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Well, there you go. Wrapping up all of what Fim Fiction Catacombs is all about! No, but in all seriousness, this group was designed for the most darkest, most sadistic (I wouldn't say that much) people on this site to post their darkest stories on here. Even if you think your story is too intense for this group, post it anyway. It's all in fun's sake, right? Other than that, there isn't much to say.

Rules for Submission:
1): It has to be dark, sad, and/or tragic. If it has none of those, then I wish you luck in another group because I don't want it, but if it has another tagging, and it has the required tags, then go ahead and post it in the right file.
2): Foalcon, incest, rape, and other things along those lines are acceptable (Against my better judgement).
3): If your story does not have any of those tags, and you post it anyway, I will take it off and give a strike.

Folders for you stories.
Rape: Goes in the rape folder, foals to asults can be on their.
Abuse If your stories contains abuse place it their.
Killers Go to the killing folder if it involves people getting killed.
Sad If your story is sad at it to that folder.

Pretty much the rules of this whole group, you are highly advised to read these first.
1): No spamming. You cannot create a thread that asks an irrelevant question to your story, My Little Pony, or this group, nor can you spam in threads. For each spam you create, I shall give a strike, unless it's your first time, then I'll give you a warning. (Don't worry, I'm not mean.)
2): No being mean. Despite its dark demeanor, this group is suppose to be a friendly environment, and I tend to keep it that way.
3): Please create a thread for only discussions, questions, story promotion, a group promotion, or if you want to play a thread game, go ahead. Other than that, don't post a thread. (Kind of like Rule One.)
This section is for the punishments you shall receive for each strike that you earn.
1): You will first receive a warning of what you've done. I'll make sure I describe it as much as I can to help you not do it again.
2): Strike One: You will not be allowed to post a story on here for a day, whether it has tags or not.
3: Strike Two: If you are an admin, you will be bumped down for a couple of days. Don't fret, though, it's only temporary. If you are just a regular, you cannot post threads and/or stories for a week.
4: Strike Three: If you are an admin, you shall be bumped all the way down to a regular for thirty days. If you are a regular, you are banned from this group for a while (30 days).
5: (The Rare) Strike Four: If you get four strikes, you're out for good, admin or not.

(Don't worry, though. Your checks will be erased monthly, so it's not eternal.)

Creator: Literary Luna
Helpers: CometTail

(Tip: If you don't get any strikes for three months, you get contributor status!)

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Cool group, bro.

I shall now add my own stories to this. The first of which being a Splatterhouse crossover fic.

Seriously, do I even need to say what the story's about? It's a crossover with Splatterhouse. Of course it belongs here!

Oh yeah and I just found an error in the rules.
" and I tend to keep it that way."
It should be "I intend to keep it that way."

320626 I can't believe how easy it is for me to just go through my tracking/favorites and add stories to here. I have ten pages full and I've gone trough at least four and found five definite and about three possibilities. Butif you need me I am going to be adding more from everything I have left in my file and read laters. And trust me I have a lot. By the way I was meaning to ask, what is a contributer?

Oh, that story, read it too. :raritydespair: THE HORROR THE HORROR! My eyes bled while reading it, but I couldn't stop because it was amazingly written.

320622 What are you talking about? If you are talking about the story I added that's not it. I added 120 days of blueblood. Oh yeah and add an E to the end of your 'on'.

Cheerilee's Garden? I like that one. :3

320564 Ok so I added the story thanks for the help. Just be very carful when reading it we are talking posibly worse than cupcakes level here.

If I understand you then click the story and go to groups, then click this group and pick the correct folder.

319561 Improper grammar for the win.
Seriously though, you made it sound like you were making a tough decision. It would sound much better as...
That's your best bet.
At least this sounds like you are telling me where I can get my question answered.
:twilightoops: Oh sorry, :twilightblush: guess I got a bit carried away there.

The Writer's Group. That's my best choice.

319545 But where? And don't just say anywhere because that will just make matters worse for me.

Just ask. This is a friendly environment and nobody will bash you because of a question that you don't know. If they do, which is highly unlikely, come to me.

319532 Probley. Only one problem, I'm not very good at asking for help.

I'm not sure how to do that, but I'm sure some other people would be happy to help you! :pinkiehappy:

I actually quite like that you used the pinkamina from cupcakes up there as the main pic or whatever it is called.
Also how do I post another story that I found here? Because I'm pretty sure I found the perfect one for anyone who likes grimdark.

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