comfort." He told her honestly, Applejack nodding in gratitude before running off. Rainbow, having now seen the raven haired boy, flew up into his face with a suspicious look on her face.

"And who are you punk? Actually, what are you?" she asked, thinking he means harm. Before she could go off on a tangent, Twilight pulled her down to the ground.

"Now's not the time Rainbow, we need to help with everypony here, are you able to help Ren?" Twilight asked, missing Rainbow's confused look about how she casually addressed him, Ren nodding in response. "Okay, what we want to do is..." As Twilight coordinated an organised shelter for the refugees, they were all unaware of the danger coming.