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This story is a sequel to Emerald Gleaner: Retired Monster

[Prototype 2] X MLP:FiM Crossover

Beset by a mountains of work both official and secret, Emerald has barely time left to herself anymore. Can one still become exhausted even if they physically can't? When does paranoia do more harm than good?

When people stop trying to kill you of course!

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This story is a sequel to Oskar Osäker: Your Worst Enemy

[Prototype 2] X MLP:FiM crossover

Emerald Gleaner once thought the NYZ would remain in her memories and nightmares. But with the appearance of one Sunset Shimmer this terror of the past is brought back to the forefront as Emerald and loved ones dive unknowingly back into the darkness of Blackwatch's heritage.... and there is no running from your past when it is screaming it's fury in your face

A big thank you to More Dakka for the Coverart, Nightmare Knight for editing
(Fimfiction likes to chew up coverart when it's big, if you want to see how it's supposed to look, take a look at my user page.)

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This story is a sequel to Emerald Gleaner: Viral Unicorn

[Prototype 2] X MLP:FiM crossover

Emerald Gleaner is now known to the world at large, seen as cruel and heartless at best for the slaughter of the Changelings, she has few true friends in the world indeed. And with every action she takes those few seem to shrink in number. Worse still in an honest effort to seek help Discord brings up an old savagery once thought buried and forgotten.

Can Emerald Gleaner overcome the stress and pressures of openly running a nation and being held accountable for her actions? Or will the darkness of her past rise up to consume both her and all that she holds dear?

NOTE:Thanks goes to Trondason and Nightmareknight for helping me with the planning and editing

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This story is a sequel to Oskar Osäker: True Omnivore

[PROTOTYPE 2] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Crossover

Oskar's secret has been revealed to Twilight in totality, now Twilight faces the moral quandary of betraying her friend or betraying her morals. The events of season 2 are fast approaching as well and the ripples Oskar has caused through his mere presences alone changes more and more. Can a friendship survive when one of the friends is a murderer?

Thanks goes to: NightmareKnight for spending time being my editor, Trondason being an all around great fellow and helping me with ideas

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[Prototype2] / MLP:FIM crossover

Not all of Alex Mercer's "Evolved" were loyal psychopaths. Some were simply desperate people who Alex thought he could easilly control once he infected them with the "Mercer Virus". However Alex was never one for fool proof plans as he quickly finds out when only a handful of his Evolved army show up at that fateful final battle between him and Heller. Oskar was one of the many of dozens of Evolved that stood by and watched as Alex was consumed and now he finds himself in a strange cutesy land filled with talking ponies. Can this viral being find peace in Equestria or will his need to be secure get in the way?

Warning: No editor so a few grammar errors can be expected :S hopefully nothing jarring though

A big thank you to EvilBob for the picture and to Fluttershade5300 for doing some post release editing for me

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WARNING:Rewrite in progress!

As a last vindictive act Discord sends one of the Mane Six into the Multi-verse. The one to suffer this fate is Twilight. She somehow suvives the experience but comes out a filly with very little in terms of memory. Her situation is made much more better by being found by a society and a Human willing to take her in. However this is not so much a story of her life in her new home as a story of how she comes to terms with her old one.

This is the Story of Erika Gefallen as she struggles with the life and memories of Twilight Sparkle...

(Thanks is due to EvilBob for the awesome picture!)

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