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Russian Bank Teller

The worst type of person alive, a bank teller. (and also not a brony)


with marshall tito · 6:33am Aug 20th, 2018

With great Marshall Tito, our land's bravest hero,
We'll be even stronger than Hell!
We raise our heads bravely, and not hung down gravely,
And clench our fists hard as well.

We're from an ancient tribe, but Goths we don't ascribe,
As we're children of ancient Slavs.
He who says otherwise merely slanders and lies,
And surely will face our wrath.

All fingers on our hands will fight to save our lands,
As the partisans are always spry.
When we die we don't cry to the sun or the sky,

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★ Interesting facts about me ★

I hate: SJWs, Neo-Nazis, American AntiFa, misanthropists, Stalinists, Actual Nazis, Racists, Bronies (kinda), Anthro Fics, and horrible things known as 'clopfics'

I like: Old songs, humans, history, and other similar things
Enemies: GreyOnBlue He's been banned! Woo! other assorted misanthropists.

Nationality: 25% Polish 25% Byelorussian and 50% Russian

Residence: St. Petersburg, Russia

Ideology: I will not disclose

Religion: I am an agnostic but also an atheist at times.

Occupation: Worker in PSCB (Petersburg Social Commercial Bank)


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No matter what kind of a jerk this wanker was, wishing him to die on the battlefield isn't better thing to say. Everyone reaps what they sow, comrade. Violence begets only violence, and death is paid for by death. Those who do not have doubts and do not know remorse will never break out of this vicious circle.

I'm going to assume you were conscripted and killed in Ukraine

Ukraine forever!

Вопрос: коль вам, сударь так не нравятся брони... Зачем же вы сюда тогда вообще наведались? Сударь, вы взаправду телепени что-ли?


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List of priorities · 12:51am Jan 4th, 2018

1. Write story about the Enclave from Fallout 2 going to Equestria
2. Write half-life crossover story
3. Write an EQG fic about WWIII
4. Write a meme countryballs story
5. Figure out how to right the mane 6 and the princesses correctly and finish my first story

(note: current story on hiatus)

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