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Hello everyone and welcome to the Character Creation and Writing Academy. Inventing our own characters has always been a prominent part of fan works, even if we don't plan on our own creations being the main stars of our story, fan vid, comic or whatever else it may be, they still need to be fleshed out.

But let's be honest it's not the easiest thing in the world and often times we don't even really catch the flaws and errors in our own work until they're pointed out to us by a neutral third party, and here that's what we can offer if that's what you need; whether it be a review of a story, checking out a character you made and seeing what we think of them, just bouncing ideas off of us, whatever it is we can help you out.

So head on over to the forums and let's see how we can get started helping you out with getting your characters and stories to be the best they can be.

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Hello fellow OC makers!!

Heres something id like to ask all who have seen my little pony iv seen all episodes but i wanna to ask i like it its funny and the characters have potential, animation and acting are good but i Hate the sappy, friendship, harmony, together stuff if their are others like that id like to chat with ya

Do non-pony characters count? It is still has all of the MLP characters we know and love, just my OC is the only non-pony in my story

I am currently writing a story about my main OC, Misty Rose. I will have the first chapter up soon, the password for it is Rose.:pinkiegasp:

On my page, I have a module with profiles of my OCs.


That is all. Equestria is ours.


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