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Yo, if you found this group then you must want to work on some stuff and need help. Well here are The Writer's Workshop, editors, proofreader, writers come to hone their skills Open collaborations and story prompts can be announced by any member that feels that he or she needs help with something.

Here are the Rules for this group:
1. Respect others, their ideas, stories, etc..
2. Follow all of the sites rules, cause that's the right thing to do(whatever that means)
3. If you have any troubles, come to me and I'll fix them immediately.
4. No over spamming, I can't stress that enough.
5. Don't use this group to find loopholes around site rules.

Breaking any of these rules more than two times will result in a ban until I see fit. Be on the watch for any thread posts by my as they contain important information that is good to know. Here self-promotion is allowed, but don't go crazy with it. Now that that's all out of the way, let's get down to business. Welcome to the Writer's Workshop.

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Is this still alive?

Hello. Would someone be willing to read the beginning of a story I started working on? It's my first fanfic and I'd like to know if and/or what there is that could be improved upon. It's called Welcome to Magicant, and the password is Twilight's Nightmare.

Is there going to be another weekly contest anytime soon?

Thanks man. :twilightsmile:

Nice John real cool man

Yeah just give me a sec and I'll have all that up.

but there are no....... folders.....

Comment posted by RedRaven deleted Nov 23rd, 2013
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