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gore fics mainly, i will be posing any new gore fics i make here

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My Favourite Fanfic is CUPCAKES:pinkiecrazy:

I love the Rainbow Factory, it is my second favourite and I love drawing (tradional) pictures of Rainbow Dash in her Factory Lab Coat!:rainbowdetermined2:

I enjoy writing gore related stories and if you read my fanfic Chaos Fire and a Pinch of Romance, even though it is a love story, I ADDED GORE:derpytongue2:

I finally found my kinda group!

385475 I don't have many stories with these items, though I am planning a sequel that just may be of some interest, once it comes out.
For some reason, Pinkie Pie has the duty to carry all these things for me.

Everything. Everything with blood, darkness and creepiness! :)

379803 just curious, what fuel does your Gore Engine run on, just in case?

330502 Exactly what would it take, for you to find it 'Disturbing'?
A planned murder with the details left in? Or is it in how one just doing for pinks?
Seeing the blood dripping on the floor, cutting limbs off for some further purpose, other than the mere murder and physical pain?

:pinkiesmile: If a story starts with a decapitation, but that was just the beginning.

281920 he was a cripple as well, it surfaced early on his cursed soul. Add to this, he was also an addict.

Hi, my name is Keam and I came here because right now I got a gore obsession and this seem to be the right place to find fanfics to read and fuel my gore obsession!

330502 I like your moxie kid! :pinkiehappy:

Hey, do headshots, exploded limbs and lots of man(pony?:pinkiecrazy:)slaughter with vehicles count as gore? If so, then I think I'll fit right in. :ajsmug:

PLEASE!!! I need the goriest, most disturbing, messed up wtf what sick bastard made this story!!! No mild shit like sweet apple massacre, I read that while eating an apple (I thought it was gonna be a gore fic, and thought it would be ironic...haha) I want something soo disturbing I get sick. I want to know if anything can even hit ne like that anymore...cupcakes isnt even close, pattycakes is great, but not disturbing...please, if you do this for me I'll try to repay you guys some how, I read a lot and can always point you to a story... PLEASE I'm desperate!!!

i just joined so watch ya'll talkin about :rainbowderp:

This place seems kind of dead I think I might try to fix that because I do not really have anything better to do

okay, i'm not going to be 'on' for a while, so i'm leaving 2 ponies in charge

mrhappyface, possibly the most insane pony i have ever seen

and deucreux' ed, ... no comment

if they abuse tell me, i will get both sides of the story and determine who is correct

Tetris is rubbish.
And you did use allied weapons.
You know, the Lend-Lease programs.

282342 282315 The Communist government didn't use guns from non-Russian manufacturers. I do thank Hitler for useing such harsh methods in his death camps. They were so bad that they drew all the attention away from mine and nobody did shit about them. Oh and as for the league of trolling, The U.S.S.R. invented you trolls anthem. And Tetris, we also made tetris. 282315

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