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This group was made for people who need proofreaders and proofreaders who need people to find the other person faster than usual.

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Comment posted by The White devil deleted Jun 27th, 2023

Hey, I really need help with my story the merging of a goddess.
It seems my grammar is not as good as I thought and it affects my story greatly.
So I could really use some help.

Hello there, i'm the noob who's looking for help. I need someone to read my story before i publish it, cuz i don't know if i got something wrong with grammar or punctuation (English is not my native language y'know). So... I will appreciate any help i can get here.

There's couple of things you'll need to read my story

1. Be honest and objective (If you don't like my story, tell me reasons why)

2. Be atleast 16 years old (I'm writing a story rated T, with a little bit of rated M stuff)

3. Rate my story (form 1 to 5, how much you can give to my story?)

Message me if you want to help

Ok, I need a proofreader/beta, because I want to make sure if I got everything right in my story, including characters being themselves, and not out of character.

I need a proofreader just in case! I think I got everything right but better safe than sorry¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

Comment posted by FlareBlack The Jackal deleted Sep 13th, 2018

I'm looking for a proofreader when my story has bad grammar.

I'm looking for a proofreader if your still willing to (mostly commas)

I need a proofreader. I fixed some things, using a grammarly, but there's still some errors in the text.

327950 Eh, fair enough. I'm on board.


Guess there is, but oh well, not like it really matters, if anything it's better to have two groups for it, so it's easier for people to find a group for it.

Isn't there already a group that deals with this kinda thing?


I need a proofreader, though I'm most likely going to have a lot of mature rated stories, so please make sure you're old enough. I honestly do not want a little 13 year old proofreading my stories and being scarred by very in depth descriptions of whatever my stories end up having.

If anypony needs something proofread for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and to some extent usage, I'm willing to help :3:pinkiehappy:

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