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[Prototype2] / MLP:FIM crossover

Not all of Alex Mercer's "Evolved" were loyal psychopaths. Some were simply desperate people who Alex thought he could easilly control once he infected them with the "Mercer Virus". However Alex was never one for fool proof plans as he quickly finds out when only a handful of his Evolved army show up at that fateful final battle between him and Heller. Oskar was one of the many of dozens of Evolved that stood by and watched as Alex was consumed and now he finds himself in a strange cutesy land filled with talking ponies. Can this viral being find peace in Equestria or will his need to be secure get in the way?

Warning: No editor so a few grammar errors can be expected :S hopefully nothing jarring though

A big thank you to EvilBob for the picture and to Fluttershade5300 for doing some post release editing for me

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*cracks fingers*
Let's do this!

Not even twenty four hours and this story already has so much attention compared to what my other one got in the same amount of time :applejackconfused:

Meh, goes to show what people prefer.

Great story so far, I just want to mention that there are some sentences in the story that aren't quite complete. It's mainly just the sentence missing a word or two, it doesn't make it unreadable it just interrupts the flow a bit.

Hope to see chapter two soon :twilightsmile:

2079875 Yeah sorry about that :twilightsheepish:

Like the warning for this said I don't have an editor for this so I don't have any quality control. I'll see if I can pop in a few fixes next time I read through it though.

The thing about no having an editor though means as long as my creative energys are flowing then I can probably pump out chapters for this reletively quickly, if I'm not focusing on Erika Gefallen: Atlantean Unicorn that is.

Speaking of chapters... I already have the second one pretty much planned out, I'll see if I can get it out quickly. No promises though! :derpytongue2:

Hello people! :pinkiehappy:

I'm just wondering if there is a Beta with a lot of free time on his or her hands that would like to take a look at my chapters before I post them. I really must insist on the "free time" part though, the guys who beta my other story are great but they really don't have that much time to spare, so chapters tend to get delayed.

Hope somebody notices this! :twilightsheepish:

story abount common neutral evil guy is the best story

2085555 What makes you say that?

Good story, but one thing. Separate your paragraphs. Even with the indents, it still looks like a wall of text.

Actually pretty good. The episode where they talk about Fluttershy's Stare and the Cockatrice. Would make it kinda funny if he was the Cockatrice at the moment (Turning Twilight to stone only by accident with learning the stone stare of a cockatrice). There are plenty of creatures within the Everfree that he could absorb to some degree and take their form (the Timberwolves would be out of the question since they are animated wood and not really much on flesh and blood).

2098520 The thing about Oskar is that unlike Alex Mercer, James Heller or even the other Evolved, he tries to fight and think like a virus.


Everyone one else was too busy fighting and thinking like humans, this is actually why he had "won" that fight the Black Watch Evolved, he was fighting like a human, Oskar was fighting like the extremely deadly viral life form that he was. And from what everyone knows about Ebola or even Antrax, you are NOT supposed to put those in your body... unless you want to die horrifcally that is.

2098824 True I figured that much out. The thought was there is still so much that could catch him off guard and what the Stare is would be one of em at least temporarily anyway.

2099420 Absolutely true and I've even shown that with how surprised Oskar was with the Elements of Harmony. You're also right with Oskar getting blindsided by the stare, but as with all situations he encounters Oskar will apply at least one of the four rules...


True with the rules but at some point he will need to figure out what his new ultimate goal is. Even a virus within the body has a goal of some sort and normally that goal isn't really to kill the host but to change it to better suit it's purpose. I wonder if we are going to see that Evolved ponies and such. I can also see him killing mass amounts of Diamond Dogs and subverting the rest at some point.

2102212 Even now in Equestria Oskar's ultimate goal has not changed. What that goal is? Well I've provided hints even this early on in the story but it is practically spelled out in the synopses.

As with the Diamond Dogs... well that is an interesting prediction you have there! And I'll let you know that I do plan out my stories in advance so I do know where exactly I want to take this, just telling you this so that you know the chances of this being abandoned are very low, provided I don't die an unexpected death.

Such great input I'm getting I really ought to put more effort into finishing the next chapter. I'm almost done working on the forth scene before working on the fifth and final scene. Which will even end on Twilight writing a friendship report to Celestia based on a friend that very recently died!

Oops, spoilers! :trollestia: Heh heh heh...

.....Well its gonig to get hell of a bit awkward when Oskar comes back eh?

This is the third or fourth story I've read today with an unexpected twist.

Either I'm getting rusty or story quality overall is going up.

2109435 Yep! It'll be like...

Oskar: Hi GUISE! :pinkiehappy:
Twilight: OMG I thought you were dead :fluttercry:
Oskar: Eh, I got better :derpytongue2:
Everypony Else: :facehoof:

But in all seriousness there will definitely be some awkward questions that Oskar will have to handle with care lest he seem suspicious.

2109481 Thank you but personally I see any work I manage as average or just above at best. :applejackunsure:

Oh dam you did compare luna to hitler thats a dick move but..........it dont matter cuz this was witten vary we'll and that gets you a free pass in my book keep em coming

2109633>>210943. Just a bit and something i look fowrd to.reading

2109647 That's the problem with writing people in character. when they do or say something that makes you cringe you don't really have a choice but to write it anyway because... that's in character for them...

Besides, see it from Oskar's perspective without the knowledge from MLP:FIM and not at all being affected by the cuteness of all the ponies. Personally I don't like what Oskar said, like I said I'm a Luna fan. I mean seriously look at her!


She is the best! Long live the night!

2109705>>2109705ooh sweet jesus that pic i can't but say yes to any thing see ask, she is as bad ass the cmc using there cuteness as a wmd

So much power oh the possibilities hidden defender conquerer hero villain neutral I'm curious so curious.

loving it so far... all my feels for this chapter, hope you update soon.
Im confused about the gender now, is oskar a male or female?

2109867 Oskar is a Blacklight being. I would say he would be better classified as an "IT" but that is a little too impersonal. His gender is whatever he wants to be. So if he is "Emerald Gleaner" then he is a she as well as any other female form, if he is in his default form or any other male form then he is a "he".

Get it?

lol yeah i thought as much, thx

2109840 That's the real point of the story!

What will a man who did anything to survive under the rule of a sociopath do in this place of peace? Will he take advantage of the fact the sociopath is not there to make him do things anymore? Or will he let that dark past taint his future in this bright, happy and peaceful world?

You just never know...

Technically she would be worse than Hitler if the she was going to have eternal night, which would kill everything on the planet (aside from cave dwelling creatures that never see the light of day to begin with.).

2110183 I had actually thought of mentioning that but... meh, conservation of detail and all :derpytongue2:

The cave dwelling creatures I mean, I don't think I would survive the backlash of Oskar calling Luna worse then Hitler...

2110241You would... you would just need a flame shield or something.

It makes me wonder, if one of the ponies were able to get even a shred of his memories (more specifically one about mercer), how would he react to an illusion that looked like Mercer?

Well... his return is certainly going to be awkward, isn't it? Keep up the great work, mate.

2110900 It depends on when it happens really. Right now, he is very afraid of a direct confrontation with Alex Mercer but later... you never know...

2113838 I assume right now he would sort of freak out over it... and the pony casting the illusion in question would likely die after they go all "Sup bro, it wasn't real I was just screwing with your mind".

2109522 ...Btw When's the next chapter? o3o

2113907 ARRGH, KISSY FACE!! WHY?!!? :fluttershbad:


Seriously though I only just posted the second chapter yesterday! Buuuut, tell you what... I'll see if I can do another chapter in another weeks time. No promises though! In all likely hood it would end up taking longer then a week... maybe by a day or so...

2113907 Also! When I do get started on the chapter I'll be posting blogs that specifically show its current completion!

This! This right here is amazing! It will break through heaven and beyond with its mighty plot!!

My picture fit so perfect for my comment .

I just hope he doesn't slowly turn into a *ahem* pansy.

2122015 Really I currently see four ways things could work out

Mutualism: Oskar eventually grows to trust people again and does so with the Mane Six, leading him onto a path of peace and restfulness (Yuck :fluttershbad:)

Commensalism: Oskar never grows to truly trust people but learns to enjoy life as Emerald Gleaner while also living as he pleases in other lands and the wilds as the Virus he is (Meh :applejackunsure:)

Parasitism: Oskar uses his unplanned friendship with Twilight to full manipulative effect, eventually after hunting vast swathes of skilled magic users he comes into conflict with Twilight's friends who have grown ever suspicious of him. Oskar is exposed and leads him to conflict with the Mane Six and the princesses, VIOLENCE ensures. (Heh heh heh :pinkiehappy:)

Amensalism: Oskar becomes the sociopath that tormented him so and Equestria is CONSUMED IN AN UNSTOPPABLE VIRAL WAVE (YES! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! :flutterrage:)

These are four ways I could see things happening but... maybe something else will happen you'll be surprised? Maybe I'm just saying these things to throw you off the trail... you never know...

My foreshadowing sense is tingling!
Hum... I sense... A combination of options 2, 3 and 4!

Oh and you're doing it wrong. Let me enlighten you.



Gods damn it all! I demand another chapter :flutterrage: 'if that's okay with you'.

I despise cliffhangers. The first chapter was a tid bit strange, but this chapter was amazing. Any idea when this might continue?

P.S. I absolutely love the fact that she thinks "Emerald" is dead, the clearing, blood emotions, the letter was particularly touching, then Celestia popping in? Beautiful

P.S.S What does P.S. mean?

2137182 The more I practice my writing the more I begin to think I actually have some skill with drama! :twilightblush:

When you say the first chapter was strange you are talking about the scene on the Astral Lords, correct?

Whelp this is the second great inspiring review I have received today, better good off my lazy butt and get to work! :rainbowdetermined2:

Also! AHEM... P.S or Post Script. It's from a latin word, "post scriptum" that means "written after". P.P.S and so forth is the same thing, just "post-postscript" and so on. -Source Yahoo Answers

2138100 Sorry long response time, just got home.

Looking at your other works, the dates and whatnot I have to agree that the writing undoubtedly improves

The Astral Lords do confuse me only because I have my own view on the Aether, Astral, etc.... So I when I see the words used in a context I'm not familiar with 'fiction or not' I get rather... out of sorts...

It just struck me as odd as well as the 'Astral Lords' 'viewing' the other universes.

2138198 Heh, I only answered a few minutes ago.

As to the oddity of the Astral name... notice the Astral Lord and Lady's names? Notice what the brief glimpse of the Multi-verse looks like in the chapter one?

Why wouldn't lords and ladies look upon their domains?

Reason for everything my friend... :ajsmug:

I have 3 questions, when is the next chapter coming? second is there going to be derpy? and, third, is Oskar going to have an ultimate showdown with someone?

2140916 I'm currently working on it, I'll be posting blogs detailing the completion with every scene I finish. :twilightsmile:

Currently Derpy IS going to get a part in the chapter I have planned... unforturnetly it is only a small part... :fluttershysad:

Is Oskar going to have a Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny?

... Why yes... Yes he is... heh heh heh...

I'm just gonna ask this... Why is the title named Oskar Unsure? Mainly because "Osäker" means Unsure in my language.

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