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Welcome, harbingers of war, to the group for all who desire large scale invasions on a world! Whether it be an outside force invading Equestria or Equestria invading another world, it fits with the theme of this group.

All stories here will involve some sort of organization, corporation, military, species, world, parasite, extraterrestrial force, alliance, and other conglomerates of entities. The main premise is having any part of the world of Equestria or beyond it being invaded by some outside force. It doesn't matter if the invasion is benevolent or malevolent, it just has to qualify as an invasion.

Submission and Folders

1. You can submit your invasion stories to only one folder each to keep everything structured and sound. If your story doesn't fit any of the currently existing folders, talk to an admin. Any stories not meeting the requirements will be removed in whatever folder they didn't fit in.

2. If there are any folders that need to be added, removed, or split into smaller sections, please notify an admin. If your proposal makes sense, it will happen. If not, nothing happens.

Forum Rules

1. Instances of bullying or insulting that is not playful and solely to hurt others is intolerable. Don't do it.

2. Threads can be off-topic to the group, but please keep them in check. No one likes a thread that gets too insane because everyone is bashing heads together for no reason.

3. Threads involving something being done before or finding a story might be redirected to a pinned thread and locked. If this happens to be your thread that got locked, don't panic.

4. Admins showing madness from their power will be stripped of their crown and have their entire castle fall on them. In other words, they become mere members.

Discipline and Penalties

1. For misdemeanors in the group, you will be given a warning. Some people may get two, some may get none. It depends on what you did and how severe the action was.

2. Repeated offenses will result in demotion to a mere member. Working your way back up will be thrice as hard as it was before due to your damaged reputation.

3. If your actions are getting out of hand, you will be banned for one day to two weeks. It depends on how much terror you caused or what you caused in the threads.

4. If you ever become a menace to the group and spin it out of control, you will be exiled completely. All stories you made in the group will be executed shortly after your exile begins.

Now, these rules may look harsh, but nearly no one will reach number two. This is not a strict group, it is a nice nation that wants to stay together.

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Yeesh, I haven’t been here in forever. I’m surprised this group is still getting newer members, even if it’s happening very slowly.

Comment posted by tyrannosaurianrex9 deleted May 26th, 2018

* * * B A D P L O T A N D S E L F I N S E R T D E T E C T E D * * *

Comment posted by tyrannosaurianrex9 deleted Aug 28th, 2018

It feels awkward to put my story in my own group, but it fits the criteria required for entry.

I'm game

I just gotta finish some current works and then I can write a few hostile take over stories

Specialized threads will pop up as the demand for them increases. At the current moment, none are really needed yet.

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