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A group to hold all those psychopath ponies. Put the stories in according folders please, new folders may be requested in forum/group comments. Fics are allowed to go into multiple Folders as long as they Fit into both folder's criteria.

Sequels, alternate endings, prequels, as long as it's Pinkamena it goes in here.

Rainbow factory:
Basically goes by the same rules as the 'Cupcakes' Folder but with the story 'Rainbow factory'.

Killer Rarity Verse:
Any story based off of or being a sequel of, 'The secret life of Rarity' by Brony Writer. A rundown of this folder can be found Here(Clickable Link)

Mane 6 serial killers:
Any story with the members of the mane 6 other than Pinkie Being a serial killer.

OC being a serial killer:
Basically an OC being a serial killer.

Background Pony Being a serial killer:
A background pony being a serial killer.

Mane 6 being killed:
Pinkie Pie, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Or Fluttershy being killed. Cupcakes doesn't count.

Background Pony being killed:
Self explanatory. A background pony being killed.

OC being killed:
An OC being killed.

Princess being a serial killer:
Celestia, Luna, Or Cadance being a serial killer. Fics that are Twilicorn serial killers go in both Mane 6 folder and this one.

Princess being killed:
Celestia, Luna, Or Cadance being Killed. Same rule as 'Princess being a serial killer' Folder with Twilcorn fics

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Where do you put stories for the CMC being serial killers?

Why do I think 'My little Hannible Lecter, Canibalism is magic.' when I see the title of this group? :twilightoops:

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