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Spirit Of Fantasy

Hi, what's up guys. This is Spirit of fantasy. I'm here to write and give a good story to all my followers out there. Please show the Spirit some love and he will give love back

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There you go scumbags! · 5:41pm Oct 16th, 2016

So thanks to the overwhelming hate from this site and it's collection of hateful people that practically don't know the meaning of love and tolerate. I had to delete the story, I hope you giant piles of garbage are happy with yourselves. You ruined the story for others that enjoyed it because you're just a bunch of angry trolls who can't stand to see people happy. This is why fan fic will kick this sites ass hands down, all the time, every time. Because fan fic doesn't stand for ignorant people

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Kinda got into depressed over that one.

Yeah but whenever I joked with my tennis 'teammates' over the summer, and I quote, they called me 'an arrogant selfish stuck up brat'.
And I always had to do extra matches because they never showed up.

Aw, I took no offense to that. Couldn't you tell I was trying to joke around?

I'm sorry that sounded mean.
It's awesome! It's basically what happens when you cross Satan and Disney in steroids.

  • Viewing 290 - 294 of 294
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