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I write terrible fan fiction and I'm generally a terrible person; you only think I'm joking...

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It's been a while · 9:46pm Oct 23rd, 2015

Hey there folks, I'm probably not gonna be making too many appearances for the foreseeable future cus I have completely lost interest in mlp

So see you guys around

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Ye be warned, here there be monsters...

My life is like an answer to a question never asked, which is somehow better than a question without an answer but worse than a question answered but then the answer being forgotten to the dusty cracks in our collective memory. I am a walking contradiction, and I implore you to strike me down however you see fit should you ever encounter me (woe betide those who do).

People who are awesome.

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Pity, then the both of you could wonder at my splendiferous meat mast together. I shall cockslap you and slap you with my cock to claim you as my property, then the real fun begins...

Bitch, you'll be the King of Queens afterwards. Kevin James will not be involved, however.


You will prostrate yourself before my steely rod in abject awe. Then I'm afraid you'll have to be the Queen of Fuck, because the King's already in the building

Whip out the lil' guy out and compare it to mine...then...then we'll see who the King of Fuck really is.


I'll assume all your holes were properly lubricated and tenderised before you entered my glorious territory

If not then pray to your heathen gods for salvation, the fuckening is at hand

I'm on your user page again. An' you can't do shit about it.


... I'm scared

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