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This group is dedicated to those with a love for sea ponies, also known as merponies and hippocampi. Sea ponies need more love, so any fanfiction dealing with them is welcome. Other water horse-type stories are welcome such as undines.

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Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted March 12th

I'm thinking I'll join the group. Sea ponies are quite fascinating and after the movie this fall, I'm betting the number of stories in here will increase tenfold if not much more.

Ok, now there is Two more stories containing the sea Ponies to love.
Hope they will make the grade.

Is there no more then Five stories here?

I think I may have a story that just may fit in here, since it is dealing with the 'SePonies', living in the community, with all the other larger main type Ponies.

I'm gonna have to start work on my CMC side story. It will fit so perfectly in these new Seapony groups popping up.

The side story is based on when Twilight lets the CMC borrow a children's book that inspires them to go looking for one mysterious type of pony and find another instead. (Tree Sap may or may not be involved)


I don't see why not. ^-^

Go ahead.

Is it ok if I post stories about a male pony fecundating a female's egg sacks?

Just asking. Don't want to make people angry by placing a story that isn't welcome.

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