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Emerald Gleaner Spirit of Dissent Progress Update · 4:59am August 6th

Chapter 9: Equestria at War - 100% Complete

The chapter is done, now I just need to pass it through my editors once or twice and I can post it.

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Hi, names Legionary! I'm an amateur author that enjoys writing dramatic works to entertain you!

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Emerald Gleaner: Spirit of Dissent

Chapter 10: Grind

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Chapter 6: Unpleasant Truth

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Hope your doing well. Still keeping an eye out for your amazing writings, both here and at Fanfic dot net.


Still writing, just... something else for now

I was refering to your story, are you still writing or are you taking a break? Is the desire to write more dieing like so many others? If so I wish you the best.

Quick question: u ded?

Because it's a pony form and the result of combining Rarity and Rose Locks' DNA which are diamonds and a basket full of flowers respectively

Excuse me if it's been asked before. But why does Emerald have a cutie mark? And why a bucket of emeralds?

I started the prototype series of yours yesterday morning and by tomorrow night I plan to have the next two books read.
You've got a masterpiece here, just maybe remove the authors notes.
It's years irrelevant that you put out a chapter after waiting so long when the book is done.
Thx I'll keep you updated

I just wanted to let you know that I finally got around to reading retired monster. Sorry that I kinda dropped off fimfiction. I was diving into a different fandom pretty hard. (Rwby if you were curious at fanfiction) Anyways it's now one in the morning and I have work in five hours so this will be fun. Anyways again I just have a few things to say. Yay sunset happy reunion. So humans on earth are going to have magic now. Oh they are so going to show up in the next book or two. I kinda thought this was all ending. Boy howdy was I wrong. Weird neo-templar order of Cthulu. Definitely not going to be the last of them. Also Was Sophie the Templar Agent also Sophie the sister of Oskar's old girlfriend? Oh and before I forget. Fuck the deer. They have no idea who they'retrying to manipulate. And I dont care if it's for peace. I dont trust them to be fair. Especially to carnivores and omnivores.
man I love your writing. Even after so long. Still top 3 favorite authors. Man I attempted to edit the first book in my junior year if high school. I'm 21 now. Holy shit. I swear I've read the first 2 forty times. The third 15 times. And I only just now finished the fourth. Thank you. I still love it all. And now I'm re-hyped and excited to read Spirit if dissent. And the minute it finishes I'm downloading that epub so I can binge read whenever I feel like it. Thank you again.

  • Viewing 594 - 603 of 603
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Killer Rabbit

Oskar's Base Form

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I believe there is one other one but that one was posted on a update blog so it's lost to me forever :/

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