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if i'm interpreting the synopsis correctly, this is related to the Diclonius story correct?

EDIT: confirmation in the first paragraph. FUCK YEAH.

is he going to be a good guy

Depends on his Actions and how it'll affect Equestria.

But if I'm assuming, he might take the role of an Anti-Hero or Anti-Villain.

And what else? That's just one name. Are there more? Unless Adam and Adam Taurus are distinct individuals.

Welcome to the displaced verse Adam we got cookies nukes steaks dogpeople zombies and anime galore

Add in some gods and goddesses, a crap ton of robots and a bunch of knights and that pretty much fits in all the displaced, well barring a few.

Dis is gunna be gud

First impression, so far so good. What happens next?

Someone mentioned this in the comments on the Adam Trailer about playing one of Vergil's themes during the video. The UMVC3 version, I believe.


Not bad. Nice touch with the eyes by the way.:pinkiesmile: though i think i should point out that you made it so he is not nearly as strong as the original. at the start of volume 4 ruby was strong enough to one shot a never more. Adum is a great deal stronger than her still.

‘A Dragon!?! What next, a hydra? A Sphinx? A Minotaur? A Freaking Griffon?!?'

You're actually not far off. Most of them appeared already, except for the Sphinx. The sphinx only appeared during a story or flashback.

Seems that old wounds are starting to open up again with Rainbow Dash. This isn't the first time Rainbow felt jealous that Scootaloo admired someone than her.

The carriage begins to move and lift off the ground taking us to the city. I look out the window at the passing terrain below and looking further ahead of us and see a large city hanging off the side of a mountain.
‘How is it not falling?’

With magic and very skilled builders who know how to prevent that from happening.

Comment posted by DAMN HAMSTER deleted Sep 7th, 2018

Though it turns into a frown as she sees a pale green stream directed at me. Looking to its source, she is shocked to find it is coming from Rainbow Dash. ‘Jealousy?’

It was supposed to be Rainbow-Dash's duty as a Big-sister like figure to Scootaloo and protect her. But she couldn't do anything nor have the skills to defeat the Grimm horde that attack ponyville and felt like she failed as both a sister & guardian. Now that scootaloo admires somebody else then her, Rainbow feels a little jealous & bitter towards Adam. I guess that meaning of 'being spiteful' in the description was a little accurate.

That was a bit both disturbing & foreboding that our main character possessed some memories of the original Adam before the fight.

So Adam's going to establish a Hunters Academy in Ponyville?

Though, one prismatic pegasus was rather apathetic to my condition.

Wow, Rainbow do you really dislike Adam that much that you don't care if he dies?

So Adam absorbed some of Luna's power and is able to traverse the "Dream-world" like Luna. That was really kind of him to vanquish the Nightmare that haunted Screwball's dream and befriended her.

Adorable and I like the fear aspect for screw ball especially if dischord truly is a Grimm in this verse then the answer would be to put I'm in a hearse... I've been haning out with Killer bee too much

no.. way... just... holy fuck.. I got nothing to say.. my brain can not compute..

I'm going to call Penny being a Pegasus and Pyrrah a Earth pony.

I'm going to call them being human, cause why would Gods have to change the shape of two souls they saved?

9167460 Who's to say that the brothers would send them back in their original bodies? And mind you Penny is a android and I'm willing to bet that they couldn't recreate her body and decided to put her soul in an organic body.

...you forget that these two gods are responsible for creating everything in Remnant. Creating an android's body would be child's play. So would giving the two their original bodies.

9167482 True, but can you imagine them actually putting Penny's soul in another android body? They would most likely create a organic body for her as a sort of compensation.

Interesting...Both Penny & Pyrrha are in Equestria after their Demise in Remnant. What will happen should they meet Adam?

“Adam? What is the Vytal Festival Tournament?”

SAOA Kirito: Oh no. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no...

I recognize this place immediately. We are in the vault under Beacon tower.

no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, No...

“Do you believe in destiny?”

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO...

Just as Cinder fires. Pyrrha struggles for breath for a second before Cinder walks up and lays her hand on the side of Pyrrha’s head. In that instant, Pyrrha’s body flashes and turns orange, before dissolving into bright ash and blowing away.


He should really be conserving his ammo considering he doesn't have a way to replace it unless you have them magic up some with a duplication spell or something

9167610 Most likely a Dues Ex Machina would have Dust Crystals be discovered.

Huh. As Adam said, that Pinocchio thign has come full circle.

yay! penny is a real girl now!! *claps*

All that's left is for Penny to do is discover her semblance.

Penny may be a real girl now, but the question remains...Is she still combat ready?

SHe'll need to get used to her new body but she's most likely able to hold off the enemy long enough for backup if she can't beat it only.

I wonder if aside from penny and pyrrah is anyone else going to come through mayhapse some one with connections to Adam taurus? Cough*blake*cough

Is it just these two or will more residents from Remnant appear?

Seems that even the most polite has some bottled-up & restrained anger considering that Pyrrha said B:yay:h. I was expecting that reaction from Pyrrha, can't exactly blame her given what happened to her in her final hour.

Ok, color me intrigued. Havnt seen a Adam displaced yet till now.

We need Adam to talk to Diamond Tiara after Spoiled acts like a racist towards him, Penny and Pyrrah.

“Every year the kingdoms have a tournament that pits up and coming huntsman and huntresses against each other to show who has the best students for that year and essentially gain bragging rights.” Luna looks to me in shock.

It's every four years.

“Well, I use multiple foldable swords that are connected to me via some near invisible wire attached to the hilts. They have miniature boosters to allow them to levitate away from me and are controlled by subtle movements, mostly my hands as well as the rest of my body.” She explains.

You're also forgot that the swords double as laser guns/boosters.

“For now, just enjoy it Penny. For all we know, the princesses will find a way to get you home tomorrow."

They really shouldn't have gotten their hopes up. I've seen some stories about people being sent to Equestria in their current or new form and the chances of them being sent back to their world is almost 0%. Plus it wasn't the princesses that summoned or brought them here, it was the gods of Remnant who sent them.

But like Adam said, they should enjoy the moment while they can.

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