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This group if for all those who have read so many Grimdark fanfictions that they have become desensitized to the world around them. For those who feel nothing. For those who read Cupcakes and laugh. This, this is your group.

Here we can plot revenge on an unjust world, and revel in our debauchery all the while. So, if your soul is as black as sin, you will be welcome here.

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Comment posted by DreadTheDarkness deleted Jun 10th, 2014
Comment posted by DreadTheDarkness deleted Jun 10th, 2014


I'll read it when I've cleared out my read later list (so there's about 500k words to get through).

320778 Oh, it is. Trust me on this one :pinkiecrazy:


Ooh, that looks pretty damn creepy. I'm quite fond of The Secret Life of Rarity and it's numerous sequels.

320725 Next time, try vivisection.

320715 Have you read Twilight's Dollhouse? It's pretty good

There is science to be done on ponies. I must say, I am quite busy dissecting ponies.

Anybody got any favourite grimdark fics they'd care to share? I haven't found a good one in quite a while.


I like running from danger, it's exhilarating knowing that a mistake could cost you dearly...:pinkiecrazy:


Yes, become one of them... Revel in the madness. Really, I'm too far gone by now for them to bother with me.

Good banner is good.

I have to admit... the idea of being abducted by Pinkamena and being tortured by her is a tad... exciting for me.

320706 Don't be afraid of the dark, embrace it. You may yet survive.


And when it does, darkness will descend upon you. People are told not to be afraid of the dark... But they should be.:pinkiecrazy:

320704 It works. That little light's the last thing that keeps the darkness away... and look, it's nearly burnt out :pinkiecrazy:


Yeah, I was going for subtle creepiness.

320701 Looking good. A bit sober but I think it works out great.


Yeah, that's probably what I'd say too. Shit, I'd probably try to piss her off.

How's the banner now?

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