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I love writing short stories, and this seems like just the place to receive feedback on my writing :D


Simple Test · 8:05pm May 17th, 2014

Test Link
Click it. I am running a test currently, and all you need to do it go to this link.

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at least its not co2 :rainbowwild:

also i need a proof reader because my story is just that bad, one of the administrators just wont accept it foe its errors
if you a proof reader can you plz help me out?
keep in mind im very personal to my self so i wont gave you a lot of fact about my self (if not at all), also i might be gone sometimes, i'm usually open after 9pm, because that's when i got my computer to myself, and i've got school to deal with >m< (ima closet brony, no one except me and god knows about my sneaky getaways with ponies XP)
plz respond soon

Wow! There's oxygen on your page too!?!:pinkiegasp: Huh.... Who knew?

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