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Emerald Gleaner: Spirit of Dissent Progress Update · 3:56am October 17th

Chapter 8: The Great War - 30% Complete

Word Count: 6,000

Okay... so I feel like shit. I've got issues at work that has been stressing me out and my dog has been sick for several months before I've had to put her down and bury her. Not only that but I've ground down to a snail's pace on this chapter... sigh well at least I'm still making some progress.

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Honesty · 1:17am August 9th

Well it's been quite a long time since I did one of these and I think circumstances warrant it. Usually I talk about story and how it has developed but this time I'm just sticking to personal matters. This is regarding commenting and reviews and quite frankly, it's going to sound petty as all hell on my part so I apologize in advance. But before I get into the petty stuff let me explain something. Now I don't have a patreon and I don't have some kind of sponsor, I write because I enjoy coming

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The March of Canon · 12:34pm Dec 5th, 2015

Been a while since I made one of these. Been even longer since I started the Viral Unicorn series, and it's really beginning to show it's age isn't it? Just take a look at FiM canon to know the truth of that statement. For instance the mental image of stereotypical Knights who hold honor and chivalry in the highest degree, proud Princes and formidable citadels atop mountains is a bit of a far cry from how Griffins are in FiM. Then there are those alternate timelines from the season finales. I

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Tvtropes Page · 10:35pm Oct 18th, 2014

A wonderful person by the name of wille179 decided to go make this story a Tvtropes page. It's still early in it's creation and thus doesn't have much of the way of content just yet. But if anyone wishes to give him a hand in adding tropes the page is right there! :twilightsmile:

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Ask Blog · 6:43pm Sep 14th, 2014

It is made!

Ask Emerald Gleaner

You all can ask anything at all, just click on the three bars in the corner to get to the ask page. It can be any question, from how she thinks and feels about certain people to more details about her time pretending to be a prostitute to murder someone and frame an innocent for the act. I've even allowed anonymous questions too... time will tell if that was a smart move on my part :derpytongue2:

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Erika Gefallen Progress Update · 2:01am May 26th, 2014

And that is Chapter 5 rewritten, and this chapter comes with big news. I'm planning to scrap the rest of this story save for the chapters I've already rewritten. While I was rewriting chapter I just started to realize I went in the absolutely wrong direction regarding the story. So I made the surprisingly easy decision to just scrap everything after the rewritten chapter 5 and go in an entirely different direction. Now I won't be posting any new chapters here in actuality, I'll be taking down

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Hilariously Terrible · 6:50pm May 11th, 2014

I know you all are waiting patiently and in some cases impatiently but I just had to share with all of you something I just recently discovered. It's a search engine called Gizoogle, it's like google but it makes the text... different to say the least.

Here, try reading my story through it

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A Long Way · 2:05am Oct 15th, 2013

Wow it's been a quite a few months since the very first chapter of OOTO hasn't it? And Oskar has come far as a character, when he first arrived here in Equestria all Oskar cared for was his own advancement and personal safety. And now, now he is endangering that personal advancement and safety for others. He could have taken the easy path and ate Twilight for her knowledge and magic but he didn't, instead he took the long road. He could've kept his silence and stayed behind the scenes during

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Oskar Osäker Rambling · 3:36am May 13th, 2013

I get complimented every once in a while for managing to make an OC that is a believable person. The way most of them get worded makes me think that this was a noteworthy accomplishment. I didn't even know it was that hard to do to tell the truth.

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What if · 2:32am Jan 28th, 2013

Has anyone ever thought of a crossover like this?

The King of Nightmares VS the Mare of Dreams

I don't even know what to think about this!

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