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Tantric Vore pt 3 · 10:25pm Jul 14th, 2018

Okay guys, I know many of you may be feeling a little battle weary, and as such I am going to be as brief as possible and go ahead and present the last installment of my vore-related disclosure series. If you haven’t read vore as a bondage fetish, read that first.

Remember that the purpose behind vore stories and vore fantasies is to get as close to your excitement as possible without having to be in any danger.


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Okay, my stories are now on Eka's Portal. Thanks for the suggestion, Absentia.

Comment posted by Zpothu deleted Dec 1st, 2017

Wow when you respond you really respond, lol it almost felt like you were trying to justify it to me.

Have you ever considered posting your stories on Eka's Portal?

On sidenote, isn't it strange that most of us who are into vore discover it at a very early age, I still remember when I first discovered I liked it, I just didn't understand why I did at the time.

Comment posted by Zpothu deleted Nov 30th, 2017
Comment posted by Zpothu deleted Nov 30th, 2017
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