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A long time ago, a leshen was transported to Equestria. He has no memory of his past but does know that he was never a leshen before. Having claimed the everfree forest as his home and protects it from those who wish to harm it.

Descriptions are hard.

Witcher displaced

Chapters (2)
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I don't think there's a single Witcher displaced out there. Not one. And the very few other Witcher fics out there all focus on Geralt or a pony as a Witcher. So I hope to see this get somewhere and not get cancelled like so many other Displaced.

You got my curiosity

Only time will tell

this is a good fast intro without feeling rushed. i like it.

Thanks. I glad it didn't feel rushed. I was kinda worried that would be the case but now I know it wasn't.

Good work. I can’t wait for more!
Have a crazy day/night!

I like this story already and must say I am intrigued as I have played Witcher 3 wild hunt but have yet to meet this kind of creature.
You sir have my attention.
fav followed and tracking!

Nice :3

Haven't read this yet, but I need to get this off my chest; Woodland Spirit of the Forest?! :rainbowlaugh:

Edit: Having now read this, I feel obligated to say a couple of things.
I love this. Really, I do. There's so much potential here, and you've done so well with what you've already got down. There's just one issue that I need to get out here; this needs editing. Not as badly as some other stories I've read/enjoyed, but you don't seem to be using commas or apostrophes as often as you should.

Side note: When I read 'Leshen' I thought you meant 'Leshy', but I've now realized that you're not using any Baseline Mythos.

Theres a leshen contract in skellige

This has some grade 6 level grammer and sentance structure and reads like some sort of greentext retelling of the actual story.

The Leshen are based off of the Leshy, so their mythos could apply here!


What do the totems do?:rainbowhuh: And will he be able to make more things than just the totems:applejackunsure: or will he be able to make things like the death scissors from DMC and other charms, and talismans?:applejackunsure::pinkiecrazy:

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think leshen totems help mark their territories. Don't if there's any other purpose but I think that's the general idea

Nice to see a new chapter I liked it.
A few spelling and other mistakes but still a good story overall.
I can't wait to see what happens next! Please update this soon.


I cant say my self still but i thought it gave them more power over the forest. Like in a video i saw of witcher 3, when one shows at least a yard or so away, walks behind a tree and shows up from around one only a few feet away. I'm just trying to figure out what this guy can do.

Don't they make leshens immortal until they're destroyed? Pretty sure they act as some kind of phylactery and empowering mechanism to make them apart of an area. Grants them control over the flora and fauna, or more like they become entwined with them. They embody the wild nature of an area, the totems allow them to tap into it, pretty sure.

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