Proofreaders, Editors, Authors, and Idealists

This is a group like no other; unless it isn't. Anyway, you can practically do anything here.
Let's say you're a Proofreader. If anyone needs help with a story, you'll know about it and be able to work with them. Editors get the same deal.
If you're an Author you could share ideas or look for help here. It'll be good for you to meet up with other authors as well; which you can also do here.
As far as Idealists go... These are the people that browse the website, reading all these stories, but never actually writing, themselves. They pretty much have the option to dump any ideas in here that they have, and an Author could come by and write about it.
The possibilities are endless!

Now, with all groups, there comes a set of rules. You'll be able to read them below:

Just go through and make sure you understand everything. Please do not break these rules, unless you no longer wish to be part of the group. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read through this important bulletin. If you are willing to contribute to this group, please contact an admin located below. We will set you up with a proofreader/editor/author or give you any information needed. Have a nice day.


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Hello all, I was hoping to connect with an editor or team of editors who might be interested in helping me with my in-progress stories here on FIMfiction. I have several books in the process of being written and write a variety of genres depending on your tastes. The book that needs help the most right now is a historical fiction story by the name of Battlestations: Equestrian Seas, which I have just completed the latest chapter for and need help getting it ready for publishing. Please PM me if anycreature has a desire to assist and I will be delighted to go over plans at that time.

Thank you for your consideration,
Shadow Quill, Messenger of the Moon.

I'm looking for a proof reader/editor/spell check. so far I've only completed chapter 1 going to work on some other projects for awhile. last time i wrote to be published..... well it was last millennium and even then i was never good at spelling and punctuation. now with my nerve damage my mind moves much faster then my typing skills,

in order to make everything easier i have brought it into note pad but i also have an unpublished version here. as i am on vacation for this week I'll leave my discord open (CyberneticCephalopod#8417) and check in on it between paint coats *eye roll*

Howdy anyone up for proofreading my story,.
Private message me if you are my story is called.
The house of Ackerman

Excuse me.
I need someone to pre-read my chapters and correct mistakes I might not notice.

Hello there, i'm the noob who's looking for help. I need someone to read my story before i publish it, cuz i don't know if i got something wrong with grammar or punctuation (English is not my native language y'know). So... I will appreciate any help i can get here.

There's couple of things you'll need to read my story

1. Be honest and objective (If you don't like my story, tell me reasons why)

2. Be atleast 16 years old (I'm writing a story rated T, with a little bit of rated M stuff)

3. Rate my story (form 1 to 5, how much you can give to my story?)

Message me if you want to help

Hi I'm currently working on a continuation fic with permission from the author but I've never tackled a mature theme before well not well and this is a complex one as I'm writing both continuing events that happened but also the characters past that they brought up in the fic so a editor or proofreader or even some that can help me keep in the theme and mindset of the character's used would really be helpful feel free to PM me and all that

Looking for a one-time editor. Can't seem to get the storys format right.
Just message me on my profile page if you wish to edit.

Comment posted by Hkh4 deleted Sep 23rd, 2019

Hello there!
I am new in writing and I need a proofread someone to help fix my mistakes (there a lot).
The fanfic is a mix with Wolfenstein and MLP, if you like the idea please send me a PM gonna love to send you the history.
I am not a native English speaker.

hi i am trying the hole writing thing and would like to get some feed back on what i have so far hear is a link to the dock and commenting should be enabled. thx

Hello, I was hopping i could get a proof reader for a first story, please message me.

I really need a proofreader for this.

Comment posted by annonymus deleted May 26th, 2018
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