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Any HiE fic where the human can use magic or has super powers can be posted here. I will make a seperate folder for any HiE fic. If you want to be an admin, just PM me.

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Hey you know what sounds good? Being cursed and getting the power of being so ugly that if you stand beside someone they will immediately look dateable.

Oh wait.

It's inconsistent

Ah screw it. Still counting it

Experienced Twi would destroy Tirek and it'd be epic.

Imagine a "Twilight Kingdom" followup, where Twilight is more Experienced with her powers?
If it is with the same or a different villain, but another Epic fight?

a cat and a mouse in a cartoon, within the Simpsons show.
They are rather violent, against oneanother.
kind of likeTom and Terry, but more ..

What's Itchy and Scratchy?

Itchy and Scratchy kind of fun?

If a human goes to Equestria, does he get his powers by going there, or from something else, once there?

Ever seen Killing Bites? The show's a mess, but it's fun.

Thank Celestia for the net, giving us the chance to see the episodes while they are still relevant. This does also give us the chance to see any number of other things the "industryy" does not choose to let us see based on various reasons.
Twilight's Kingdom over Romantic Slice-of-Life, then?

Good thing there are websites where you can watch Naruto. And if anyone asks, I'm definitely talking about Crunchyroll, instead of something like KissAnime.

Since I don't know a guy going by the name, I would have to assume you are refering to the Anime?
I have not really seen enough of it, to say anything.
Not sure if it is openly available where I live, either.


Hey, do you like Naruto?

if Pi confused you, it's simplest 3/three), and I hope you do know what tune is.
You know what Rock-music is, I hpe, just in case the original comment stumbled.
Pony music, such as in the FiM(mlp) show, just in case.

Anything I missed, or something still not quite clear?

You said you were playing something. Please explain your original post without any failed attempts at turning this into some kind of two-sided debate.

If only you had said that, in the first place, it would have been so much easier.
If you explain exactly what you did not understand, I am sure i could explain the post.

On the other side, how would you express that you did not like an idea presented? I hope you can accept that not everyone do enjoy the idea you presented.

Did I make you mad by asking you to explain your weirdpost?

how about considering how your response is taken, before you send it?

To answer in the same tone as your previous question?

How about you try to be less Confusng, than the comment you are Confused by?
And at the very least, spell the word right, too?
What ever you tried to say?

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