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Just A Random Pegasus

I'm just a random user who writes a lot of different ideas that pop into my strange mind, and ships almost everything imaginable.

Random Things About Me

-I tend to write romance most of the time, but occasionally (rarely) will write another genre such as slice of life.
-I LOVE developing characters, which is probably why I love romance so much. There's plenty of opportunities to develop with all the feelings and emotions involved in romance.
-If it wasn't for this site, I wouldn't be in the fandom anymore for sure. The reason I still am is because people have enjoyed my work, and this site has helped me get better as a writer.
-I also really enjoy writing new ships from time to time to try out new character dynamics.
-I love writing and think of myself as a creative person.
-I plan on being a screenwriter in the future and maybe even publish some original novels (after I get around to working on them haha). Because of this, any and all constructive criticism is greatly appreciated so I can improve with my writing! If there is something you don't like/think can be improved upon, PLEASE don't hesitate to tell me! :pinkiehappy:
-My PMs are always open if anyone needs to vent. Or, really, if any of you just want to talk. I love talking! :heart:
-I may not update as often, for I am focusing on school, and am also working on original works when I have the inspiration.

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I did not create any of these pixel ponies. All credit goes to their respective owners. The majority are from Botchan-MLP

Latest Stories

Welcome to my Page!

I hope you all enjoy my stories! Feedback and likes are greatly appreciated!

Well, enough of me talking! You can get straight to reading my own stories, or other stories by other people that are really amazing, down below. JARP, out!

My Best Stories

  • Closing Time As the Ponyville jeweler is about to close up shop, she notices a very familiar mare, Trixie, walk through the doors, insisting on finding the most beautiful necklace for the most beautiful mare. And she seems uneasy. Oh, so very uneasy. by Just A Random Pegasus 1,755 words · 791 views · 66 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Confliction Starlight and Trixie are going to the Grand Galloping Gala together, Starlight eager to have a romantic night with her marefriend. However, the night becomes anything but relaxing when rumors spread about Trixie having gone up to Blueblood's bedroom. by Just A Random Pegasus 2,744 words · 660 views · 39 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Wonderfully Distracted Rainbow Dash has been a Wonderbolt for a while now, and no doubt the status has its downsides. However, the experience is even more stressful if you have a crush on your loud captain. by Just A Random Pegasus 4,228 words · 594 views · 38 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Chosen Love The time has come for the four Pie sisters to use the Choosing Stone to find their special somepony. Love isn't a breeze; even when the right pony is thrown right in front of you. by Just A Random Pegasus 192,422 words · 2,635 views · 115 likes · 14 dislikes
  • Mentor from Magic Kindergarten Young Twilight Sparkle had a bad day in Magic Kindergarten. After seeing her crying in the hallway, Princess Celestia decides to talk to her and cheer her up. by Just A Random Pegasus 1,233 words · 877 views · 47 likes · 2 dislikes


  • Tale of the Choosing Stone The Choosing Stone; a tradition that the Pie family has used for centuries to find their soulmate. Igneous Rock has to explain to his daughters how exactly it works. by Just A Random Pegasus 1,860 words · 2,070 views · 77 likes · 8 dislikes
  • Chosen Love The time has come for the four Pie sisters to use the Choosing Stone to find their special somepony. Love isn't a breeze; even when the right pony is thrown right in front of you. by Just A Random Pegasus 192,422 words · 2,635 views · 115 likes · 14 dislikes
  • Change Applejack thought she would never give a foe of hers, Flim, a chance to prove himself. However, she soon learns that hearts can change, just like ponies can. by Just A Random Pegasus 28,786 words · 313 views · 13 likes · 3 dislikes

Stories I Really Enjoyed

  • When the Stars Align Starburst, the daughter of Princess Twilight Sparkle, meets one day a pony that is an opposite of her. by Borsuq 87,223 words · 15,513 views · 944 likes · 74 dislikes
  • Stars in the Making Princess Starburst, who dreams of becoming the Captain of the Royal Guard, begins dating scarred by past Starfall, who cares for little other than having fun. How will this end? by Borsuq 79,739 words · 7,343 views · 530 likes · 41 dislikes
  • Son-In-Law of Discord Sequel to "Daughter of Discord." After living with the Discord family, Mothball thinks he is ready to take the next step with Screwball. Their plans are put on hold when the changelings want Mothball for their king. by DisneyFanatic23 78,845 words · 12,508 views · 740 likes · 22 dislikes
  • Crystal's Wishes As a filly, Crystal Wishes was content just writing about ponies falling in love. While her career takes off, her love life is somewhat... lacking. Can she be happy living vicariously through her stories or will she find her own happily ever after? by Crystal Wishes 416,530 words · 11,295 views · 1,393 likes · 33 dislikes
  • Crystal's Hopes Crystal Wishes finally found her happily ever after, but she never thought about what came next. The life of a military wife is not as easy as she hoped it would be. by Crystal Wishes 201,200 words · 3,892 views · 665 likes · 19 dislikes

More Stories I Really Enjoyed

  • Head in the Clouds Fame and fortune have their values. But sometimes ponies just want to be normal. by Calm Wind 52,752 words · 17,065 views · 607 likes · 17 dislikes
  • Flying Sky-High Sequel to Head in the Clouds. Rainbow Dash and Soarin are unsatisfied with how they decided their friendship would work. An approaching event gives Rainbow Dash a chance fix that. Love is a powerful thing, and no barrier is strong enough to stop it. by Calm Wind 106,618 words · 9,884 views · 511 likes · 19 dislikes
  • Piercing the Heavens Sequel to Flying Sky-High. A lot has happened, but now Rainbow Dash finally has a chance to fulfill her dream and become a Wonderbolt. As the process begins, will her relationship with Soarin be a blessing? Or will it be a curse? by Calm Wind 1,741,275 words · 14,175 views · 762 likes · 53 dislikes
  • An Honest Life Honesty meant the world to Flim, something Flam could never see. On his own for the first time in years, Flim fights to prove his sincerity. A chance encounter with Applejack leads to a surprising offer. Could this be the opportunity he needs? by Bluegrass Brooke 73,020 words · 2,513 views · 206 likes · 5 dislikes
  • The Velveteen Mask Everypony knows her as a cute, bubbly mare with a penchant for playful mischief, but is that just a mask she wears? Who really is Velvet Step? by Crystal Wishes 127,502 words · 2,742 views · 480 likes · 28 dislikes

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Thank you RainbowdashieCloudsdale!

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Hello, friend. Are you doing okay? Because you've been strangely absent from this site since mid-August and I'm getting very concerned for you.

Greetings again, JARP! I have a special gift for you whenever you return (please promise that you won't feel embarassed): https://www.deviantart.com/art/Apple-acres-703547695

It's a piece I commissioned an artist to depict on Deviantart for you to use as a new cover for your story Change. I sincerely hope that you'll enjoy it, my friend.

Hello, friend! How are you doing today?

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Searching for Proofreaders! · 9:40pm July 27th

Hello, everyone! I'm writing a new one-shot that wormed its way into my brain earlier, and would love to have a few proofreaders review my story. If you like proofreading and would like to help out, comment below! You will be credited in the description of my story, and I will also (hopefully) find a way to integrate one of your OCs into one of my stories if you wish to (sort of) repay you.

Thanks in advance! :pinkiehappy:

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