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FiMFiction's only (somewhat) reliable source for news on the latest drama and developments, Foal Free Press, is now a FiMFiction group! Why don't you come on down, and see what the fuss is about?

Here in this group, members will have free reign to discuss pretty much anything relating to our site and/or the latest Fimfic developments, though it is mainly intended to be central to any contests or writeoffs we may run in the near-future. Members can also put forward interesting blogs or stories to be considered for promoting on the site.

On top of sharing with others what the latest goings-on are, you can even offer feedback for our site itself, suggest changes and additions to the Watchlist, provide valuable additions to the Archives, and more. There's really no limit to what you can do here, aside from roleplaying. Roleplaying is dumb.

So if you want to show your support, go ahead and join! What could possibly go wrong?*

The critics are raving!

"Dear god... It's really back, and alive."
~ Pedro Hander

"Oh, make no mistake. I've abstained from supporting you guys ever since I first learned about F2P. You guys are just as awful as the users you report on. But I digress."
~ Razalon The Lizardman

"I am very disappointed with your reporter skills."
~ the parasprite

"You are a disgrace to fimfiction, to this fandom, and to our entire planet. You are awful, rotten people through and through. You are trash."
~ some butthurt kid

*Disclaimer: the owner of this group cannot guarantee that something won't go wrong at some point. Members are responsible for any content they post, and drama-watching will be strictly moderated, due to Fimfiction rules. Not recommended for users with allergies. Ask your doctor if Foal Free Press is right for you.

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Yo, where's my fix of user cringe? You goyim asleep or something?

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