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Proofreaders, Editors, Authors, and Idealists

This is a group like no other; unless it isn't. Anyway, you can practically do anything here.
Let's say you're a Proofreader. If anyone needs help with a story, you'll know about it and be able to work with them. Editors get the same deal.
If you're an Author you could share ideas or look for help here. It'll be good for you to meet up with other authors as well; which you can also do here.
As far as Idealists go... These are the people that browse the website, reading all these stories, but never actually writing, themselves. They pretty much have the option to dump any ideas in here that they have, and an Author could come by and write about it.
The possibilities are endless!

Now, with all groups, there comes a set of rules. You'll be able to read them below:

Just go through and make sure you understand everything. Please do not break these rules, unless you no longer wish to be part of the group. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read through this important bulletin. If you are willing to contribute to this group, please contact an admin located below. We will set you up with a proofreader/editor/author or give you any information needed. Have a nice day.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

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I am currently working on a super hero(ish) story. I am looking for some one who is good at knowing if such a scene will play out good or bad from a story telling perspective. The story takes inspiration from much of the batman franchise like the animated series, arkham, and a few others. I am also working hard to maintain the tags I have set for the story. However, the one tag I am having an issue trying to keep steady is slice of life.

If you feel like you are up for the task please feel free to PM me or comment on my profile and we can pick up from there!

I'm making a fimfic that's a thing most two chapters on the episode, "Fame and Misfortune". If anyone is willing to proofread or edit it, please shoot me a PM. Also, I'm new to editing and things like that so if anybody is willing to explain it to me, that would also be appreciated.

Hi, I need a proofreader for my book, There is going to be gore and sex and a lot of spelling and grammar errors.

so if you are in email me here:

Hello everypony!

I need an editor to help me with my story that I'm currently working on. It's based on the anime Attack on Titan if anyone is interested. If you are willing to proofread it, contact me through my email and I will send you the password of my unpublished story.
My email is:

I'm a screenwriter looking for a beta reader to help me proofread a feature length script,
genre dark drama.
If you're interested please email me at:

Hi, I am looking for an editor for my lewdfic! My English skills are far from poor, but I still feel like my prose is a bit awkward and could use some correction. I'd like to know if anypony experienced in editing can help me!

aye i’m just like any other author except my last editor copped out on me so i’m now in need of a new editor/proofreader

HI, I also need a proofreader, for my fanfic.

Hello I need a proof reader to help me with grammar and punctuation message me if you are interested.

Any one willing to help edit my stuff?

I am looking for a proofreader to just go through the first chapter of a story as a second opinion. Main things to look out for are typos and tense issues.

I need help with an HIE crossover fic, for some reason the mods rejected it when i tried to post it

I need a proof reader to help me with my story, it's a pirate adventure so if any one can help it would be nice

I need some help with my story. Anyone available...?

:rainbowlaugh: The owner of this group seems to be dead! I am disappointed, truly I am. :ajsleepy: It would seem I must leave. :twilightsmile: There is no use in standing by and waiting on a corps. I am sorry if I seem disheartening, I wish to be kind, but how can I when the owner leaves his created group. :fluttercry:

Good bye... Friends...

I tend to keep to myself and I am by the large a "lone wolf" so to say. I do not intend to join groups often in light of wishing for peace. Though as of now, I may require assistance? In trueness, this is the first I have ever joined in a group. Let us stray from my concerns of social interaction and press to the matter at paw. Again, I am in need of succour; help. I have wrote for coon's age on a story and I am unsure if it should exist within this world. I have had reflections after reflections and I wish to know what you the reader would like to see in a story. If you are to give the time to aid me, I would be greatful.

Message me if you wish to learn or discuss more on the subject or read the piece I have created. I am always available 7:00pm - 2:00am Pacific time and I will see to your message with haist. I await your deepest of replies with tired mind.

406769 I can help just tell me the plot

Need an Editor or a fellow Author to help me fix and make my stories better. I got the ideas I'm just bad at setting and pacing.

Comment posted by Silver Nightshade deleted Jan 20th, 2016

Please read this and tell me about how to you feel about this please.

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