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This is a group dedicated to one of the most amazing open world-action game in the world. A game who was created by the minds behind the Crash Bandicoot series. A game that can make you feel like an unstoppable force of nature.

A former scientist who survived a virus outbreak but was turned to nothing but a fierce and indestructible killing machine at the cost of his memories struggles with the responsibles of the evolution of his newfound abilities and the death of millions in a blaze of wrath and retribution to find lost fragments of his past and kill the people who turned New York City in a city of flesh-eating Infected people.

Become a killer, a monster, a terrorist.
Feel the power of... The [PROTOTYPE].

Here's a little explanation on the folders of the group:
- Alex Mercer: This folder is for stories in where the main character is the character from the first game Alex Mercer, either as human or pony depending on the author's choice.
- James Heller: This folder is for stories in where the main character is the character from the second game James Heller, and just like the last folder, either as human or pony depending on the author's choice.
- OC Evolved: This folder is for stories in where the main character(s) is an original character for the game and it's a member of the Evolved race, be it male or female.
- Ponies Evolved: This folder is for stories in where the main character(s) is a character from the MLP show who possess the abilities of the Evolved from the game of Prototype.
- Other Canon-Characters: This folder is for stories in where characters that are canon to the games are the main characters, such as the Infected, Dana Mercer, Elizabeth Greene, Pariah, the Military, etc.
- Crossovers: This folder is for stories that include elements from not just the Prototype franchise but from other franchises as well, either Infamous, Assassin's Creed, etc., depending on the author's choise.
- NSFW: As the name implies, this folder is for stories that include very explicit content, doesn't matter if the main character is either any of the ones mentioned above, as long as it includes the implied content.

Rules of the group to follow:
1.- If an author writes a story with the character from the folders as the main protagonist, the author will make sure to place the submission to the appropriate folder. Stories that are placed in a folder but the focus character it's not from such folder will be removed and must be placed on it's correct folder to avoid confussions from the readers (for example, a story of James Heller as the protagonist placed in the folder of Alex Mercer).
2.- Any kind of genre it's accepted depending on the author's creativity (adventure, alternative universe, comedy, slice of life, and even romance) but stories that include any NSFW content must be placed in the appropiate folder.
3.- Any author who's been reported of a situation regarding the Copyright infringement will be removed from the group for a period time of 1 month, and if such author goes in the same situation for a second time, it will be removed from the group permanently.

That's all you guys need to know about this group, and for a final declaration, as administrator of this group, I hope we all get along with each other and make this group the most interesting and 20% cooler of this website as we can.

To conclude here this is a top list of stories that are considered to be the best from each folder in the group:
1.- Alex Mercer: Philosophy, Deceit, and the Regrets of a Monster
2.- James Heller: Prototype 2: Equestria Zero
3.- OC Evolved: Oskar Osäker: True Omnivore
4.- Ponies Evolved: Prototype: Black Rain
5.- Other Canon-Characters: Greene Fields under Red Lights

Thank you for your atention and have fun :)

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I'm tracking about half of these stories

Heller lives everyone hates him mercer dies everyone loves him

Ps: I agree with Alex Mercer from the second game Blacklight for everyone

Does anyone know of a story where Alex lands in Equestria and adopts scootaloo.

Mercer all the way baby.

Become one with the biomass

Hues shall come

Yes story's about prototype time to read them all

Then fail at writing my own

396080 There was some stories of the "Main" folder that they were already in the other folders (mainly from the Alex Mercer folder).

Uh... what happened to all the fics? Weren't there like 50 or so?

Rejoice fellow Prototype fans, we have hit 300 members! Our power grows!

... intresting

I see alot of potential in this group. :pinkiehappy:

365499 I'm think activision made the wrong choose. Prototype 2 protagonist was trying too hard to be a badass by cursing more. I liked some of the gameplay changes, but it also had upgrades like the bullet proof perk that took the challenge out of the game latter on.

Even with those flaws, the game did well, but Activision was going by the Cod numbers. So they axed it. I'm one of those people who think even if a squeal doesn't live up to the first one, there is still room too continue. A perfect example of this is DmC 2. That game sucked the big one, but then we got DmC 3, which surpassed the first one.

334528 No one has any idea what you just said, come back and use correct grammar and spelling.


I've actually really, really, relly, really, really, REALLY, been meaning to play Prototype sometime. I know wat they're about (some-what), and they look really awesome. Also, I had no idea the same people who made Crash Bandicoot made the Prototype games :pinkiehappy:. Crash Bandicoot games are like my #1 favoritest video games in the world :rainbowkiss:

Prototype. You had some much poteshale. I will never forive activsion for pulling the plug after one underwhelming game. I swear someone needs to kick start a revial of the prototype franchise.

i want groups that are big that have NEEDS,wants and free willed fanfic writers,see me when i start a thread so you,yes YOU guys to share ideas,metion flaws and bend laws of fanfic writing to stop them flaws.ciao! :pinkiehappy:

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