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Vibrant Emotion

A calm collective individual who loves a lot of things, but can be difficult to deal with, and wants help with my stories.


The Q,&A is still open. · 5:11pm Jul 4th, 2020

Hey everybody just letting you know that the Q,&A is still open, and still needs some questions before I can give any answers. So please if you want to ask me about something then by all means go ahead I’ll allow up to three question for everyone that wants to ask something about me, or other things because I only have one individual that ask me something.

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Thanks for the follow!

3337113 Well your stories have caught my interest, and I plain on reading them. So I’m looking forward to future stories you might make.:twilightsmile:

As the others say thanks for the watch. But how did I earn it?

  • Viewing 423 - 427 of 427
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