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new ask a pony tumblr blog (based on gutovi"s too late) · 4:04pm Jun 3rd, 2021

here is a new ask a pony tumbler blog I made about rainbow dash running away from Equestria. it is supposed to be a sadfic type of Tumblr blog. and go ahead and ask some questions about her, and find out what was going to happen to her.

here is a link

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3096801 Nice. I hope you get many takers.

still on the hunt, and i have a castingcallclub account now. here is a link.

an what I am working on is the trailer for the fanfic of midnight mares

3096793 How about voice actors? How many do you have chained to the wall in your basement so far? Enough to voice-act an orgy or are you still on the hunt for more?

pretty good. although it is a hobby tumbler blog, i do have other projects.

So, how goes your hunt?

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