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Meh · 5:43pm Nov 9th, 2021

Ok so maybe I was gone for a couple centuries but it isn't like I forgot about this, it's definitely been a while since I put pen to paper so to speak though. I still intend to finish this although other than the starting chapter being almost a decade ago I seriously doubt any original readers were still wondering about the direction, when I finish this it may as well be "new" for how few have read it.

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About me (somewhat) and the story (progress)

Well the story I'm attempting to write is my first one that isn't for a school project, and the last one I had to write for college was about 3 years ago. I've had the idea for this story for almost a year but never had a chance to do anything until now. Anyways, enough about me, here's some progression

Of the Past and it's Mysteries

Chapter 11
Outlining: 100%
Writing: 7%

Chapter 12
Outlining: 100%
Writing: 0%

Chapter 13
Outlining: 0%
Writing: 0%

~Rough gauge of my progress or lack thereof...

Disregard the percentages above, I am rewriting the previous chapters

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Yo, thanks for your continued following of Homeland Oracle, it is greatly appreciated. The next chapter is out now, so be sure to drop a read ;D

Thank you for favoring A minor variation:twilightsmile:

Thank you for the fave on 'Equine Vampiris' :pinkiehappy:

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