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We are Team Magma, a team who have devoted to expanding the world's land masses! With more land human civilization can spread! To do so we will awake the legendary Groudon with the Red Orb! However, we need to establish rules for any new members.

1.) No being rude or disrespectful to other users.
2.) As much as we despise Team Aqua, if you find any sign of them do not attack, we need to remain mature during this.
3.) Forum Posts must be talk of Team Magma or Team Aqua, not any other team.
Reasons to Join:
1.) You get an awesome red hoodie
2.) You get more land to build a successful society on
3.) Pokémon are provided once you have joined.
Punishments for Rule Breaking:
1.) You get scolded with a warning
2.) You will no longer have the ability to create forum posts
3.) You get kicked out

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