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The strangest and maddest of myths, are often merely symbols or allegories based upon truth.- H. P. Lovecraft


Order of the Alicorn Update #17 · 2:35pm Jan 26th, 2019

Hello, I'm back with another update and a big announcement.

The first updated chapter of OotA has been officially published!

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If you don’t care for obscenity, you don’t care for the truth – Tim O’Brien

I can see a scene in my head, and when I try to get it down in words on paper, the words are clunky; the scene is not coming across right. So frustrating. And there are days where it keeps flowing. Open the floodgates, and there it is. Pages and pages coming. Where the hell does this all come from? I don't know. – George R. R. Martin

Information we allow you to know

We are an organization dedicated to all things profane. We are the hidden hand behind everything obscene. We are the ones responsible for the downfall, and degradation of society. We are an unstoppable force, with the power and knowledge to rule the world!

And we have a fun time doing it as well. :)

Hello, I am the Illumipony. You're friendly neighborhood psychopath and the kindest gentleman who ever attempted to sell his soul to the devil.

What to say about me. Well, I am a college freshman, still living at home. My favorite color is blue. I have many strange fetishes. I'm seriously into heavy metal, and Demonology. My current residence is somewhere up your ass and a bit to the left. And... oh yeah, I'm currently writing Pony fanfiction instead of, oh I don't know, finishing that fucking novel that is literally five chapters away from being finished, you lazy procrastinating moron! :trixieshiftleft:

I'm sorry I lost my train of thought.

Anyway, if you ever get an urge to read about Sweet innocent ponies, put into warped or otherwise sick and disturbing situations, look me up sometime.


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Hey, are you still alive?

Thank you for the fave on Prisoners of the Crystal Empire. Really glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

You obviously don't understand satire either.


Collage studunt writting ficion

Yeah, keep complaining about proof reading please.

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