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Twilight and her friends enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, when Rainbow Dash has a startling encounter that leads to an exciting undersea adventure.

Featured on Equestria Daily on 09/28/2012

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Wow what an original concept, can't wait to see more!

Keep up the good work!

Darling, you have a wonderful first chapter; I can't wait to learn about sea-ponies. Please continue, you have my like and favorite, I will be waiting baited breath for the next installment.
Ciao darling :raritywink:

AH approve. Now Moar!:flutterrage:

lol first thoughts (in read later not reading now) were SHOO-BE-DOO-SHOO-SHOO-BE-DOO:facehoof:

Whoa. I just had this very idea. Great minds think alike?

I'll have to read this.

And thus Rainbow learned to call upon the Sea Ponies when she's in distress.

You might want to tweak the location: Canterlot doesn't exactly fit with a sea-based story.

You can keep the name Canter Cove, just shift it to be near Manehatten, Fillydelphia or wherever.

Ooh, it's about time someone did this! As you were, good sir!

Hippocampi! :yay:

Nice bubblehead spell/"charm"(hp) :raritywink: :twilightsmile:


Hey, I'm reading this now, so uh, write more of it. Please?


Ooh! I'm loving this story! I can't wait to read more! And I love that picture! :twilightsmile:


As I say anytime something involves distressing RD. Rainbow nuke their asses. I don't care if she can only do it in the air, figure out a way.

Welp. Breaker is fucked.

YES! This awesome fic finally updated! :pinkiehappy:

Not a bad sea pony story for a start. I mean, I think I prefer mine, naturally, but this isn't half bad.

Great story and great chapter, I eagerly await the next one. I had a feeling that sea ponies were banned from interacting with ponies of the land and sky for some reason.

I have a feeling the last seapony landpony interactions might've involved Commander Hurricane, Princess Platinum and/or Chancellor Puddinghead.

Holy shit! This is the best story ever! Need moar!!:pinkiehappy:
Have a mustache!:moustache:

The End? Already?


It better not be.

I see this as a mid point into a bigger story. Something that transitions into something bigger for the four equestrian tribes. Please do continue building this universe.

"as we once so often did" This phrase feels a little awkward to me; I really don't know how to fix it, I'm not much of a writer, sorry.
Also, I see what you did there. :raritywink:The hippocampus is where new information is condensed and synthesized in the brain, which makes it pivotal for learning. It also looks like a seapony without forelegs. My congratulations to you dear author, that is very clever.
Ciao :duck:

Terrified sea ponies scattered in all directions as the enormous predator made its way through the city, ... The cries and screams had caught the attention of the guards,....As soon as they met their opponent, however, the astonished guards stopped cold, staring at the oddity before them. After a while, a burly form pushed past them, making his way to the center of the commotion.

This came to mind right about here.

"Not to sound cliché," Rainbow Dash finally said, "but take us to your leader."


"A long time since we encountered ponies such as you," ...
"Mighty pleased to make your acquaintance, ma'am!" ...
"It was hardly ever a pleasant experience," ...
"Tut-tut, Sargassa," ... "Mind your manners. Just because we leave beneath the waves does not mean we must sink to their level..."

Wow! You sure know how to welcome guests to make them feel all warm and squishy inside.

I personally don't mind if this is the end of this fic. Just as long as there will be a sequel that is.:pinkiecrazy:


Possible soundtrack for reading:

Even though that ended kind of quickly, it kind of feels right. The three chapters almost feel like a two-parter episode. Especially with Celestia addressing the lesson at the end. It almost feels like they were episodes written for the show. Even the whole shipping tease was handled nicely, especially at the end. Although maybe Rainbow Dash was a little more emotional than what I'm used to but who knows. In the show, we're surprised by new bits of their personalities with every other if not each episode.

Even though mermares and seaponies are now canon thanks to the new book coming out, this was still a treat to read.

Sequel! Sequel! Sequel! There must be sequel!:pinkiehappy:

This reminds me a bit of the little mermaid
Unda da sea

Sequel Sequel SEQUEL!!!

I did enjoy it but I don't understand why you used "Hippocampus" as the name of the race.
Other than that I thought it was pretty good.

Oh I can answer that for you. In Greek mythology, the hippocampus was a horse-like creature that had a scaly fish-like tale for its hind quarters. Interesting, no?

why isn't this an episode it has all the elements of a good MLP 2 part

Breaker really ruined a moment with a single word. "Hippocampus."

The 'no take me instead' and than the 'nah, we'll just let him go and let you go' was pretty cliche, other than that, it was awesome


Not bad. I wouldn't mind seeing more of this if you ever decide to write a sequel.

1883461 Just a personal request... -us is the traditional Latin plurl, while -i is the traditional Greek. So it should be Hippocampi... :raritywink:
Also, that way no one will think you're talking about the human-brain either! :twilightsheepish:

I expected the punishment for breaking the law to be banishment among the land ponies (taking away his tail and giving him hoofs somehow) so i wasent too far off

Isn't ORCA a reference to Jaws?
I like the incorporation of art.
It adds to the story very well.:raritywink:

I'd be interested in more if you decide.

Thank you for your kind words. I'm really glad you enjoyed my story and appreciated it for what it was, and I'm especially grateful that you noticed the lesson preached at the end, and how it echoed the spirit of the show. This was all very important to me while I was writing it, so it really means a lot to me to hear someone say that.

This was a nice story. I hope you'll continue with it with either a sequel or some mention of Breaker and the Sea Ponies in some other story of yours.

Nice read. Hope we'll see more soon. *hint-hint* *nudge-nudge* :raritywink:

It may only been three chapters long but this is one of the most awesome stories I read! I just read the whole story now and loved very inch of it! It is awesome!

Short, but sweet. Loved the story good sir.:moustache:

This NEEDS a sequel. Make one now, NAOW!:flutterrage:

What an adorable little story! You've perfectly caught the spirit of the show. The whole "let's abandon our millenia-old isolationist dogma" part came about a little too fast for my taste, but that's all I could possibly criticise.

I found it through your ongoing comic adaption, which is a remarkable feat all by itself. Well done, all of it!

[Found this story on DA and going into my read later list.]
[Good job on the art work comic by the way.]

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