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For all the parodies and continuations (and the actual story) of Would It Matter If I Was? by GaPJaxie!

When Adding Your Story:
Please put your story in Main (All Stories), as well as at least 1 other folder. If you are not sure where it should go, try Parodies or Expansions and Reinterpretations. Your story should fit clearly in one of the three folders, but if you cannot decide, you may add it to all folders which apply, and an admin will sort it out, afterwards commenting on your story about this change.

Main (All Stories)

All stories in this group must enter this folder.


For stories that take the original scenario in a humorous manner.

Expansions & Reinterpretations

Stories that follow-up on the original, or use the exact same scenario.

Only the Question Matters

Uses the infamous question, but otherwise hosts a more unique scenario.

If you wish to remove your story from this group and are not able to, simply write up a comment on the group or a thread on the forum requesting its removal, and it should be done within a day. If more than 24hrs have passed and the story is not removed, mail The Devious Writer a private message.

If you have a story in this group, you are rightfully a contributor. If you find that you are not a contributor, please contact the founder, The Devious Writer, and this error will be corrected.
Contributors can add stories to the Contributor Picks, barring their own stories.

Cause' we definitely needed more groups involving changelings, right?

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