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This story is a sequel to Oskar Osäker: True Omnivore

[PROTOTYPE 2] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Crossover

Oskar's secret has been revealed to Twilight in totality, now Twilight faces the moral quandary of betraying her friend or betraying her morals. The events of season 2 are fast approaching as well and the ripples Oskar has caused through his mere presences alone changes more and more. Can a friendship survive when one of the friends is a murderer?

Thanks goes to: NightmareKnight for spending time being my editor, Trondason being an all around great fellow and helping me with ideas

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Awesome chapter, and rather error free on the first run. Can't wait for more. Also, love how you handled Flim and Flam.

Story is back. Better then Gefucken oner. :trollestia:

Twilight is to loyal for her own good. Her silence may cost Equestria much in the future.

I wonder, what OSkar`s dogs doing aside of gusmithy? What cultural improvements they made? What knowledge they obtained? What religious believes they have?

Love the sequel and I cannot wait to see what happens when he/she meets Discord, will be an entertaining sight!

I won't say this is the best story series
I have ever read, but it is my favorite. I have yet to read one chapter that I don't like and everything about it resonates with my interests perfectly. It also takes Prototype to new hights and shows the Blacklight (I think that's what it's called) virus as the perfect, adaptable, not limited to human shapes and animal shapes, being. Before this fic I always got mad at other Prototype fanfics for not using the virus to even a fraction of its full potential. Always either using only moves from the game, or not using an amorphous virus in ways that fit the situation. Need to get behind a door without anyone knowing? Burrow a hole and squez through. Need to travel somewhere undetected? Travel underground as a slim tendral with movable claws like a mole to burrow. Just some examples of simple things a living virus that can do almost anything should be able to do. But you, oh you, exeded all expectations and created the perfect prototype fic, and using MLP universe at that! What more could anyone ask for?

Damn it!!!
And now we w8 :pinkiesick:

I just read a 10k chapter, yet I'm still wanting for more!:flutterrage::raritycry:

All right the sequel is here! YAY:yay: Great start love it! Question will Celestia ever find out what she did to the Diamond Dogs? I mean her not killing that dragon resulted in the destruction of the old Diamond Dog empire and the slavery of the Diamond Dogs. seems like that bit of info would get her to shut up and think.

Once fully loaded, the Diamond Dog dramatically spun the cylinder before snapping the cylinder into place with a flick of his hand.

And one broken gun, one!

Nice.Lets just hope that the dogs don't eat the bones they dig up:pinkiehappy:

Yay more!

Is it wrong that i ship EmeraldxSparkle?

I had been waiting for this for quite some time, quite a interesting chapter, your writing is as good as ever. Though I spotted a small error that you (and your editor) missed.

and after ten minutes was already done putting together his project and was now waiting for it to cool done to be used


Another thing is the usage of the phase "Without so much as a by your leave", it means without even asking for permission, which implies that emerald would need to ask for permission to leave. Perhaps you mean leave without saying goodbye. Of course, it could also be rarity's mother instinct acting up, as it would be nature for a child to ask for permission to go on a sudden trip.

Comment posted by SurpriseKitty deleted Jun 6th, 2014

No lie: I squeed a bit when I found out this had arrived and it's just as awesome as before! Can't wait to see Discord interaction and…… wait… does this mean the changlings will show up eventually too?… I am now SUPER excited.
And the legend continues… WOO!!


I really look forward to Discord and Oskar having a nice discussion over tea.

Also, I do hope Osaker is smart enough to control any urge to eat part of Discord. The blast wave would probably destroy a good sized chunk of Equestria. If Discord even has a genetic code.

THIS IS AWESOME!!!! Have a song as a reward legionary!

The little Scottish terrier… :moustache:

And now Discord tries to tempt Emerald…


Judging by his reactions to celestia and luna, I'd say it would be more like he would try and run away or hide.


Yeah, but Discord is screwing with his friends. Normally he might flee Discord, but he does have an investment in kicking the Big D in his little d.

Ya know Oskar, if you feel bad about the things you've done you could at least try to, you know, compensate for them with good deeds.

Oh crap. Discord. Oskar, hide. You're powerful, but you're nowhere near Discord's level. You can't infect and consume something with cells made out of cotton candy, you can't hurt him by slicing him into pieces, and he can hurt you. Hide and pray he does not find you.

On the other side. Tirek showed us that Discord magicaly similiar to alicorns: Tirek ate his powers just as such.
Knowing that Oskar adapted to magical level of alicorns... I dont think Discord may do him any harm. Moreover, Oskar is very complicated and chaotic system, Discord may not be able to afflict it. Moreover, Discord may LOVE Oskar, because of death and destruction Oskar caused into pony society.

He'll love the chaos and misery caused by the recession, but not any death. Death means you can't play with them anymore.

Of course Discord's mind rape is anthem to Emerald. It slavery of the mind. That equals berserk button. Combine that with the only real friends he has...

There is no way it can be peaceful. Whether Emerald can win or not...that is the question.

It can! IT WOULD! Only its friends may stop it from tearing Discord apart.

4506517 I'm not sure about being able to hurt Discord; my personal headcanon is that Discord doesn't have that much more power than the alicorns, but the way he uses it makes him much more dangerous, and that Tirek just stole the raw power.

But yeah, he'd probably love the little virus. Maybe conjure some giant 'white blood cells' for a laugh.

They would stop him why? No one cares for redeeming him right now, just ending his threat. Ideally that would be by way of the elements, but if they are mind bended...

Of course the princesses would be against the kill option, especially Celestia. They might stop Emerald for long enough for Twilight to get everything together.

4506603 Head-cannon for what happen with Tirek, Discord was playing along, and Tirek didn't get nearly all his power. Several reasons for this head-cannon. For one, Discord has already been shown to be a very crafty individual, letting himself be stoned the first time to let his plunder seeds render the Elements of Harmony impotent, and allow him to roam free once more. His plan worked too, just took a couple centuries longer than expected. Discord pretty much spelled out to Twilight how to open the box, and played along with Tirek to help Twilight get her final key. Reason number 2 for this theory, look at Discords eyes. Everypony's eyes, when drained of magic, became faded and milky. Not Discords. His were the same as always. Reason number three, if the Princesses had enough power to combat Discord (combined with the power of rest of pony kind), why didn't they fight him? They just let him roam free causing chaos, while Twilight and gang almost failed to retrieve and use the Elements of Harmony.

4506661 I agree with your first two, but:

if the Princesses had enough power to combat Discord (combined with the power of rest of pony kind), why didn't they fight him?

I stated that. The way Discord uses his power makes it far more dangerous than its levels would imply, 'less is more', and Tirek only stole the power, not the 'less is more'.

4506716 Even then, why didn't they try? They just lounged around while Twilight had her spirit crushed (well, Celestia was sending letters, but it was only luck that that ended up helping). Couldn't they have fought discord, and even though they knew they would lose, give Twilight some more time?

4506815 If EmeraldxTwilight happens, then yes.

:facehoof: Then imagine him... her without the pointed ears. Simply.

4506879 So what if S/he's a elf? Whats wrong with pointy ears? Are you prejudiced against people with pointy ears? That's rather insensitive to people with William's Syndrome.

Seriously, what's wrong with elves, Mr. Elf-Hater?

ground your headcanon on technical errors more, its amusing

And then the world exploded due to Discord's meddling with an insatiable virus posessing alicorn, earth pony, pegasus, and unicorn magic.

Tirek would be pleased.

4506926 Who cares if it's a error so long as it makes sense. I made sense of it, so maybe it's not even a error. It might have been a small detail slipped in by the producers to tip us off. Harry Potter is just full of small details like that. Why not MLP?

Plus, try replying to the right comment next time, I was confused for a moment since Williams Syndrom has nothing to do with technical errors or head-cannon.

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