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Oc Art was made to help people find artist to draw their oc's, some artist will make you pay and some wont, I will not make any artist do it for free. I will not make them lower their price either so please don't beg. Oc art is to help you find artist that draw art how you like. You can also show off your own work here too as long as it's SFW, and not NSFW. If some of you don't know what NSFW is, which most of you know NSFW is not safe for work, or something you wouldn't want to show. Pretty much too graphic in blood, nudity, and disturbing images. Also please keep curse words to a limited for people you don't like it. I personally do use them, but please try to keep yourself under control out of respect of others. You can ask for NSFW art work of your oc, but it can't be posted.

If you are a artist who doesn't want to draw or be commissioned and only want to show off your work that is okay, but I would like it to be limited as this is for people's oc's. All your art work must be posted in one thread and not many others. This helps keep a ton of threads being made. Another thing is threads that are owned, after getting your oc drawn you can post it in a thread if later on you get a different oc drawn please post it in the same thread whether it's a different oc. This helps keeps threads down too. any thread that s dead and is not a art related thread will be removed after being dead for a week or two.

If you are taking a break from drawing be sure to make a thread so people don't keep asking and annoying you. Another thing is I will not force artist to draw your oc, so if they say no, it means no. If you beg too much I will be forced to ban you for 24 hours, and if he keep bugging the artist after I ban you, I will not unban you.

When looking for a artist please try to find one, and ask them in a pm before making a thread asking, for one, but if you do make a thread do know once you someone says they can and you said yes, the thread will be deleted. any thread not base off of oc's or art will not be deleted. Once the group grows and gets people who are willing to draw for others there will be a list here to their accounts and contact info they would like to use for discussing your oc info. More will be add later on.

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Not long ago, this group was not a part of the Universe. Then you came along and clicked it into existence.

I saw all that you had made here, and behold, it was fresh. Congratulations! Your creation was listed in New Groups.

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