• Published 5th Feb 2013
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Oskar Osäker: True Omnivore - Legionary

[Prototype 2]/MLP crossover. One of Alex Mercer's Evolved gets sent to Equestria, stricken with an obsession with security, can this untrusting being ever find peace if he does not allow himself to?

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Chapter 9: Outbreak

Clifford whimpered as he stared down at his right arm, his hand over his own eyes but fingers spread out just enough for him to look between them.

Oskar hummed in thought as dozens of tendrils trailed off his form and into Clifford’s arm. The Diamond Dog’s arm was broken in well over a hundred places and almost none of them were clean breaks, plus the act of being used as a flail had cause many, many bone fragments to be buried in other areas of the arm. All and all it was much easier to just break down that arm and build Clifford a new one rather than try to reverse the damage done.

The virus had injected a numbing agent before severing all the nerves in the arm and getting to work on breaking down the arm and growing it anew. It wasn’t difficult at all really; the real tricky part was making sure to remove all signs of the Blacklight virus from the cells of the newly made arm before reconnecting all the various cells. It wasn’t too much of a hard task, just something needed to be done carefully because all it would take was one missed cell to infect Clifford with the virus.

So Oskar worked on the arm, his mind beginning to wonder as the monotony of the task flowed over him.

Yesterday he and Twilight had done a lot of research on the gem he had found. He had found its name, Storm Sapphires, but other than that he did not learn much beyond what he already knew. He already know about its ability to turn excess magic into electricity and did learn that it worked in reverse as well, he also found out with certainty what caused the gem to be grown within him, the power of a magical storm. Storm infused with magic and their lightning bolts striking the ground are capable of causing the gems to form. Most of the time only frail shards form but rarely a gem would fully form from a lightning strike.

Overall the properties of the gem had set Oskar’s mind awhirl with possibilities, nothing concrete yet but if the gem could be harnessed Objective Four would be much easier to accomplish.

Examining the very last cell in the arm he was constructing Oskar concluded Clifford was safe from viral infection and began connecting the arm. Veins, arteries, nerves and all the cells were spliced together, something that would have taken the most advanced surgery techniques and still wouldn’t have restored full use if done conventionally. But Oskar had the advantage of being able to control his viral body on the cellular level, so he was completely able to connect the arm in such a way it looked like it had never been separate.

Clifford gasped in shock as he suddenly felt his right arm again. The Diamond Dog moved his arm around tentatively, utterly surprised at the sure lack of pain he felt. He then turned to thank his new boss for fixing his arm but saw that he was already out of the room.

Oskar closed the door as he left the shack in which he performed surgery on Clifford. He was back in the DD village and all around him was the members of the pack of Dogs he had brutally attacked, all still moving around their limbs surprised at being restored to perfect health so soon after suffering severe injuries.

Oskar made his way through the village, dogs he walked near quickly giving him space and shooting him nervous, fearful looks. The virus’ mouth twitched into a frown as he spotted this behavior but ignored it and continued on his way to the large makeshift building that was the “Town Center” of the village.

Entering the building Oskar saw a bunch of large dogs along with Spot, Rover and Fido around a large shoddy table. Rightly assuming they were the prominent Alphas of the Diamond Dog packs Oskar approached and table and gained the attention of the large dogs.

“This who kill Nidhogg.” Stated a disbelieving tall and lean Greyhound DD. “Not look like much…”

Oskar came to a stop and stared at the DD Alpha. The virus wasn’t frowning or looking threatening in the least, but he stared at the DD with dark eyes. The Greyhound DD stared back defiantly but soon began frowning and averted his eyes away after a moment longer. Shooting an annoyed look at the Alpha Oskar continued forward and came to a stop beside the table.

“You all should know who I am.” Oskar stated and continued when he got nods from everyone. “Now I want numbers, what is the current population count of the Diamond Dogs under my command?”

“Eight thousand of us roam these tunnels.” A Husky Diamond Dog said, ignoring a soft scoff from somewhere behind him.

“More in pony prison.” Fido added in a soft rumble. “Two thousand… I think.”

“Hmm… if there are so many in a prison why didn’t any of them tell Celestia about Nidhogg?” Oskar asked.

“Would you betray large, plasma breathing, dog eating, extremely tough dragon if Diamond Dog?” The Husky said rhetorically.

“Point.” Oskar said with an understanding nod. “Hmm… speaking of which, what was your population before Nidhogg arrived?”

“Only me and other Elders… able to answer that.” An aged voice said with a soft sickly cough that also had an inexplicable Italian accent.

The DD Alphas stepped aside to let Oskar see who had spoken. It was an old Diamond Dog who may have been a bulldog like Fido but his heavily wrinkled skin and missing patches of fur made it difficult to know for sure. He was holding a finely crafted metal cane that contrasted sharply with the makeshift surroundings and didn’t seem capable of standing without it judging on how much he was leaning on it. There was also another Diamond Dog standing beside him, wearing a light blue buttoned up vest, that appeared to be the same breed as Rover but it's softer features showed it was female unlike mentioned DD. She was holding a heavily patched blanket around the old Diamond Dog’s shoulder and shooting Oskar nervous looks.

“So…” Oskar began, staring curiously at the old Diamond Dog. “How many of you were there before Nidhogg took over?”

“Before Nidhogg… we million strong!” The old DD said, energy filling his voice only to be ruined by the small coughing fit he had afterwards. “… Then Dragon come… he breath death on great city… army useless before him. Dogs panic, running in fear into tunnels… some fall in panic… get trampled by own… Dogs scatter into tunnels. Run to far corners of Equestria, some run further, take boat off to lands across waters…” The old DD looked like he wanted to say more but a far more serious sounding coughing fit suddenly struck him and the worried female DD quickly lead him away.

Oskar watches the old DD and the female leave with a contemplative frown on his face for a moment before turning back towards the DD Alphas.

“What is the name of the… wait, give me a moment.” Oskar said and began searching through Silver Light’s memories for a prison holding over two thousand Diamond Dogs. After a moment a completely deadpan expression appeared on Oskar’s features. “… It’s Alcoltraz isn’t it?”

“Yeah, biggest prison in Equestria.” The Husky said with a nod.

“Only prison in Equestria.” The Greyhound added, getting a sour look from the Husky DD.

‘What’s with ponies and their need to give punny names to places?’ The virus thought with annoyance. ‘Manehattan, Fillydelphia, Trottingham, Vanhoover, Las Pegasus, seriously who thought these were good names?’

“I’m going to break in that prison and free all the Diamond Dogs there.” Oskar stated, immediately gaining the attention of everyone in the room. “It will not be a simple thing to do though, some planning and preparation is needed if we intend to do this right.”

“We?” The Greyhound Alpha said with a dubious look.

“Yes we.” Oskar replied sharply. “Of course if you are fine with your own people being held in a prison then by all means, don’t participate.”

This caused the Husky to chuckle and sneer nastily at the Greyhound, who frowned and turned his head away sullenly.

“Hehehe, what you need from Bluno Boss!” The Husky Alpha said, pointing a paw at himself.

“I need you and your fellows to get together a group of you stealthiest dogs together.” Oskar replied, the corners of his mouth twitching up into a smile. “Then I want the prison to be scouted, patrol patterns and guard numbers. I don’t expect much, just as best as they can do without being spotted from outside the prison.”

“You got it Boss.” Bluno said with a smile.

“Me for my part, I’ll be off to Canterlot’s City Hall.” Oskar began. “I have an idea for how to make the prison break far easier but I’ll need the blueprints for the prison first.”

“Right I’ll be back in a few days.” Oskar continued. “We’ll start planning in earnest once the foundations for it are in place, see you all then.”

With that Oskar disappeared in a blood red flash, leaving the Alphas to converse amongst themselves and plan how to accomplish their own objective.


“More light!” Rarity demanded. “It has to catch the sequence just so or the whole outfit is a disaster!”

It was a little later in the day and Oskar was now back in Ponyville, Rarity’s boutique to be specific sitting on said unicorn’s favorite couch. The Evolved was basically waiting for night to fall so she could sneak into City Hall when it was empty and mostly unguarded. She had intended to spend the day just reading and improving on her magic but Rarity needed help to impress some important pony and so asked a few of her friends to come over. Though she would have rather to just stay at the library Oskar felt she needed to make an appearance for Rarity’s sake, even if all she intended to be was moral support while she studied.

Oskar looked up from the book on teleportation she was reading as Twilight followed through on Rarity’s command to brighten the room. It appeared that while she was busy studying on how to refine her teleportation control Rarity had dressed up Fluttershy in some outfit that made the virus think of show girls and Las Vegas.

“Pinkie Pie!” Rarity suddenly shouted. “More feathers!”

Pinkie Pie trotted forward happily holding a basket full of the feathers Rarity had asked for. Rarity then levitated five pink feathers up and into Flutterhshy’s head dress… which seemed to make no difference at all but that was just Oskar’s opinion.

“And sequins!” Rarity shouted, looking horrified at having missed something that Fluttershy needed so “obviously”. “More sequins!”

Spike came forward holding the basket of sparkling sequins, nearly skipping and looking like there was hearts in his eyes. Magically taking the sequins Rarity then sent it at Fluttershy who whimpered at the impact and made the already sparkly outfit she was wearing shine even more.

“And more ribbon!”

Once again Spike was quick to obey and was already atop Fluttershy’s back holding two ribbons, which he then quickly attached to her headdress, flashing Rarity a dopy smile the entire time.

“Oh no, less ribbon.”

Oskar rolled her eyes as Spike quickly obeyed and turned her attention back to her book. Rarity tended to get worked up when it came to big names in the fashion industry though she did have a good reason for it admittedly, as one good word from such people would do wonders for her career. But unlike last time the others weren’t offering their opinion on fashion and were leaving it all to Rarity so really Oskar saw no need to be anything other than moral support.

The virus ignored the scene Rarity was making and continued where she left off on the paragraph about teleport accuracy. It was the sole thing that was wrong with her teleportation really, range was a strength issue and she had that in spades, Charge up time was something she could improve on as well as it was very clear what she intended to do when the magic began to glow and envelop her form but it wasn’t as prominent an issue as accuracy. So she was reading up on some tips and practice lessons to improve her accuracy. It… wasn’t too much help, the lessons were basically just keep teleporting until you improved and the tips were not to do stuff like purposefully teleport inside of walls, again some pretty common sense stuff. Though it did give Oskar an idea, instead of walking she would teleport everywhere until it was as easy as walking was and when that happened… well she would think of something else to do.

“You know…” Oskar heard Spike began and looked up, arching an eyebrow when she saw him with a bunch of pins stuck in his rear. “Maybe you could… you know, help a little?”

“I am helping.” Oskar replied absently, turning her attention back to her book while raising her hoof. “I’m the moral support, yay go team go yay, see?” She ‘cheered’ dully.

“Fine.” Spike huffed and walked off, the pins in his rear bobbing with his movements.

Oskar began to focus on her reading but was again interrupted when the door opened and in walked in the pony everyone was preparing for, although it wasn’t her arrival that attracted Oskar’s attention but her mode of speech.

“I! Photo Finish... have arrived!” The fashion said dramatically, her strangely attired aides flanking her/

‘Ugh she speaks in third person, what the hell!’ Oskar thought in annoyance as Photo Finish completely ignored Rarity’s greeting and moving into position to take Flutterhshy’s picture. ‘What’s up with all the people speaking in third person all of the sudden?! What, normal speech too mainstream?’

“We begin… NOW!” Photo Finish announced grandly as one of her aides quickly set up her camera for her.

Oskar watched in some interest along with increasing amusement as the scene unfolded before her. Rarity would silently advise Fluttershy to take poses that had “Attitude and Pizzazz” by miming them and the shy pegasus would copy, only for Photo to shoot them down instantly and take an immediate liking to Fluttershy’s downtrodden look whenever that happened.

“ENOUGH!” The famous fashion photographer shouted suddenly after taking only six pictures.

Oskar blinked in surprise as she watched Photo and her aides rapidly pack up before walking out the front door. The virus was smiling before but that was when things were looking up for Rarity… she wasn’t smiling now.

“I’m so sorry… I tried my best…” Fluttershy said sadly, fully believing she was at fault for Photo Finish just taking off like that.

“Well the headdress is too big for you and the cape had too much sparkle…” Rarity said half-heartedly. “I can’t believe I thought I could impress her.”

“It seems that I Photo Finish have found the next fashion star here in Ponyville.” Photo Finish stated, having suddenly darted back into the boutique after leaving for seemingly no reason. The aides just looked as stone faced as ever, apparently this sort of thing was routine.

“REALLY!?” Rarity said excitedly, her eyes sparkling in delight.

“YES, really.” Photo said, sounding like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “And I… Photo Finish! Am going to help her shine, all over Equestria!”

“Tomorrow a photo shoot in the park.” Photo commanded, standing almost at attention towards the door. “We… hmm? My, what do we have here?”

“You there! Tell Photo Finish your name.”

“Huh?” Oskar blinked and looked up from her, which she had redirected her attention when Photo Finish returned and made it obvious to her she was just the sort to cause a scene with her every movement. “Are you talking to me?”

“Yes, yes, now your name?” The Photographer asked again with some impatience.

“…Emerald Gleaner.” Oskar said after a moment.

“Ah, hmm…” Photo Finish tilted her head in thought then suddenly shouted. “YOU must be at the shoot as well! NOW we go!”

“Wait what do you wan…” Oskar began but trailed off as Photo Finish and her aides darted out the door. “And she’s gone.”

“Did you hear that!” Rarity said excitedly. “I am going to shine all over Equestria!”

“Oh Rarity, I was so worried I ruined everything!” Fluttershy said in distress.

“Oh never!” Rarity reassured her demure model. “I know you’d be perfect.”

“What I want to know is why she wanted Emerald to be there?” Twilight asked aloud.

“Oh that’s right!” Rarity said happily. “Emerald dear she gave you permission to be at the shoot! This is utterly fabulous! It will be so much fun with the three of us there!”

“I don’t think Photo Finish intends for Emerald to just sit and watch from the way she said for her to be there.” Twilight said.

“Oh then what possible reason could a mare like Photo Finish want Emerald there?” Rarity asked. “Having an audience of any size isn’t exactly the kind of thing you have for a photo shoot of all things now that I think about it…”

“Maybe she wants Emmy to model too?” Pinkie offered.

“Oh now that is just silly Pinkie darling.” Rarity replied. “If Photo Finish intended for Emerald to be a model then she would
have taken pictures of her as well!”

“Well there is only one way to know for sure.” Twilight stated. “Be at the photo shoot tomorrow.”

“Oh we won’t miss it for the world!” Rarity said happily and turned to the virus. “Right Emerald dear?”

“… Of course.” The Evolved agreed after a moment. Honestly she was all for snubbing the command the famed photographer had given her but Rarity WAS looking forward to having her be there…

‘Darn… having friends can be double edged…’ Oskar thought as she watched Rarity be suddenly overtaken by excitement for the future. ‘Oh well… I can always just do my studying outdoors.’


Oskar stood on the ledge of a building, it was night and the moon shone overhead.

It was night of the same day and Oskar was now in Canterlot, staring across the street at a large several story building that was the Canterlot City Hall. Oskar was in the form of a random pony from the streets of Canterlot so that he wasn’t too eye catching if someone spotted him.

The virus turned away from the ledge and walked towards the heart of the building roof.

‘That’s the building.’ Oskar thought. ‘I need to get inside and into the archives where the blueprints are. Now obviously since this is a federal building there is going to be some night guards on patrol in those halls. Hmm… it would be useful if I had a form with hands though it would be very conspicuous if I was spotted… hmm, a trade off but hands are useful now let’s see here…’

Black and red tendrils erupted from Oskar’s form and in a moment he was a writhing shapeless mass. This continued for a few moments and suddenly tendrils erupted forth and weaved themselves into a humanoid silhouette. Details began to form, a long gilded coat, tattered and it’s once dark blue color faded into a grayish blue with a hard leather vest like cuirass worn over the coat. Bare legs covered in silvery gray fur and ending paw like feet very much like a dog’s, a pair of hands that was like paws as well but had agile fingers ending in short natural claws. A vulpine head with a short snout, icy blue eyes and two triangular eyes that stood up on the top of the head, and finally one long brush like tail stuck out between the threadbare coattails and ended with a white tip.

Oskar examined his new form. It was reminiscent of the DDs but instead of a Diamond Dog he was more of a Diamond Fox. Also instead of the short stubby lower legs and strong large forelimbs his legs longer and less frail looking, while his arms were shorter and weaker looking then a Diamond Dog’s. Overall his body almost had the body proportions of a human form, other than the fox head the obviously canine legs and long fluffy tail.

Moving his limbs experimentally and twitching his new long tail Oskar moved forwards back to the ledge of the building. Narrowing his now icy blue eyes as he studied the darks windows of the City Hall Oskar then concentrated on his magic, small claws glowing blue with magical auras.

With a flash of blue light Oskar appeared in the empty office of a city official on the second floor. The virus made his way over to the door and slowly opened the door into the dark hallway and glanced out. With his viral eyes Oskar was fully capable of seeing in even the darkest night, the lights might as well have been on with how illuminated the hallway was to Oskar.

Exiting the room and softly closing the door behind him, the virus’ ears twitched as they picked up echoes of the hooves of the night guards on patrol. Oskar moved through the hall, carefully monitoring the sounds of the guards walking and making a mental map of the local area from echolocation.

Oskar frowned as he padded down the halls, he didn’t know the layout of the building so it was likely he would only find the archives through chance alone. The idea of simply ambushing some random guard and consuming him came up, only for the Evolved to frown deeper and shake his head clear, it wasn’t a very viable option and the idea of killing someone just to know the layout of a building left a foul taste in his mouth.

Eventually Oskar found himself looking down a hall leading to the area looking over the lobby. He was about to dart down when he suddenly froze. The virus quickly moved to the nearest door and turned the knob only for it to rattle slightly, locked. Oskar extended a small tendril from his hand and into the knob’s lock as a light slowly appeared from around the corner. A soft click came from the door’s lock and Oskar quickly opened the door and closed it softly behind him, a few seconds later a bored looking unicorn security guard with a light spell emitting from his horn appeared in the hall. She walked down the hall humming softly as she gave her surrounding a brief scan. With her passage down the hall and around the corner Oskar opened the door and quickly darted down the opposite direction.

The virus found himself looking over the lobby. The marble floor stretched before the front doors, a styled sun etched into the surface and colored with yellow dyed tiles. The large circular front desk was a short distance and had a security guard seated there, behind him was a large fountain with a beautifully carved earth pony statue holding up an urn that would obviously be pouring water into the fountain, but appeared to be now turned off. But what attracted Oskar’s attention most was the large ‘you are here’ map of the building over to the side of the lobby.

Carefully maneuvering around the second floor, keeping a close eye on the guard below who happened to be putting all his attention on a magazine which had Hoity Toity largely featured on one of the pages he was on. The virus leaned against the marble banisters of the second floor and strained his eyes, managing to zoom in with natural binocular sight to see the map clearly. He needed only one clear glance and got one, quickly moving away and down to the opposite end of the lobby.

Reaching the opposite end and safely out of the possible line of sight of the guard at the desk, Oskar leapt over the banister and pushed his pegasus magic to its utter limit. Landing with feather light grace Oskar darted down a hall, completely unheard and unseen as the guard turned a page.

Moving rapidly and silently through the halls Oskar kept an ear to the sounds of the guards moving, keeping their positions close in mind. Coming to a stop the virus fell into crouch near a corner and peeked around.

A light shone overhead a door with a scene marked ‘Archives’ and next to that door was a guard wearing a cap sitting in a chair, his legs crossed as he read from a newspaper titled ‘Famed Photographer Seeks New Talent!’ with a picture of Photo Finish.

The virus frowned as he pondered ways of getting in there.

The guard looked up when he heard the flutter of cloth in the wind and his eyes widened when he saw Oskar racing towards him. The guard barely had enough time to let out a choked gasp as he was lifted from his seat and held against the wall, his assailant’s forearm pressing down on his windpipe and right clawed hand gripping down tightly on his throat.

Tendrils extended from Oskar’s palm and stabbed into the neck of the guard who could only let out a choked gurgle from the small stinging sensations. Chemicals pumped through the tendrils and into the bloodstream of the guard, their spread aided by being injected in an artery and the heart beating rapidly. In a few seconds the guard slackened, eyes closing as he was forced into sleep.

Quickly and softly placing the guard back on his seat, Oskar posed him just so that it looked he fell asleep on the job. Pulling the guards hat over his eyes for extra effect Oskar then moved to the door, quickly picked the lock with a tendril and went in.

The virus closed and locked the door as he entered the room. The room was dark but Oskar could see, and saw a long three story tall room with file cabinets stretching all the way to the ceiling along the sides of the room.

‘Odd way of setting up a room like this...’ Oskar internally remarked, spotting the only means of reaching the higher drawers, a ladder. ‘Seems like only a pegasus or a unicorn could navigate this easily. Hmm… now where could the blueprints for Alcoltraz be? Wait… what’s this?’

Oskar walked over to a binder on the floor, left leaning against the side of a cabinet in the corner to his left. Taking up the
battered looking binder he opened it up and found a complicated set of diagrams on many pages. Flipping through it a few times and carefully scanning some pages Oskar concluded it was an index for the archives.

‘One person’s laziness is to my benefit.’ Oskar thought as he walked over to a set of cabinets. ‘Let’s see… there is only one prison for everyday criminals in Equestria, Tartarus is for special cases. So because of that prisons don’t really have their own section BUT they should be under federal buildings.’

Placing the binder on the floor Oskar looked up at the colossal cabinet and lowered his weight as much as he could before quickly climbing up via the handles.

Ascending up to the drawers around the third story Oskar stopped and opened up one beside him. Fishing around the files near the very front the virus then pulled out a set of blueprints. Using his magic to levitate the blue pieces in paper in the air Oskar quickly looked over each, taking advantage of his perfect memory. Once finished Oskar then replaced the plans back in the cabinet and closed the drawer.

Dropping down to the ground flow with an almost inaudible thud Oskar picked the binder back up and placed it back in the corner where he found it. Taking one last look around the room to make sure everything was as it was before he entered Oskar then gathered his magic and concentrated.

The virus appeared back outside on the roof he had started on with a light blue flash, he was a few feet above said roof and once he landed he quickly dropped to his stomach, Ears twitching for sounds of alarm. After a few moments Oskar rose up onto one of his knees, now sure no one had spotted the flash or any magical alarms had been tripped in City Hall, if they even had them.

‘Operation successful.’ Oskar thought. ‘Beginning extraction.’

With that Oskar disappeared with a light blue flash.


It was the late morning of the next day; Oskar was out in the park reading a book on advanced casting on Rarity’s favorite couch while said Unicorn was busy helping Fluttershy dress.

Oskar had completed her objective for upcoming planning of the prison break and was planning to wait one more day before going to see her Diamond Dogs. Truth be told the virus could have just done both parts herself, getting the blueprints and scouting out the prison. Hell, it was likely Oskar could have gotten into the prison to do a far better job than the Diamond Dogs could ever hope to do. But that wasn’t the point of why she had her Diamond Dogs do the scouting, it was important to get a handle on what her DDs could do and just how good they were at it. Plus it made a better impression on them if she gave them important jobs to do as well, it said that she was willing to rely on them and have them contribute to the planning process, rather than just having them around as dumb muscle for the violent parts. Overall this whole prison break plan was just to raise the morale of the Diamond Dogs and get them to see her as something more than just another tyrant, not to say her reasons were purely selfish she did actually want to get those DDs out of there, it was just that it had a ton of favorable after effects that she liked.

“Put me down here.” Oskar heard Photo Finish’s voice and looked up.

She blinked in surprise when she saw the famed photographer being carried on a pedestal by two pegasi, both of which were flaring out their wings. But it wasn’t the fact she was being carried that surprised her, no it was the sight of one of the pegasi carrying her that did it.

To the left of Photo Finish was the pegasus Oskar had dubbed “Time Turner with wings” back in Cloudsdale. The thing however was that she had thought she had imagined him in her drug addled state, it was kind of remarkable she wasn’t stumbling around drunkenly while she walking around Cloudsdale now that she thought about it…

It was at that moment the pegasus who bore a startling resemblance to Timer Turner noticed her. Giving a glance at Photo Finish who was currently talking about Fluttershy he then raised a hoof and waved hesitantly at Oskar. The virus blushed in embarrassment as she recalled the antics she got up to in Cloudsdale and waved back sheepishly. Strangely this caused the pegasus to blush and as well and smile warmly at her. He looked like he was about to get out from the pedestal Photo had stood on when said pony said something that immediately caught her attention.

“And the other model isn’t even in costume!” Photo Finish said in exasperatedly.

“Other model?” Rarity asked, freezing in place as she was looking through her rack of dresses. “What other model?”

“Why her of course!” Photo Finish pointed at Emerald, sounding like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Me?!” Oskar said incredulously. “I’m the other model? Why in the world would you want me as a model?”

“Ah it’s my talent you see!” Photo said matter of factly. “I Photo Finish not only know instinctively what would make a good picture but who would be the most photogenic! And Hoity Toity said nothing but positives about you, granted I had merely thought infatuation had biased him but now that I have gotten a look at you myself… I! PHOTO FINISH! Can safely say you would be PRIME model material!”

Oskar just frowned she didn’t want to be a model, after all such a job was VERY high exposure and there was pretty much a guarantee that at the very least thousands of people would know her face and name, and was about reject Photo’s offer when a thought occurred to her. Models had the potential to make a lot of money…

“Before I agree to anything…” Oskar began. “What would my wage be?”

“Oh it all depends on popularity in the end BUT you, both of you, would be sponsored by I!” Photo said dramatically. “I can promise that you will have an annual wage of at least eighty thousand bits.”

Oskar raised her brows as Fluttershy squeaked in astonishment, now very much interested.

“And that is only if your careers don’t immediately take off.” Photo said with a sly smile, seeing that she pretty much had at least one of her prospective models sold. “It will be much higher as you get corporate ad deals, even more so if you can get Hoity Toity’s endorsement which you will. He likes you Emerald, if you are a model in any fashion show I can guarantee he will make an appearance.” Photo finished, sounding pleased that Oskar had the affections of her equally prominent fashion celeb.

Oskar was more turned off by the idea that Hoity would be there but quickly ignored the feeling, this was a lucrative opportunity and would lead to even more wealth if she invested right.

“Well… you’ve got me sold.” Oskar said, closing her book and getting off Rarity’s couch. “What am I going to wear for the shoot?”

“Wonderful!” Photo Finish said and walked towards Oskar, briefly walking a circle around her. “Hmm… something like the nature but… a different aspect! Fluttershy, the serenity of plants suits her well but not you, you need something… untamed… wild… “

“Oh this is absolutely delightful Emerald!” Rarity exclaimed. “Both you and Fluttershy will be models! Now let’s see… I think I have something “wild” for Emerald to wear, just let me throw something together and-”

“Yes, your help will not be necessary.” Photo stated absently as she wondered just what kind of dress Emerald would need to wear.”

“But… how are you going to help me shine across Equestria if the models aren’t wearing my design?” Rarity asked in confusion.

“I am not going to help you shine across Equestria!” Photo replied before gesturing to both Fluttershy and Oskar. “I am going to help them shine, to think I had come here thinking I’d only have one star and I found two instead. NOW YOU! GO!”

Rarity looked utterly devastated as aides went to Fluttershy and pushed her off to get her into something else to wear. They tried doing the same to Oskar but the virus was completely unaffected by their pushing. She stared at Rarity with an upset expression before simply nudging the ponies off and going to Photo Finish.

“Look I know you have your own dresses but Rarity is a really good fashion designer.” Oskar said to the photographer. “She got rave reviews from Hoity Toity didn’t she? Wouldn’t it be best to have her along to do the costumes?”

Rarity looked so very hopeful at this and also deeply grateful towards Oskar but what Photo Finish said next dashed those hopes.

“I am in the business of modeling.” Photo said dismissively. “Hoity is all about the dress, while I am about the ponies wearing them! I can do with what I have.”

Oskar shot Rarity an apologetic look, unable to argue her case further. Rarity simply smiled an understanding though sad smile back at her.

The Aides came again and this time Oskar didn’t ignore their attempts to direct her away.

A little later Fluttershy was now in a really naturalistic dress that suited her though not as well as the one Rarity had made for her. Oskar was off being attended to by Photo Finish’s aides and the photographer herself was critiquing the dresses she was having her wear.

“I can’t Rarity.” Fluttershy said sadly.

“Oh but you must Fluttershy.” Rarity urged her with a somewhat forced smile. “Photo Finish wants to make you a star! This is the opportunity of a lifetime! I know we were both hoping it would be my lifetime… but nonetheless you can’t throw away this chance! You must do this for me! You must, you must, YOU MUST!”

“Ooooooh… I don’t know Rarity…” Fluttershy said hesitantly, looking back to see Photo Finish now had Oskar in something that reminded her of a tiger.

“I know the spotlight was never the place you are comfortable in Fluttershy.” Rarity said with a comforting smile. “But look at it this way dear, Emerald is a model as well now! She’ll be there beside you every step of the way.”

Rarity blinked and looked at Oskar. She had felt so proud when she had said “Emerald” was a model as well and found herself confused as to why. Deny it as she may when she thought of Fluttershy getting Photo Finish’s attention instead of her she felt a little jealous, but when she thought the same about “Emerald”… she felt proud for her accomplishment and not the least bit jealous.

“Oh… yeah th-that’s nice I suppose…” Fluttershy nervously murmured, retaining Rarity’s attention.

“Fluttershy whatever is the mat-” Rarity started.

“FLUTTERSHY!” Photo Finish shouted, gaining both mares’ attention. It appeared that she had finally picked out a dress she was satisfied with Emerald wearing as said fake unicorn was now wearing a dress that seemed largely tiger stripe patterned, though how Photo had managed to make it go well with the virus’ pink hair, white coat and green eyes they couldn’t tell. “It is time to make… THE MAGICS!”

Fluttershy turned back to look at Rarity who simply gave her an encouraging smile motioned her forward, she turned back and began walking after a small sigh.

“Oh VUNDABUH! You are like a delicate flower! So much more alluring without the sparkles and feathers.” Photo Finish complimented and turned towards her other model. “And you Emerald Gleaner. You are like the strong and untamed wild, a dangerous grace all in itself!”

“Fantastic…” Oskar said, “glad” to be compared to a dangerous wild beast.

“Oh I know!”


The sounds of branches snapping and the rustling of bushes filled Oskar’s ears. It was now the next day, the last having been spent first with Photo Finish and then with Twilight telling her about how miserable Rarity was over Photo snubbing her. Currently he was in his base form and being lead through a heavily forested area by some of the Diamond Dog Alphas.

“Follow this way boss.” Bluno said. “Nice hidey ridge looking over pony prison over here.”

A few moments later Bluno proved to be correct as the brush gave way to a scenic outlook over a massive prison. Oskar moved ahead to examine the prison in greater detail, he know what to expect from the blueprints but an actual view was more interesting. The prison of Alcoltraz had many, many cell blocks building, some of which were at least five stories tall and a perimeter wall that was at least sixty feet tall. There were many sectors, each was specialised for different species of prisoners. One sector had its yard covered by a large birdcage like dome, showing that it was for flying capable prisoners. Another had incredibly thick walls and floors that were disproportionately spaced between each other, obviously meant for larger species with immense strength. One sector immediately drawled Oskar’s attention though; this sector’s walls shined with metal plating and anywhere the prisoners would walk had its ground replaced with said metal plating. Flexing his ocular muscles Oskar’s zoomed in his vision and saw the occupants of this sector of the prison, Diamond Dogs. Oskar looked at the sector, he could tell from just looking at it that it had been heavily renovated and no longer totally fit the blueprints but hopefully the internal floor plan wasn’t as heavily altered, as that was what he was relying on for the plan he had concocted.

Turning away from the view Oskar saw that the Alphas had taken the chance to scratch out a rough outline of the prison in the dirt with many, many arrows drawn around and in the plan. Obviously this was the patrol routes of the prison guards but the virus could also see that they scratched down exactly when the patrols changed shifts as well. Taking the time to examine the
plotted out patrol patterns Oskar then turned his attention to the Alphas.

“Good job all of you.” Oskar complimented, genuinely impressed they noted the shift change though it wasn’t necessary for what he had in mind. “Now here is what I have in mind. This sector here is where they are holding the other Diamond Dogs, it’s covered in metal plating and I believe it may have reinforced concrete under that in order to keep the prisoner Diamond Dogs in.”

“We able to dig that.” The Greyhound Alpha stated with a dismissive sniff. “… Would hurt paws lots though.”

“Really?” Oskar said in interest. “That is actually quite useful to know. Hmm… anyway my plan needs a tunnel to be dug into that sector but we don’t need to dig through the reinforced floor, I already have something in mind for that. Of course digging the tunnel would be dangerous as they’ll no doubt be on the lookout for the sounds of digging, so we’ll need to dig it slowly and carefully. Now if we just did this and dug a hole into the sector with all the Diamond Dogs we would still need to break open the cells but also deal with what would likely be the entire prison guard staff. So before the timed breaching into the sector I will sneak into the prison and make my way into its very heart. There I will be find it’s control room which will contain the mechanism that controls every single door in the entire complex. So I plan to open every single cell in the entire prison. This will be more than sufficient to allow us to free every single Diamond Dog in the prison without too much resistance. When I have done that I’ll make my way to where the breach will be, likely I may not make it back in time for when you breach though.”

“Why not breach when you open cells?” Bluno asked in confusion. “Why wait for after?”

“Because I don’t want the guards to immediately prioritise the Diamond Dog sector and I need the chaos to settle in for a bit so we can just meld into the background.” Oskar answered. “Which brings up something important, do you have a means of contacting the dogs in the prison? They will likely act up just like the rest of the prisoners and end up scattered all over the place, I want them informed of the plan so we can keep them all in one place and quickly evacuate them.”

“There is way to get letters in prison.” The Greyhound Alpha said. “Mates and pups who write or know dog who write can make messages and we sent them.”

‘That grammar is starting to annoy me.’ Oskar thought as he nodded. ‘I should teach them some proper pronunciation when I have time and the chance later.’

“We’ll send them a message about three hours before we breach the prison, which should be enough time for them to spread the message.” Oskar stated. “We’ll dig over a period of several days starting today, I’ll be leaving it to you for the first bit but as we near the prison I’ll be directing you so that we’ll breaching in the showers of the prison and not in the middle of a load supporting wall.”

“Everyone got the plan?” Oskar asked.

“Yeah boss!” Bluno answered enthusiastically. “This clear as crystal also much fun, more than pony napping and gem mining!”

“Good to hear, dismissed.” Oskar replied with a nod and then disappeared with a crimson flash.

The Alphas stayed in the location for a bit longer after that, scratching tunnel plans and rough maps of the area surrounding the prison in the ground for a while. Finally they too left sweeping away evidence of their presence before darting into the brush.


Fluttershy sighed as she stared at herself in the mirror. She was currently in the backstage dressing room of a catwalk, wearing this green and white dress with a voluminous skirt. Her hair wasn’t fixed up just yet nor was she wearing any make up, right now she was just enjoying what few minutes to herself she could enjoy before being dolled up by Photo Finish and her aides, then sent out to be scrutinized by a bunch of strange ponies she didn’t know.

“Do this for Rarity, do this for her.” Fluttershy said to herself, trying her best to calm herself but mostly failing.

“Looking a little tense there Fluttershy.” Emerald said, causing Fluttershy to tense up and release and little ‘Epp!’ “Whoa, it’s okay Fluttershy it’s all going to be alright. All you have to do is walk out there once; look pretty for the cameras then walk back, then walk back.”

Emerald was currently wearing a regal looking purple and red dress that suited her rather well. Dress styles like those tended to look rather well on Emerald like how more naturalistic dresses looked wonderful on Fluttershy. The both of them were going to head out onto the catwalk together as their respective dress styles contrasted nicely with each other.

“O-o-okay…” Fluttershy said nervously, shooting fearful glances at the dressed up unicorn. Ever since that moment in the Diamond Dog tunnels Fluttershy had developed a minor phobia concerning Emerald. She had been afraid of dragons but even then she hadn’t fainted in the face of one, something which Emerald had managed just by being angry. But she was a friend and it was wrong to be so scared of a friend you couldn’t be around them without being too afraid to say anything. No matter how much she told herself that though Fluttershy just couldn’t get over that memory of the terror she felt in the face of Emerald’s anger.

“Fluttershy… why are you afraid of me?” Emerald asked after a moment.

“Wha-what?! No I’m- I’m…” Fluttershy tried to deny but quietened when Emerald just stared at her. “… I’m sorry… I don’t mean to be afraid of you Emerald… it’s just… when we were in those Diamond Dog tunnels and you got angry… I’ve been around dangerous animals and living next to Everfree for years but when you got angry… that was the first time I ever felt like my life was in danger.”

Emerald was silent for a long moment before slowly closing in on Fluttershy and wrapping her in a hug. Fluttershy tensed unwillingly at the contact and felt even more horrible for doing that.

“Fluttershy…” Emerald began slowly, her voice thick with emotion. “I… I would never hurt you. You are… you are my f-friend. The last thing… the very last thing I want to do is to hurt you, I’d do a-anything to avoid it.”

Hearing the emotion in Emerald’s voice and remembering the talk she had with her other friends about her, Fluttershy calmed and returned the hug. The demure pegasus smiled as she felt her fear disappear and tightened her hug around Emerald.

“Fluttershy! Emerald!” Photo Finish shouted. “It’s time to apply the makeup!”

“It’s okay Fluttershy, I’ll be standing right beside you.” Emerald reassured when she heard Fluttershy release a small dejected sigh. And unlike before when Rarity said that the pegasus actually felt comforted this time.

Giving Emerald a thankful smile Fluttershy stepped forward to be attended to by Photo’s aides, Emerald close behind.

Soon the two mares were sitting before a mirror and being dolled up. Most of Fluttershy’s hair was being pulled back, giving her small bangs instead of the one long she often used to hide behind. Emerald’s hair needed to be straight so the aides began warming up some straighteners while another began brushing out knots. The aide doing the brushing was doubly surprised when not only was there no knots but Emerald’s hair immediately straightened after the first few passes with the comb and stayed that way.

“Ah your hair is so obedient!” Photo practically gushed. “No need to waste time on getting it to do what we want! And your coat doesn’t even need makeup! Such a rare pony!”

“Thanks I suppose.” Emerald said absently as she simply waited for the aides to finish, which they did after manipulating her long into a long flowing style and placing a silver tiara on her head.

Fluttershy was nearly done as well, one of the aides was finished giving her accessories and placing pins in her hair. The other was just about to apply the makeup and cover up any minor imperfections the pegasus had. Fluttershy gave a tiny squeak as blush was applied to her face.

Photo Finish scrutinized Fluttershy’s face for a moment. “Too much blush.”

Immediately the makeup artist took a washcloth to Fluttershy’s face, not at all gently.

“Not enough.” Photo said.

Again the blush was applied.

“Too much.”

Again it was removed.

“Not enough.”

Again the blush was applied.

“Perfect.” Photo Finish said, now satisfied that whatever deficiency she saw was now gone.

“Ahh… ahhh… chu!” Fluttershy sneezed.

“Impressive.” Emerald complimented. “I don’t think anypony can sneeze like you can Fluttershy.”

“Indeed! Such grace, even in the sneezes!” Photo finish agreed the shouted at the aides. “NOW GO!”

Obeying the command like their lives depended on it the aides darted out of the room in a flash. Photo Finish then started ushering the two mares towards the entrance to the catwalk.

“How do the two of you feel? Excited, overjoyed, thrilled beyond your wildest dream?!” Photo asked happily.

“Uh… I’m feeling a little nervous but Emerald is making me feel better.” Fluttershy said softly.

“I don’t know what to feel exactly.” Emerald replied “Personally… I just want to get this over with.”

“Bah! The two of you are such odd ponies!” Photo Finish said with a wave of her hoof and suddenly stiffened when she heard music begin to play. “There! Your cues! Now GO!”

With that the famous photographer give Emerald and Fluttershy a shove out onto the catwalk. Fluttershy was taking in the sight of so many posh ponies and cameras looking at her with wide eyes, briefly frozen. She turned to see how Emerald was doing and saw that she was doing more than fine.

The unicorn was standing tall, her face the picture of noble dignity giving her the air of a Queen. Then Emerald caught Fluttershy at looking at her and the expression dropped for the briefest moment like a mask, in that moment Emerald gave Fluttershy an encouraging smile. Seeing that the pegasus felt her flagging confidence surge with new life, it wasn’t nearly enough to make her walk with the poise and air that most models held but was it was that very thing that worked best for her.

Emerald and Fluttershy reflected polarizing ends of class and society with their styles and the way they held themselves. Emerald was like the proud and mighty queen while Fluttershy was like a humble graceful maiden of the country, both contrasted wonderfully with each other and the high class crowd quickly grew to love it.

‘This is so nerve wracking!’ Fluttershy thought as she barely managed to stand without flinching away from all the staring, silently judging faces. ‘But… at least Emerald is here beside me. I don’t know how she can just take all this in her stride but at least one of us is staying calm through this... I can do this, Rarity and Emerald say I can I must be able to… ohhh, I’m so glad you’re here Emerald I don’t know how I would be able to bear with this without you.’ Fluttershy thought gratefully and continued forward.

And the two mares continued their strides to the end of the catwalk to the delighted chatter of hundreds of ponies and flashes of dozens of cameras.


Oskar was in his Diamond Fox form and had his arm down a small barrel, now in a freshly dug tunnel located just under the prison of Alcoltraz.

It was about three days later and the Diamond Dogs had been busy that entire time carefully digging in such a way they weren’t detected by the patrolling guards above. When they had neared the prison Oskar had taken a more active role in the digging, mostly directing the digging to a specific area. Oskar had tried to help with the digging as well and ended up setting back the digging by an hour when the tunnel collapsed, also made it rather tense when they had thought the guards had heard the collapse. Clearly he needed a bit more than simply watching the Diamond Dig before replicating their digging ability, so he did them all a favour and left the digging to them.

Currently he was creating his means of breaching the floor of the prison via his bioengineering. What was it? It was pure liquid nitroglycerin, a substance that could be charitably called unstable. Now nitro was notoriously fragile, meaning the slightest bump had the chance of setting it off, even more so was the case when it was pure. So obviously Oskar didn’t trust the dogs to be able to safely handle it without killing themselves and left the task to himself.

Topping off the barrel with nitro Oskar then carefully pushed the lid in place. The Evolved then took a measured length of fuse and placed it in the sole hole in the lid.

Barrel now in his arms Oskar slowly rose up to a standing position and moved down the fairly large tunnel. Around the corner appeared the floor of the prison, there was a small little alcove that some dogs had managed to carve out thought they had ended up with worn down claws and bleeding paws after doing. Near the alcove was Fido.

“That the boom boss?” Fido asked curiously.

“Yes, this is the nitro.” Oskar answered and carefully slid the barrel into the alcove. “Now I want the letter sent into the prison warning the Diamond Dogs in there of the coming prison break. In three hours I want you to light the fuse; you will have about twenty seconds to get out of blast range. Do NOT underestimate how powerful this explosive is Fido, will easily kill you if you aren’t far enough away.”

“Got it boss.” Fido rumbled, eyeing the barrel of nitro warily. “You going break in prison now?”

“Not just yet, I’ll be breaking in a half an hour away from the time of detonation.” Oskar reminded. “I’ll be up above waiting for my scheduled time.”

“Right Boss… er, Boss?” Fido asked, scratching the top of his head. “Wouldn’t be easier if break into pony prison at night? Why break in during day?”

“Because it sends a message.” Oskar answered. “I can not only plan a daring prison break to be a hundred percent successful but commence it during the day. Even under the light of Celestia’s sun I promise you that each and every dog in Alcoltraz shall be free.”

With that Oskar built up power and teleported, leaving a thoughtful looking Fido behind.

Up on the surface Oskar reappeared, back up on the forested ridge he and the Alphas had planned the prison break from. Dropping down onto the ground and leaning back against a tree Oskar settled in for a long wait. Seeking something to help pass the time Oskar began watching the prison, carefully studying the patrol routes of the guards though he already knew them somewhat. Hours slowly crawled by and Oskar soon found himself as bored as the prison guards likely were, though he knew their pattern rather well now.

‘Now is the time.’ Oskar thought after taking a glance at the sun overhead. ‘Let’s get going.’

Standing up and briefly brushing himself off Oskar darted forwards off the ridge and towards the prison. The grass grew tall around the prison but was kept short near the walls, the virus moved with the rustling of the grass when the wind blew, helping to hide his movements. Oskar stopped near the sheared line of grass and studied the walls for several moments, vulpine eyes narrowing. There were several patrols walking the outside perimeter of the wall as well as the singular guards on the wall itself, Oskar needed to avoid being spotted by both.

A patrol walked by Oskar as he watched a guard on the wall stride in the opposite direction. Suddenly Oskar burst forth from his hidden position running past the patrol, being only mere feet away. Coming to a stop for the briefest moment before the wall, Oskar judged the distance then jumped. Coming over the ledge and onto the wall with incredible lightness the virus glanced out of the corner of his eye and saw a guard still walking forward. Knowing that guard was near the point where he turned back Oskar jumped again, this time off the wall and into the yard of the prison.

Landing softly with a barely heard chatter of disturbed pebbles, Oskar took stock of his surroundings. The yard appeared to be a staff only area and had gardens, gazebos and ponds for the workers to relax in and around. It seemed like it was busy day today, as the only ponies here were an earth pony guard and some unicorn in the gazebo, they weren’t much of a danger to Oskar though as the way they were cuddled up against each other showed their attention was elsewhere.

Making his way around the perimeter of the yard, making sure he wasn’t anywhere near the ponies’ line of sight, the virus made his way towards a pair of double doors. Arriving unseen Oskar quickly darted a tendril under the doors, seeing that the hallway beyond was empty Oskar quickly and quietly entered.

Looking both ways Oskar thought about the blueprints he had examined and figured out where he was in the prison from comparing landmarks, namely the small park. From that he knew he was in the staff only areas of the prison and about one cell block away from the master control room.

Turning right Oskar moved down the hallway and soon found himself going up about four flights of stairs. Opening the door Oskar found himself on a caged catwalk far over a cellblock. Most of the cells were open and the various species of inmates wandered freely around the cellblock. There were a few guards on the catwalk as well, a fact that made the Evolved frown in concentration. A glint caught Oskar’s eye and he turned to see a small handheld mirror hanging in the corner and facing down towards the cellblock.

Wondering about the mirror for a moment Oskar quickly redirected his attention to the guards. Their focus was on the prisoners below but they would definitely notice him if he tried to sneak by. Luckily the Evolved knew a simply solution. Don’t try to sneak past.

Keeping in mind the light brown shirts and caps the prison guards wore, Oskar then picked a random pony from Canterlot. Taking the form of a pegasi wearing the guard uniform, Oskar then walked forward, simply intent on reaching the other side and
nothing more.

“Excuse me.” Oskar said as he slid past a guard.

“No problem.” The guard replied absently, shifting his position a little to create more room for Oskar.

“Pardon me ma’am.” Oskar said as he stepped to the side and saluted a pony with officer chevrons on her shoulder.

“You look busy, be on your way.” The officer said as she walked past on her patrol route.

“Yes ma’am!” Oskar replied promptly with another salute and double timed it to the other end of the room.

“Butt kisser.” Muttered one guard.

“Yep.” Agreed another.

Closing the door behind him Oskar consulted his mental map before quickly shifting back into his Diamond Fox form. Moving through several hallways and just managing to stay out of sight of patrols the Evolved soon arrived before a steel bolted door. Oskar was about to enter when something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye, it was a broken and bent cell door leaning against a wall. The door was mostly ruined but one bar was still straight.

Tilting his vulpine head curiously as an idea came to him; Oskar walked over and wrenched the bar off the damaged door. Having created a makeshift quarterstaff for himself, Oskar then walked back to the door and mentally prepared himself for breaking and entering… then he burst forward.

The metal door slammed open and Oskar took in the scene before him in an instant. There was a wall of what appeared to be oddly shaped windows and three desks in the room, off to the side was a wall of levers. Occupying the room was two guards at small desks facing the windows, another large desk sat facing towards the door with the warden sitting at it, wearing a dark blue jacket and blue peaked cap.

Still moving forward from his initial charge into the room the virus then brought his new weapon to bare. Jabbing it forward Oskar landed a debilitating blow to a guard just behind his ear, quickly swinging the staff to the right, Oskar clocked the other guard just as he was raising from his seat. The guard collapsed instantly from the painful blow to his temple, falling back onto his chair and sliding off.

The Evolved brought his attention to the Warden and quickly jumped over the large desk flying through the air towards him. The Warden’s eyes widened as he saw his target react incredibly quickly to his attack, a light blue glow emitting from under his peaked cap. Landing before the Warden Oskar lashed out with a hand and caught the unicorn by his throat. Pressing him against the odd window and putting pressure on his arteries the virus then noticed the windows weren’t actually windows but magical looking glasses depicting Cellblocks. Letting go of the Warden when he finally slackened Oskar looked at the various magical looking mirrors, inwardly glad the mirrors were focused on the Cellblocks and not on the catwalks over them.

Turning away from the sights, Oskar directed his attention to the wall covered in levers. Walking over it became obvious it was designed for someone trained to use it as there was no labelling other than singular letters and numbers. Looking back at the comatose Warden Oskar contemplated consuming him for the needed info before frowning and shaking his head clear.

‘I need a better way of acquiring intel…’ Oskar thought as he contemplated the wall of levers. ‘I think… I may have something… anyway, some of these must control all the various cell block doors, let’s just flip them all!’

Claws glowing with a blue aura Oskar telekinetically flipped all the switches and directed his attention back to the magical mirrors. Lights flickered off in all the cell blocks, soon replaced by very insignificant lighting that was obviously meant for night and an alarm began warbling, its noise echoing through the whole of the prison. The cell doors all opened up and for a brief moment the prisoners looked confused, all it took was a few shouting and hollering as they run off to get the rest of the prisoners going. Looking at all the mirrors Oskar could see a prison riot already getting into momentum. Smiling the Evolved then left the room, not realizing that along with the cells he had opened every single door in the prison, including the large main doors.

Exiting the room the virus was about to make his way down when a pink aura suddenly surrounded his form and he lifted into the air.

“What do we have here?” Oskar heard a voice and looked over his shoulder to see the female officer from before, a glow emitting from beneath her cap.

Annoyed at realising his current form had the disadvantage of not allowing him to openly use magic the Evolved threw his staff at the unicorn.

The unicorn quickly shifted her focus on the staff but let go of Oskar in the process. The virus darted forward and jumped up. Grabbing hold of the levitating staff Oskar then delivered a swinging double kick into the face of the officer, sending her crashing into the wall where she then slumped over, unconscious.

‘I need a way to be able to use magic in this form without it being questioned by others.’ Oskar thought as he picked his staff back up. ‘Perhaps I can add on things to this staff so people assume that I am just using this to do magic? I’ll think more on this later, I need to head to the breaching point now before I am late.’

With that Oskar darted down the halls, back towards the cellblocks.


“Stand together!” Shining Armor shouted at the struggling prison guards surrounding him. “Remember your training!”

The Captain of the Royal guard had been conducting an inspection of the prison when nearly all the lights turned out, an alarm sounded and every single door had inexplicably opened. It didn’t take long for the prisoners to take advantage of the chance for freedom and charged out while some didn’t even bother to try; they just wanted to have a go at the guards.

“GAH!” Shouted an earth pony guard as he was tossed from the second level by a minotaur inmate.

Quickly catching the falling guard magically, Shining Armor set him down and refocused on the chaos around him. Inmates and prison guards were mixed together in the confused melee, while the guards had training on their side they were still outnumbered five to one.

‘We need to form up!’ Armor thought as he sent a burly earth pony inmate flying with his magic into a large group of his fellows. ‘They’ll wear us down at this rate!’

“Form up!” Shining Armor hollered out. “To me! We can push them back together! To me!”

Instinctively leaping at the command, guards broke off from their various outnumbered fights to answer the Royal Captain’s command. Earth pony guards formed a circle while unicorn formed up within the circle, there was no pegasi as they were deployed around the prison exterior and sector containing the flying inmates. Unfortunately not all of the guards were able to disengage from their fighting and their situation only got more desperate as time went on.

“Magic! Push them back!” Armor ordered his horn along with every other unicorn’s glowing with magic. Inmates were lifted into the air and flung to one side of the cell block, freeing up one direction and allowing the guards to form up one long wall. Quickly forming up as one long line across the cellblock the guards took advantage of their training and at the same time took away the inmates advantage of numbers. The guards charged forward, the earth ponies reinforced by unicorn magical support. Shining Armor was about to add his magic to the fray when he stopped something, or rather someone.

The second level and above were still in chaos thought the floor level was about to be brought under control, however this fact did not seem to bother the being maneuvering though it. It appeared to be a tall bipedal gray fox wearing a tattered faded blue gilded long coat with some cuirass made of some hard shiny brown material worn over it, wielding a steel bar as a staff though it currently wasn’t using it as a weapon. It moved through the fray with athletic ease, avoiding being caught in the crossfire of fights and leaping out of reach of those that took a swing at it. It leaped, landing on a railing before leaping again and landing on the first floor with a roll. It began running past Shining Armor when it took notice of him or rather his rather colorful regalia.

“You aren’t a prisoner.” Armor said suspiciously. “Explain yourself! Who are you and what are you doing here?”

The tall gray fox tilted its vulpine head, narrowing its eyes curiously at him before it suddenly smiled.

“What am I? Well what I am is an individual with a peculiar set of skills.” The fox said, moving with a sway to his steps and energetically gesturing with his paws as he talked. “In this I am uniquely qualified in the acquisitions in the various properties of dubious natures as well as the plotting of distinctive character, savvy?” It said rapidly and ended with a toothy smug smile.

“What?” Armor said, narrowing his eyes.

“You never introduced yourself mate!” The fox said in an almost gently chiding voice. “Care to be a proper gentleman and correct that?”

“I am Shining Armor.” Armor replied, now feeling deeply guarded towards the being before him. “Captain of the Royal Guard.”

“Now that is a right high and mighty title! Now what I am is-” Suddenly a loud explosion shook the prison, while its sound was enough to cause a lull in the fighting, the fox simply pulled back a sleeve and pointed at his bare furred wrist. “Very late! Sorry to cut this little exchange short Mr. Armor! But I have a schedule to make up for!”

With that the fox turned on his feet and ran away, his arms up in the air almost like he was balancing on a tightrope. His long bushy gray tail had just disappeared around the corner when he popped his head around the corner suddenly.

“Oh just thought you should know, being a Royal Captain as you are, the Diamond Dogs are under new management.” With that last statement the gray fox darted back around the corner.

Shining Armor frowned for a moment before his eyes widened in realization. The doors suddenly flying open, the way the fox made his appearance, what he had alluded to during and conversation and what he had said before leaving all combined to paint a specific picture in Armor’s mind.

“Guards to me!” Armor shouted out, not waiting to see how many would follow after him. “As many of you as can be spared!”

Shining Armor run forward and after the fox, going around the very corner the fox had gone. However when he had come around that corner he saw that the fox was already at the end of the hall, wondering how a bipedal creature could be so fast Shining Armor galloped forward. As he ran he could hear the sounds of hooves clopping on hard floor behind him. Glad he had some backup, Armor ran harder and faster.

Armor gritted his teeth when he saw the room the fox had gone down. It was another cellblock deeply in the throes of a riot but there was no sight of the gray fox, showing that he was already gone. To make matters worse for Armor was that he knew what the neighbouring sector of cellblocks contained, Diamond Dogs.

“Come on!” Armor shouted to the guards following just behind him. “We can’t be held up here! We HAVE to catch up to that fox!”

It was easily said than done however as Armor soon found out.

“Come here ground walker!” A griffon shouted, forcing Armor to throw himself into a roll to avoid being dive-bombed.

‘Flyers are supposed to be confined to the Flight Sector.’ Armor thought, his horn aglow with magic. ‘This sector is on the opposite end from that one… implications of that aren’t good.’

The griffon quickly came back for another sweep at Armor which the unicorn countered by forming a shield right in his path. Unable to turn away the griffon smacked right into the shield and slid down and off with one long squeaking sound.

Barely sparing the flying inmate another thought Armor continued forward. His temper flared when a group of four pony inmates formed a line in front of the hallway leading out and he called forth his magic. One of the inmates became enveloped in a magical aura and floated into the air for a brief moment before suddenly flying into his fellows, sending them all crashing into a heap when they were all finally stopped by a wall.

Armor and his group ran forward, leaving the still rioting cellblock behind them, slowed down only for a few moments but there was no telling what the fox had gotten up to while he was out of sight.

Armor stopped for a moment when he saw the scene just around the corner of the next hall. There was a group of about eighteen or so guards before a large open steel door entrance leading to the Diamond Dog sector. They were all on the ground clutching at limbs and moaning in pain, one of which was whimpering pitifully while he was being held by a fellow guard; his cap was off on the ground and revealing the shattered ruin that was his horn.

“My horn… my horn…” Armor heard the guard mutter again and again as he got closer.

“Shhh, it's okay it’ll grow back, just calm down.” The guard holding the other said comfortingly.

“What happened here?” Shining Armor asked and noticed that the other guard had a hind leg that was bent out unnaturally.
“Is your leg alright? Do you need medical attention?”

“My leg looks worse than it actually is sir, just a bad twist.” The guard replied. “A fox like creature came barreling in here as we prepared to reinforce the DD sector after we lost contact with the guards inside. He used a like metal staff to attack us, Card Luck tried to hold him with magic but the fox struck him hard enough in the horn to break it before running into the DD sector.”

“I’ll leave a few guards here to help protect you.” Armor said, motioning for a few guards to stay while wincing in sympathy for the unicorn guard. “I have to go ahead and find out what is happening in there, it’s FAR too quiet for a prison riot.”

The Captain of the Guard and his group of prison entered the DD Sector and quickly found a scene that proved the suspicions Armor held about the sudden prison riot correct.

Before them was a metal plated cellblock, designed to hold Diamond Dogs, completely empty of inmates and holding only tied up and gagged prison guards.

“Quickly, untie them!” Armor said his horn glowing as he focused on releasing as many guards as he could at once and approached one of the groups he had released. “What happened here?”

“We… we were on patrol when the lights went out, an alarm sounded and all the cells suddenly opened.” One of the guards began. “We were outnumbered but we didn’t expect to be brought down so quickly. It was like they all expected the cells to suddenly open and used the confusion we were in to ambush us. By the time we had realized what had happened and what was going on most of us were brought down. They tied us up, gathered as many of their belongings as they could left down that hall… I think I heard some of them say something about the shower… that was where I heard that explosion come from too…”

“The showers, quickly, as many of that are able to come with me!” Armor said before breaking into a gallop. “I am absolutely certain that this is a massive prison break!”

With that Armor made his way down the hall the guard had mentioned, now with a much, much larger force of guards behind
him. As they moved they occasionally came upon a group of tied up prison guards which Armor quickly untied with his magic and
quickly told them to follow. Before long Armor and his force of prison guards were in the hall leading down to the showers, the floor covered in prints from an immense increase in recent traffic.

As they closed in on the large entry way to the showers they was a loud roar and suddenly a large Rottweiler like Diamond Dog came charging out of the showers, bashing three guards against a wall. The dog turned and noticed Armor and his group charging down the hall towards him and quickly ran back inside the shower.

“BOSS! More guards coming! LOTS more!” The large dog shouted as he ran back in.

Shining Armor quickly ran ahead, running as fast as he could. The shower was in shambles, everywhere he looked were shattered tiles and broken pipes handing out of shredded walls. The middle of the showers was dominated by a massive hole that lead down to past the reinforced materials of the floor and into a large tunnel. Beside the hole was the fox, ticking off some sort of mental list with his fingers.

“You there! Gray fox halt!” Armor shouted and charged.

The fox turned around and looked at armor with some surprise before simply smiling at him, giving the pony captain a salute before tripping backwards into the hole.

Armor arrived at the edge of the hole just when a massive fountain of gravel and soil shot out of the large hole and rapidly filled it up. The Captain of the Royal Guard stood at the very edge of the hole, glaring at furiously, almost as if he were trying to will the hole back open through sheer anger alone.

There was a quiet moment as the guards filed in behind him when a loud roar and crashing noise echoed through the air.

“That was a cave troll.” One of the guards said. “We shouldn’t have been able to hear that!”

“That means it broke out.” Added another. “If one broke it then the rest will be following.”

Quickly realizing that the prison was still deeply in chaos Armor got a hold of himself.

“I want some of you to stay in the DD Sector, free as all the tied up guards and move to reinforce the other sectors.” Armor ordered. “The rest of you are with me. We are going to see what we can do about the inmates in the Bulk Sector.”

With that Armor ran out, face a mask of determination. He was going to return the prison to order as quickly as possible then he was going to return to Canterlot so he could inform the Princesses of what had transpired today.


Deep underground and many miles away from the prison of Alcoltraz a massive crowd of Diamond Dogs celebrated. In the crowd intermingled dogs that hadn’t seen their brothers, fathers and sons in years along those said dogs, there was much to be happy about. Though most were celebrating their freedom some were not, those were the Alphas who had been in the prison. They were happy to be free no mistake about that, but they also knew they now had to work under Nidhogg’s tyranny again.

“Hmph… all happy cheering… what dragon free us for?” A large Pitbull Diamond Dog asked gruffly, turning away from the happy crowd with a scoff.

“Heh heh, dragon not one who free you.” Bluno replied with a toothy grin.

“You did on own? Dragon not like us doing big stuff without orders!” The pitbull said wide-eyed.

“Dragon not problem anymore.” The Greyhound Alpha said with a smirk then pointed back towards the crowd.

Oskar was still in his Diamond Fox form and was now on a boulder, catching the attention of all the Diamond Dogs in the large cavern.

“Greetings and salutations lads!” Oskar said, still in the personality he had thought up for this form, which was based off Jack Sparrow. “You’re all likely starting to wonder what’s going to happen now? Well what’s going to happen is you are working for me now? ‘But what about Nidhogg?!’ You are all likely going to say; well he isn’t in a position to object what with being dead and all.”

Shocked gasps meet this proclamation, Nidhogg? What in the world could have brought down such a powerful beast?

“Next you’re wondering, well what killed him and maybe you’re thinking I’m lying as too, well…” Oskar dropped the charade then and there, shifting back into his base form with a surge of tendrils, bringing surprised screams from the newly arrived dogs and disturbed frowns from the new ones. “I am not lying, Nidhogg is dead and I can show you his rotting corpse if you wish.”

Silence meet Oskar’s statement, thousands of eyes just stared silently at him, waiting for his next action.

“What I am is a shapeshifter.” Oskar said. “That is all you need to know about me. What I expect out of all of you? You can get that from your fellows.”

With that Oskar hopped down from the boulder. The crowd parted before him like the red sea as he walked towards where the Alphas were congregated.

“So your lot are the Alphas that were taken prisoner?” Oskar stated.

“… Yes.” The Pitbull Diamond Dog replied after a moment.

“Hmm… what is the condition of your dogs?” Oskar asked, looking back over the crowd of freed Diamond Dogs.

“Healthy, we keep strong from yard in pony prison.” The Pitbull answered for the freed Alphas.

“Funny how that works, giving prisoners a means of improving themselves.” Oskar muttered. “That is good though, you are all going to need to be healthy for what I intend to do next.”

“What that Boss?” Bluno asked, scratching an ear.

“What you should be saying is ‘What is that, Boss?’” Oskar corrected, even replicating Blueno’s voice. “What I plan to do next is to steal quite a few things, now I know I promised to stop the current situation of stealing from ‘Equestria’s Dinner table’ but the alternative would take too long. So we need to steal things for just a bit longer then we can stop. The problem however is that what I intend to steal isn’t simple goods but the means of manufacturing them and those are not cheap. So Equestria will definitely be taking a very active role against us and because of that we need a new hideout, namely a place they will think at least three times before even contemplating looking.”

“Don’t like sound of this.” Bluno said with ears drooping, his fellow Alphas agreeing with nods of their heads.

“I don’t like the sound of this” Oskar corrected again. “And you shouldn’t, the place I have in mind is the Everfree Forest.”

A long silence followed that statement as the Alphas stared at Oskar in dismay.

“I don’t like the sound of this… at all.” Bluno said, shaking his head.


“… Overall the Prison of Alcoltraz is missing five thousand three hundred and thirty four inmates and over half of the prison staff are in medical care.” Shining Armor said, finishing his basic report to the Princesses.

It was later in the day, Shining Armor had finally returned to Canterlot and was now informing the Princesses of the event at the prison in the throne room.

“I was hoping that things would calm down after the whole ‘Monster of Everfree’ disaster.” Celestia sighed.

“I wish to hear more of this creature that you saw, this ‘Gray Fox’.” Luna stated.

“I was just going to go into greater detail on that your majesty.” Shining Armor replied. “I have learned a few things from remembering my interactions with the fox, and much more from the investigation I conducted after the riot was under control.”

“Firstly, he is a thief he implied as much when I spoke to him.” Armor continued. “He is highly skilled and very intelligent; he was capable of completely avoiding conflict and is just as capable fighting, I have no doubt in mind that he planned out the prison break as well. Another example of his intelligence is the means of breaching the floor of the DD Sector. While the floor could be breached by Diamond Dogs given enough time he went for a different method, namely explosives. Now the floor is graded against explosives as well but all things have their limits and from what I could see that limit was most definitely crossed. However I could not find a single trace of black powder at the breach, leading me to believe that the fox developed a new form of explosive. Combined with his statement about the Diamond Dogs being under new leadership I greatly worry for what the dogs may do with such a mind leading them.”

“Is he leading them though?” Celestia asked. “Could it not be possible that this fox was following the orders of another?”

“None at all.” Armor said with a shake of his head. “I know the type and I could tell he was that type from the look in his eyes, either he is in charge or he will be before long. He gives off the look of some harmless oddity with his mannerisms and the way he moves but there is a mind sharp as a razor there.”

“I leave the judgement of his character in your capable hooves Captain.” Celestia said with a nod. “You are the one to meet him personally after all.”

“Is it truly terrible that this fox is leading the Diamond Dogs?” Luna asked curiously. “The recent change in Diamond Dog doctrine must be attributed to him.”

“True, it is a relief to find that not only were our enslaved people released but the roving packs disrupting the countryside gone as well.” Celestia admitted. “But it could very be a beginning of some new nefarious plot concocted by this being. It also could be nothing and the fox merely wished to release his subordinates, though his means of doing so are most definitely questionable.”

“Yes, it’s going to be a hectic few months.” Armor said tiredly. “The large creatures like the Cave Trolls can be recaptured quickly but the smaller inmates like the ponies and griffons will be harder to track down, no doubt they all will be laying low for a time before getting up to mischief.”

“A thought, was there only Diamond Dogs in that area of the prison?” Luna asked curiously. “I had read that if there was room to spare a prisoner would be moved despite what the sector is designed for.”

“Conditions in that sector of the prison were already getting cramped but there were a few pony prisoners in that sector.” Armor admitted. “Obviously they are no longer there and are beyond conventional reach now in the Diamond Dog tunnels. The prisoners that we can reach will have to be the focus.”

“That will be a priority but I have something for you to do as well alongside that.” Celestia said. “This thief, this ‘Gray Fox’ has broken quite a few laws and caused a potentially immense amount of disruption to the kingdom with the prison break. I’d like you to track him down and bring him to justice; however I realise due to the nature of the Gray Fox we can’t expect to be able to chase or track him effectively so I merely ask that you do what you can.”

“I will do everything in my power to bring him to justice your highness.” Shining Armor said determinedly. “The Gray Fox will face trial for his crimes.”

“I shall leave it to you Shining Armor.” Celestia said with a smile. “You may take leave now to the tasks before you.”

“Your majesties.” Armor said with a bow before turning to leave the room.

“Well now that that has been settled on to the next task on the agenda.” Celestia said lightly and brought up a letter to begin reading.

“What are you reading sister?” Luna asked as Celestia began smiling delightedly.

“It is my student’s weekly report on Emerald Gleaner’s education.” Celestia answered, not noticing Luna twitch at the name look like she was trying to remember something. “The young mare has proven to be a magnificent prodigy of magic and learning in general. In fact she is close to finishing the high school syllabus and is nearing Twilight’s skill level in magic, and her magical potential is even recorded to be greater than Twilight’s.”

“That is most extraordinary!” Luna said.

“Indeed.” Celestia agreed with a smile before suddenly frowning sadly. “I wish to take her on as a student as well but the poor girl appears to have had an especially traumatic experience with authority and fears me as a result. Hmm… an idea, perhaps you shall begin undertaking more duties soon after all Luna, how would you feel if you took Emerald under your wing as a student?”

“Me?” Luna stated incredulously. “Am I not a Princess as well and therefore fall into Emerald’s phobia of authority?”

“Possibly but there is a chance she may see you differently after…” Celestia didn’t finish, looking markedly uncomfortable in the mounting silence.

“Very well.” Luna said determinedly. “If young Emerald will have me then I shall be her teacher.”

“Thank you Luna!” Celestia said with a smile. “Emerald is coming for the Grand Galloping Gala; I think it would be most prudent for you to meet her there. That way we can see and gauge her reaction towards you. If she seems comfortable with you then I shall offer her the position as your student after she has learned everything Twilight has to teach her.”

“I shall prepare a syllabus then.” Luna stated and left.

Celestia smiled after her and returned to reading the letter Twilight has sent her.


Author's Note:

Yet another chapter and Oskar has created another infamous legend in the making :P wonder how many he is going to create before long? Anyway I certainly did a twist on the whole fashion show didn’t I? I have yet another twist in store just you wait!

Also Vesperia you guessed it right! The Gray Fox. You get a character!


Ideas and Story Development: Gekko and Trondason

Partial Grammar Edits: Trondason

EDITED 6/7/2016

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