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Blitz Habanera Tuscania

Admin of the Prototype group and wants to be known as that one guy who writes the Prototype stuffs.

Mein lovely little abominations

Le Map to see how self-absorbed I can allow myself to be.

To-do list

Get reviewed by a group [ X ] Accomplished with the help of the Harmonists!
Get a comment from Skeeter the Lurker [ ]
Get a comment from Regidar [ ]
Get a comment from ClonetrooperKev [ ]
Get a comment from RainbowBob [ ]
Get a comment from one of the moderators [ ]
Get featured [ ]
Drop kick somebody via internet [ ]
Get 1,000 views on a single story [ X ] Equestrian Menace 6/2/2015
Get 2,000 views on a single story [ ]
Get 5,000 views on a single story [ ]
Get 10,000 views on overall stories [ X ] Checked on 6/1/2015, apparently have 15k story views.
Get 100,00 views overall [ ]
See the elusive Meeester [ X ] A group I was in was RP'ing too much and he said quit it on FimFic.
Figure out why everyone hates Knighty [ ]
Get rejected by EQ Daily 'cause they're jackasses [ ]
Write that one-shot including best Nazi, Rommel [ ]
Get a big-time person to comment on something of mine [ ]
Get a big-time person to follow me [ X ] The Infinity Doctor, whether or not s/he agrees.
Write something decent for a change [ ]
Conquer the world [ ]
Figure out who Christian the Brutal Sniper really is on my friends list [ ]
Become famous [ ]
Get someone to comment on this page [ X ] The leader of the Harmonists!
Regret everything [ X ]
Regret nothing [ X ]
Successfully create a 'Verse [ ]
Get somebody big-time to make an opinion about me [ ]
Get a TvTropes page (<<<Or however you spell that) [ ]
Finish one of my fics [ ]
Write that one sad self-insert about me grandmum [ ]
Read My Lil' Dashie..... one of these days [ ]
Have a fellow Prototype enthusiast say they like something specific about one of my Prototype fics [ ]

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RIP dear author

For your unknown, is pain upon the knowledge of us never knowing the end of your story...


So, uh... you gone for good? :fluttershysad:

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Best quotes I've found while going around on Fimfic/ Map thing

Chuckfinely-It's 2015 and I'm reading a story where a man having sex with a sapient transmare is the least weird and objectionable part of the tale.