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So you guys want some Lost Tribe Pages? · 11:21pm Jun 29th, 2017

Hey folks. Been a while, huh? So are you all stoked about the new trailer drop or what?! That looks pretty exciting.

On a related note, I made some new pages of my Lost Tribe comic, which you can find on my Deviantart page HERE! Go see 'em, okay??

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I love the work you did for The Lost Tribe and Pink With Your Heart, and would like to see you continue Je De Toure and many more stories in the future. Your sir, have my absolute favourite technique for writing Third-person narrative, you display a character's thoughts and feelings through body language and environmental placement, and exposition is handled through character interaction, all without needing to TELL the audience directly through the third-person perspective.

It's stories like these that I personally hold to the highest regard, and hold as a template for how fiction should be written, however short they may be.

Which is why Mike, I hold you high on a pedestal as one of the best artists of this fandom, you are criminally underrated, and if there is justice for undiscovered talent you would already have the one million views you deserve.

I would like to hear more from you Mike, especially since you left FIMfiction for 2 YEARS!

Never mind, never mind.:twilightsheepish:

Hey, I was wondering if there was going to be a sequel of your story The Lost Tribe. :twilightsmile:

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