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Hey! Welcome to Rate my OC, where the name says it all.

Have you created a character for a story or ponysona and want a second opinion? Well in that case you can post here, and members of the community will help you improve it. You can also feel free to discuss OCs in general, as well as the stories they appear in, and just pony stuff in general.

Head on over to the rules thread before you start posting, and have fun!

If you've just written a story about your OC, consider going to the group Request Criticism for help with the actual story, rather than the character.

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Hey all, just joined Fimfiction and I wanted to get a second opinion on my OCs. Thunderspark, my ponysona, is an 18 year old pegasus stallion who is an active duty Wonderbolt. He ships with Rainbow Dash. He has a twin sister named Rosebolt, who is a masseuse at the Ponyville Spa. She ships with Big Mac. They both suffer from anxiety and mild Asperger's, like me in real life. Their parents died when they were young (this is the only part that is not based on me, but my dad's dad died when he was 12). Like me, Thunderspark struggles with comparing himself to others and feels depressed and hopeless when he feels like he failed his family (his father was a Wonderbolt). Some of his positive attributes include selflessness, kindness, standing up for what he believes in, and being a good friend.

402116 already joined :rainbowwild: don't be sorry //pats chu

I always think the name of this group is "Rape my OC"

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