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Starting an overhaul of Spectral knight · 1:30am Aug 24th, 2018

I've been stuck for years now, trying to continue this story, with ideas coming and going, dissatisfaction with my work, and a mix of real life problems and pure procrastination. So, I'm cancelling the original and starting from scratch, using the original as more of a guide. The first major change, is that I'll spend a bit more time fleshing out the pre-undeath adventure and the war with the black baron. Secondly, I've decided that the current excuse for anthro ponies is just a copout, and as

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Like your profile pic artwork

Hello Whiskeylullaby, I'm glad you liked my story, BIZARRO Am NOT iN EQUESTRIA and I appreciate that you added it to your favorites list. I hope that I can continue to entertain you with my story in later chapters. Thank you.

Thank you for favoriting Zebrican Warlord and may it continue to entertain.

unfortunately no, but you're welcome to use the Idea if you like it

Awesome thank you for adding Dead Tree. I hope you enjoy it and let me know your thoughts, I''ll reply as soon as I see them.

  • Viewing 71 - 75 of 75
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