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Fans of G1 certainly seem to miss a lot of the races that do not appear in FiM. So here's a group dedicated to them, be they in the G1 verse or the G4 verse. They will not be forgotten! Just a few examples are:

Sea Ponies/Hippocampi
Bush Woolies

And for G4 only fans, we also accept fics that bring more light to little known/mysterious races such as:


And we also cater to OC races that have been forgotten by MLP verses of any generation. Be creative.

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I'm definitely one for the Sea Ponies after watching the MLP movie:pinkiehappy:! So I'm definitely going to be adding that to the Forgotten Races Sea Ponies list:scootangel:!

where does the Breezies sort, or can they have separate folders for the two verieties?

I have a few stories that would fit well here.
just curious, sometimes I'm using multiple races.
Both Flutter Ponies and Sea Ponies in a single story,
how would I file such a story?
Furthermore, I hope it isn't any poblem if said story happen to include new rases like the bat pony.
Adding to this joy, the Changeling are not ponies either, right?



316273 316259 I love you guys, together we will bring multi-gen love to everyone....


I was having that trouble too in another group I made. I dunno what the deal is. Maybe it' just too new. I dunno. I went and manually added it myself. Hopefully it worked.

hello, my story Spike the Knight, features an OC race named Simians. Two of it's members Imamu Sagoma and Kirabo, play important parts throughout the story.

For some reason I cannot add it in the OC folder right now, if the admin could add it I would appreciate it, if not I will try again in a couple of hours.

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