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Twilight Sparkle has been exiled from Equestria on pain of death if she ever returns.

But, she is innocent and did not commit any crime.

Now she is exiled with no way to prove her innocence, and must make a new life for herself elsewhere.

Rules :

1. Twilight is innocent of the crime she is accused of, but has no way to prove her innocence.

2. Twilight will not be returning to Equestria, ever. This is a group for fics where she is exiled and makes a life for herself wherever she is exiled to. She has no way to prove her innocence, and everypony believes that she is guilty and won't let her back.

3. You get to decide what her crime is in your fic now. But make it something that's horrible enough to get her exiled on pain of death. Jaywalking, littering, and not returning borrowed books on time are not acceptable "crimes" for her sentencing now.

4. Nopony will believe she is innocent and therefore will not help her. They will not do anything for her. In fact they will kill her as soon as they see her there right now.

5. She does get to decide where she is exiled to. A foreign land, the EQG World (this only applies if she's already been there), some other reality/universe/dimension are all acceptable exiles. If it is the last one she could wind up anywhere, anytime... except the world she was exiled from then. Crossovers are allowed. Feel free to drop her in Fallout, Skyrim, Batman, Spiderman, etc. if you feel like it now.

6. Twilight cannot return to Equestria. Celestia's magic has made certain of it. The moment she steps back in her body will begin to die.

7. Due to the rule above she cannot go to a parallel/alternate Equestria. Celestia's magic has made certain to deny her that comfort now. She cannot go to Equestria, any existing Equestria, ever again without dying very surely then.

8. The rules say that any-pony- doesn't believe in her innocence. This does not include species other than ponies. Dragons, zebras, donkeys, buffalo, etc. can believe in her.

9. Due to the rule above Spike, or any non-pony, can believe in her and might choose to go into exile with her.

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402889 Empty, as in no stories?
If that is the question, I guess I could help out.
Considering I am notorious for adding new stories, littering any group I join.
Not that I do have that many stories where a pony is Exiled from Equestria and not based on a crime.
On that note, I guess there is a first for everything, right?

Maybe I could take on cute purple filly(does this count for preSeson)?
Otherwise, it is most likely she is exiled after ascension, considering the power she acquired at this time.

Why is this empty?
Since the new week dawned
A new group has spawned
In New Groups it was added
To gain the deserved credit
For fresh it was, indeed
The new group, oh so sweet

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