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The Dark Ghost

I am the second alone in a faceless crowd a human caught in monochrome dreams I scream to wake up my voice drowns deep underground only the dead can hear me see me

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Looks like a case of the author deciding to throw away what he created and be done with it (he hasn't been online since around when the fic was removed, probably it was getting him bad attention).

It was abandoned and deleted, but what was written is still up on Fimfetch (replace "iction" with "etch" in the URL).

Hey, Whatever happened to "Equestria's Pony Meat Business"? Just asking.

The groups Vore and Unsafe, Insane, and Consensual may also interest you.

1466979 We also have a skype group too ^_^

  • Viewing 7 - 11 of 11
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