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Hi there this group is for all Futterpony lovers, to Write and chat! For story's about flutterponys, forms and more!

Now you might ask. What are flutterponys?

Now flutterponys are a mythical pony from gen1 and looked like this:

They saved all the pony's from the smooze in My Little Pony The Movie... and where never see again.

We believe that flutterponys should be back in Gen4 and rebooted!

Now get writing and chat about our favourite pony's: Flutterponys

Da rules are simple:
1. NO rude language or being impolite
2. NO stealing other work or credit
3. Have fun
4.No spamming or linking to any illegal content

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Is Anypony active

Da best flutterpony is Mourning glory :twistnerd:

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