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Advice for fimfiction writers who have recently joined. · 6:30am September 21st

Are you new to fimfiction? If so, here's some advice.

Looking for a proof reader or editor? There are groups dedicated that. https://www.fimfiction.net/group/97/looking-for-editors is an example. Looking for a front cover for your art? https://www.fimfiction.net/group/295/art-for-fanfiction

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The bane of writing my friend... Just look at my stories... the time between chapters is dreadful... LOL

Ditto. But even when I do, I end up being my own worse critic. I keep backspacing things if I feel it doesn't sound realistic, feels rushed, too much info, cliche, or if it feels like its not the right moment.

Well I hope you get some creative juices and keep going...
I know how you feel... Been through that with my stories before... Sometimes going over a story will spur on some new ideas. :twilightsmile:

I can't promise ya anything though. Honestly, the stories that have not canceled I either need to rewrite, or just cancel due to I'm not happy with how I started them out.

Your stories look interesting... Will give them a read.

  • Viewing 64 - 68 of 68
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Tokens. (Info on current Displaced characters.) · 8:22pm May 31st, 2017

Name: Tsunami
Serpent Of The All-Mother.

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