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Tired of posting "Has this been done before?" and "Oh just had a cool idea!" threads and getting repeatedly flamed and shot down? Stuck on ideas, but not finding an outlet to get those brain juices flowing? Want to share ideas, but afraid of having your ideas taken without any compensation and ideas in return? Well fear no longer!

Here you can find a partner with similar interests, get together, and brainstorm together without having to go through the trouble of searching through several forums to do it. Unlike normal collaboration groups, there is no obligation to commit yourself to one partner! As long as you give and take equally, you're bound to get your creativity sparked and those words flowing.

Start here!
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A young sister group you ought to check out for writing itself

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How alive is this group, exactly?

Is this group still kicking? :rainbowderp:

hmm, I guess this could be an interesting group?
now, all I need to do, is to calibrate wind speed and direction?

I just have a question:
Is the group avatar Brainstorm Cartoons' logo?

sup guys, I'm relatively new to the group and am hoping to clear out my writer's block.

326325 I have an idea for dragging Rocinante into Equestria. Start at the end of Don Quixote 2, probably write in the first person. Have him ponder the old man's death and wander off into the woods. Have Dapple Gray follow him. then the two find themselves in Equestria.

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