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The Black Horseman - Redsummer09

Through the fog, which turns a man into a fearsome creature of darkness.

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History and Backstory

Grimm Classification Booklet; Volume 9
Edition: Black Horseman entity; Nuckelavee Grimm
(For any prior information - refer to Volume 1)

Name: Black Horseman
Species classification: Nuckelavee
Threat level: Alpha/Omega

Bio: Throughout history, numerous Grimm species have been discovered throughout the lands of Equestria and beyond, saying to have taken residence in all corners of our world. While some of the species are cannon fodder at best, and some rivalling the strength of the forgotten gods, none are more well renowned as the infamous Nuckelavee Grimm. This species of Grimm is a VERY dangerous foe to face when well equipped at best, and suicide at worst. The only positive behind this species of Grimm are their very few numbers, totalling at best 5 Nuckelavee per Nation; but this is still bad considering their extremely life threatening capabilities.

You'll instantly know when you have encountered a Nuckelavee due to its unique form. Throughout all of recorded Equestrian history, it is described as "a demon horse with a malnourished stallion merged within its back". If you can't see it, listen for their faint whispering wheezes, if not their ear piercing screeches. Their ability to kill is mostly referred to their odd but extremely deadly aspect of stretching its upper arms to IMMENSE lengths, if not for eternity (this was never proven due to the need to be rid of it quickly). Whilst some Nuckelavee have made the history books thanks to their slaughters, there is only ONE that is often, if not all the time, described as "a nightmare best left forgotten to time".

It was given the codename "The Black Horseman", due to it being not only the most deadly, but also the first ever recorded sighting of a Nuckelavee. It was the Grimm which played the part of the "Hollow Shades Massacre", an event which rendered the town barren of all residents due to it killing most of the ponies living there. Out of 1,500 residents, only 15 survived the encounter with the beast. When questioned about the situation leading up to the slaughter, only one was able to give an intelligible response, though being heavily traumatised like the rest.

"I don't know what happened. It was just a regular night under Luna's moon, strolling through town minding my own business. Next thing I know, a screech echoed through the whole town and then screams of ponies followed. I went to investigate out of worry and concern for some friends, and what I saw will forever haunt me until I die. A beast of what should be two is instead a merge into one, standing above 7 total corpses in the centre of the town, gazing at me with it's beady red eyes, as if looking into my soul. Seconds later, the Princesses and Royal Guard arrived to deal with the creature, hopefully forever. I will never, EVER, forget what I saw that day, and I hope nopony ever will again." - Spring Meadows, aged 22 at the time.

It was reported that the guards stabbed its arms, pinning them to the ground in the process, in order to interrogate it. Whilst it is known that Grimm are incapable of speech due to their instinctual focused minds, it was able to communicate to them before supposedly being condemned to Tartarus. "Beware the woman of pale skin, beware the man of many lives. For no matter which you choose, both will lead to your demise." it warned them before being sent to Tartarus by Starswirl the Bearded, who arrived in time for questioning. Many have wondered and pondered on its warning, looking for any other mentions of mares with pale complexion that could pose a threat of immense magnitude, or the more confusing, stallion of many lives. So far, no mentions of either of the two has been discovered to back its warning.

4 years after the "Hollow Shades Massacre", two more towns had been rendered barren of residents in the span of 6 months due the slaughters that followed, instead conducted by an Alpha Deathstalker (See Volume 3) and an Alpha Geist (See Volume 8). It soon came to be realised that Ponykind was facing a new, species threatening time, which soon changed as others like the Griffons and Dragons were discovered to be attacked too.

Nonetheless, The Black Horseman is by far the most well known Grimm throughout history, no matter how much others say it is best to be forgotten. There warnings were ignored as by the saying "If you forget the past, you're doomed to repeat it" has stuck with us forever since then.

Written and published by Story Teller, head of the 'Department of Grimm Studies and Classification' (DGSC).

Up next: Volume 10, the Grimm Wyvern, Spawner of Grimm.

Present, 1st POV

Oh Tartarus, an endless cave of jack shit in my opinion. I mean, for fuck sake there is nothing here but spire after spire with prisoners. Oh sorry, never introduced myself did I? Well what do you want, an epic backstory about how my parents were murdered in front of me and I donned a bat-themed costume and fought crime for a living? Yeah fuck off, I ain't Batman, you unimaginative twat.

Buuuut, I guess I can give you the basic run down on my predicament, can't I? Well, to me, I was just a regular guy, just living the day-to-day, you know? Well, one day I decided to go to the next RTX that was held in my town, forgot when and where due to it being over a thousand years in this dump. Any who, I went as my favourite Grimm, specifically the Nuckelavee Grimm, mainly because of its arm stretching gimmick. Going through the expo with sleeves reaching my feet, a black coat with fake spikes, all I was missing was the Nuckelavee's Human Mask.

So as I was walking around, I noticed this trio who was dressed up as different people. One was dressed up as Adam from RWBY, one as Lucy from Elfen Lied (absolute blood fest in just the first few minutes of the first episode ffs) and the last person as I don't even fucking know, maybe Fairy Tail? Anyway, I saw them buy something from so creepy merchant dude, then POP!, gone in a flash of light. Just like that...

I remember at the time I chalked it up to just being a camera flash and that they already walked off, so I put no thought in it and decided to see what he's got. Walking over there, I saw he had some really good shit, like fuck even though I have no idea what everything is, they honestly looked REAL, which is surprising since they're merely props and all. So, I was actually interested to know what he has got for sale.


"Hey, what have you got for sale?" I asked him, seeing that he was actually the Merchant from RE4, rather creepy looking honestly but cool seeing how well he pulled it off.

"Oh, what do we have here? Can't say I know what you're actually, and that is a rarity of its own." he said with a rather creepy voice, honestly sounding like the merchant fucking hell.

Thinking on his question I answered honestly. "I'm actually dressed as my interpretation of the Nuckelavee, surprising I know. You have no clue how many asked what I was." I said. That part was true becaus like ten random dudes asked what I was, and when they found out they were like 'Oh' and what not.

"Oh really? Well, I must say that you are unfortunately missing the mask. Though everything else I will freely admit is rather interesting, accurate and overall cool to see." he said with an honest tone. Though the thing about the missing mask still got me done. It wasn't a case about lack of skill to make at least a decent one, but rather lack of material to use.

"Thanks for the compliments. Though I'm still sad about the mask to be truthful." I said to him.

He soon adopted a thinking pose for a few seconds, before suddenly jolting up, surprising and making me jump a bit. "Hang on, I might have something that might help." he said before going underneath his desk, where I presume he is looking for something. After a minute or two of him scrounging around, he came with something I didn't expect to see.

(AN: This but a mask, duh)

"B-b-but, how?" I asked softly, mainly out of shock and surprise that he had a Nuckelavee mask. What was even more shocking was that actually looked like bone, from what I've seen on google anyway.

"Hehe, I have my ways. What do you say, 30 bucks?" he said mysteriously before, out of no where, striking me a deal that should be legally classed as a fucking steal.

"Done." without hesitation, I've paid.

"Hehe, enjoy your trip." he said as I took the mask from him before handing over the money. I looked at him oddly, before suddenly feeling extremely lightheaded right before completely blacking out.


And after an instinct induced slaughter, strained warning based on prior knowledge and being given a countless life long prison sentence, I am here; just chilling in Tartarus. Now that you know how I got here, I can now focus on GETTING THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!! I swear to whatever the fuck deity is watching over me I am bored out of my bloody mind.

As I look around Tartarus from my binds, that being shackles on my arms and legs/hooves, I notice that centaur, Tirek I believe, is watching the gates with a keen and interested eye. When I look over, I adopt the same expression. How it works is that you can merely just take the shackles and walk around, but the biggest problem is Cerberus, the resident warden. Getting past him is like trying to eat black Liquorice, which for me, is practically impossible. What's interesting right now, is he ain't even there no more, sorta just wandered off basically.

At that point, only one thought went through my head.

'I'm sorry, what? What the hell happened to Cerberus? Can we, I mean, can we just walk out now.' I thought in confusion. My confused state is HEAVILY warranted, merely because he has never once left the gates, yet now he just vanished within the blink of an eye!

Taking off the shackles, I stood up on my four legs and proceeded to exit this barren prison. Pushing open the titanic gates, I felt the rays of sunlight hit my shadowy black skin for the first time in millennia. To be able to feel the sunlight against my, somewhat solid, skin is a wonderful feeling.

"Okay, what to do? Hmm." I said in thought, my voice now sounding like a constant whisper no matter what (except when I'm pissed, then its a shriek). Looking up into the sky, I voiced my decision. "Actually, I think I'll see what has changed in good ol' pony land." before strolling off to a near by desert town that I could barely see, with what appeared to be an orchard.

Did I mention I bucked Tirek off the ledge as he was walking past? Trust me, he deserved it.

Author's Note:

Ladies, gentlemen and readers of numerous ages, I present my first displaced story. I posted on a RWBY forum what Grimm I should use, and I was not expecting the Nuckelavee. So here is the result, enjoy :D !

P.s: slight foreshadowing for Garnet Naturea's three connected stories. Considering it was his story that I was inspired to write this, I thought I'd at least mention it.

Feel free to comment, opinions are greatly appreciated.

Also, I was considering on incorporating some lemon into this story, thinking it would spice things up (got the details of how sorted). Wanted to know if that is what you want.

For now, Redsummer out.