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Writer's Lab is a place to talk about the nuts and bolts of writing.
This is not the place to promote your story, find an editor, or ask why it's not popular.

This is where you ask "How can I be a better writer?"

I want the forum to be lively. Post any thing that will make for conversation on the writer's craft, questions are also encouraged.

The first rule here is constructive criticism. You must be able to take it and give it. Insults will not be tolerated.

The second rule is to come with the intent to teach or to learn, both if you can.

Sister groups

Writer's Workshop. A similar group.

For those needing help with grammar: Good Grammar Directory.

A place to share and find story ideas: Brainstorming and Story Swap Directive

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Hello, I've joined because it was suggested to me.
I know I am not a bad writer but I know I have skill gaps that I have to cross. I hope to improve my writing skills and become better.
I am looking forward in working with you all and getting better.

I guess I'm joining because I was linked form /r/MLPWritingSchool to an intersting contest prompt.

And 'cause I'm not a very good writer. So, hi everyone!

I'm joining to participate and socialize.

Fuck you all, I'm not saying why I am joining.

I'm joining because I got recommend here by someone, and since I'm about to start putting out stories this is apparently a great place to get info and tips on how to write better.

I'm joining because this guy was awesome enough to offer me help, and he's got some mad skills. See you on the forums.

I'm joining because I suck at 'riting.
See you on the threads.

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